Last Updated: Dec 4, 2014
Laughter is the best medicine, as the saying goes, and it’s also a key ingredient in running a successful business. Here are eleven ways having a sense of humor can help you be more successful at business.

When successful comedian Robin Williams committed suicide recently, it shocked a lot of us. How could a man so successful and funny have ended his own life so tragically? It hardly makes sense.

Williams was the victim of a mental illness and that’s no laughing matter. But he did make us laugh—at ourselves, at each other, and at the human condition.

In business—indeed, in all matters of life—a sense of humor is an essential characteristic. If you can laugh at yourself, you are more likely to be successful and more likely to enjoy the success you have. Plus, you’ll get others to like you, and that’s an added bonus.

Here are six specific ways a sense of humor can help you succeed in business.

Humans are not perfect. We have flaws. There’s no sense pretending it isn’t true. We all know it. Therefore, instead of pretending to have it all together, allow yourself the ability to fail. You can use that failure as a means of humoring yourself and others, inspiring all your colleagues to be less anxious and more productive.

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Five other benefits to employing humor at work include:

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