5 Things You Must Know (And Do) If You Get Shot

5 Things You Must Know (And Do) If You Get Shot

How to Survive in the City When Disaster Strikes

Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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Pretty much every survival site has lots of articles about the importance of owning guns for self-defense after the SHTF. Heck, we just published one the other day.
But it’s important to remember that preppers aren’t the only people stockpiling guns. Bad guys like guns, too. And after a widespread disaster, you can bet they’ll be using them while they … [Read more…]

It’s unfortunate, but few people think of rifles as valuable tools for self-defense. This is because handguns and especially shotguns are often touted as being the ‘ultimate’ self-defense weapons.
In reality, a rifle is a perfectly good weapon for personal defense or home defense, regardless of what other people may tell you. In many scenarios, a rifle … [Read more…]

Do you live in an apartment or a house with a small backyard? Have you always wanted a garden but don’t have enough space? There’s a solution: Bucket gardening. All you need are some 5-gallon buckets, rocks, peat moss, planting soil, and compost. That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually very simple.
Not only is bucket gardening a great solution for … [Read more…]

Of all the mistakes you can make as a prepper, which one do you think is the deadliest? A while back, I compiled a list of 20 prepping mistakes. I came up with several on my own, but I also got lots of suggestions from friends and readers.
Some of the ideas included: focusing on supplies instead of skills, not stockpiling enough water, relying on an … [Read more…]

Many trees provide nutritional value, medicinal qualities, and a good source of firewood. But which tree is the best?
It’s a tough question. Many trees provide value on many levels, and the importance of those qualities can be subjective. For example, a tree might bear a fruit you enjoy, but is it a fruit with lots of calories to help sustain you in a … [Read more…]

Compared to many of you, I am still at the beginning of my journey as a prepper. I really only started looking into preparedness when my 2-year-old son was born. It’s surprising how much becoming a parent makes you think about the need to protect your family. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to make sure that if a disaster does happen, I’ll be able to keep my … [Read more…]

How come women get to carry purses and men don’t? Seriously, who made that decision? Yes, women need a place to keep their makeup and various health and beauty supplies, but men have things they need to carry around, too.
What if you cut yourself and need a Band-Aid ASAP? What if your phone is dead and you need to charge it up? What if something breaks … [Read more…]

While having a food stockpile is the most important and effective strategy for ensuring you and your family don’t go hungry during a major crisis, being able to acquire food after the fact is very important as well. With that in mind, fishing is one of the most efficient means of putting food on the table in a disaster scenario.
On the whole, there are … [Read more…]

Disasters can and do strike without warning, and when they strike, most of the population is vastly underprepared. Truth be told, the vast majority of people aren’t prepared at all, and hardly anyone has enough survival food to last them through the month.
It’s for this reason that when a disaster occurs, hoards of people will swarm the grocery stores and … [Read more…]

Bug out bags get a lot of attention in the prepper community. Get home bags, on the other hand, aren’t talked about nearly as often. Which is kind of strange, when you think about it, because you’re more likely to need a get home bag than a bug out bag.
What do I mean by that? Well, the odds of a disaster so severe that you have to leave your home are … [Read more…]

Few people realize that you can actually make money as a prepper. They think prepping is just a way to prepare for potential disasters (or merely a hobby for the super-paranoid).
Well, it is, but at the same time, you can earn a decent amount of money as a prepper. In fact, there are multiple ways to make money as a prepper, to the point that it’s not … [Read more…]

It’s the Basic Law of Supply and Demand. When the Demand for Medical Supplies is High, the Supply Runs Low.
To put it bluntly, we’re spoiled. Finding and buying just about anything we need is as easy as a quick trip to a store or a couple of keystrokes on the Internet. And while it’s true that we can improvise many of the things we need, medical supplies … [Read more…]

Every single year, there are hundreds of thousands of brand new preppers getting onto the Internet and trying to figure out how to get ready for SHTF. That’s why occasionally I still make posts like this one–because I know a lot of you are newbies and you’re looking for guidance.
Recently, I discovered a relatively new Youtube channel called Bear … [Read more…]

Going into the wild with only the clothes on your back and surviving for any extended period of time is not nearly as easy as Hollywood makes it out to be. In fact, it is extraordinarily difficult, and most people would die from exposure to the elements, dehydration, or any number of other causes in a matter of days.
Just because surviving in the wild is … [Read more…]

Urban preppers and homesteaders may have limited choices when it comes to keeping livestock, but that doesn’t mean preppers living on small and highly regulated acreage can’t raise their own meat and eggs.
Chickens are the most common livestock raised by preppers, regardless of where they live. This dual-purpose livestock bolsters the amount of protein … [Read more…]

When preparing for a major crisis or grid-down scenario, obviously you’ll want to focus on basic supplies like food and water. But keep in mind that the vast majority of people won’t have any extra supplies. This is why crime always skyrockets after a disaster–people get desperate.
Want to save this post for later? Click Here to Pin It on … [Read more…]

Have you ever poured out some milk or thrown away some canned soup, not because it looked or smelled bad, but because it was past the expiration date? Chances are, you threw away some perfectly good food. Every year, consumers throw out over $200 billion worth of food, oftentimes because of the expiration date.
And why are they throwing out so much food? … [Read more…]

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5 Things You Must Know (And Do) If You Get Shot

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