12 Status Updates You Should Never Post

Last Updated: May 16, 017
When t comes to your busness, you need to be very selectve about what you share n socal meda. Your busness page should help you engage wth your customers, so you want to be extra careful to offend them. Here are 1 status updates you should never post.

Some people don’t have a flter. You know how t goes. You’re out wth somebody and they say somethng completely napproprate. That doesn’t mean they meant the comment offensvely—maybe they ddn’t understand the unwrtten rules.

Socal meda s smlar, but there’s a dfference. When you’re at a party wth mxed company, the comment may be heard, but t sn’t mmortalzed on comer servers around the .

Yes, everythng s onlne, even after beng deleted, s stll part of the dgtal record. An ndvdual s judged as an ndvdual, but f the person s speakng on behalf of a busness the results could be dsastrous. (Thnk of LA Clppers owner, Donald Sterling)

nstead of turnng ths nto a doom and gloom artcle, let’s take a dfferent approach. that you would ever post any of these socal meda statuses, but just n case the thought enters your mnd, here’s a lst of what to say on socal meda, especally f you’re a busness owner.

“Hard Httng” mages

Maybe you’re passonate about a cause lke anmal abuse or starvaton n developng natons. As a busness owner, your customers want to see you gvng back by supportng an ssue, but postng a pcture of an abused anmal or starvng chld sn’t approprate. Remember that your audence s a mxture of , s, and those from other natons. mages create sometmes create strong, negatve emotons even when meant n the most postve way.

The Hard Sell

People aren’t on socal meda to vew ads. n fact, most people are turned off when they see a blunt call to acton. nstead, advertse wth mages, coupons, humor, or nformaton. You can get the pont across wthout sayng “Act now before t’s too late.”

“You’re a bad person f you don’t…”

Call ths the 1st century verson of the chan letter. “f you want to see the abuse of women abolshed n so and so country, share ths status.” Frst, t’s negatve, second, t’s lkely to be perceved as judgmental, and thrd, there are better ways for a busness to stand up for a cause.

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“Play ths game wth me.”

You’re thnkng, “Busnesses REALLY do that?” Yes! f one of those busnesses s you, save that for your personal page. Remember, a lot of people fnd those game requests annoyng.

Relgous Anythng

f you’re a church or a busness that operates n the relgous space, go for t, but for everybody else, be careful. People don’t generally have a problem wth a busness advertsng as fath based but don’t make your customers uncomfortable onlne.

Poltcal Anythng

So you thnk that the government s hdng alens, the presdent s spyng on every move we make, and Congress s a bunch of deadbeats? Very few people would have a problem wth you holdng any poltcal opnon you want. Ther problem s when you talk about t…all the tme. When you’re operatng as a busness, t’s generally best to play the part of the moderate. f you want to march on Washngton, however, have at t.

Obscenty and Vulgarty

Agan, yes, people do t. Even f you’re tryng to create dramatc effect, use the famly-frendly censored verson. Even the classc “S$#%” makes you look bad.

nsde Jokes

Wouldn’t t be cool f you posted somethng that only your best customers would understand? n a word, “no.” You could take the other sde and post somethng lke, “say ths phrase when you come n to receve a 10 percent dscount,” but no nsde jokes.

Rumors, Half-Truths, and Wves’ Tales

You own a busness. As an owner you’re tryng to buld authorty as somebody who deals n facts, research, and sold counsel. Postng that a home’s ar flter harbors cancer-causng chemcals sn’t a good dea unless you’re n the ar purfyng busness and you have scentfc studes to prove t.

We know…you read somewhere that wrtng shockng headlnes would get you more readers. (That’s also a half-truth.) f t’s a fact, don’t say t, and f t s, don’t over dramatze.


hng says, “ slept through all of my formal educaton” lke msspelled words, clearly ncorrect grammar, and typos. f wrtng sn’t one of your strengths, let somebody else do t. (Hnt: most words that end wth an “s” don’t have an apostrophe.) That doesn’t mean that you should know everythng there s to know about a past partcple, but know when to use a comma.

Product Endorsements

The nternet s of blogs that revew every product on the market. As an expert, t’s ok to stand behnd a product, but on the nternet, you’re lkely to get more mleage f you post somethng about the best way to use a product, or a useful tp that users may know about.

Sayng that one product s good whle aher sn’t doesn’t set you apart from the hundreds of revews already onlne about the product. Fnd ways to add value wthout usng an overly negatve tone.


Go ahead and post of outstandng offce staff members, but a constant barrage of you and/or your staff at a conference sn’t wnnng you any ponts wth your audence.

Bottom Lne

We know that you’re commttng most of these faux pas. You understand that as a busness owner, you have to stand out n the rght ways by your busness an nvtng place where everybody s welcomed.

Just n case you ever have the urge to throw a few four-letter words (the bad knd) nto a status, you’ll remember readng ths artcle. 

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