10 Search Engines Powered by Twitter

10 Search Engines Powered by Twitter


Real Time search has been a major focus of many startups and search giants such as Bing and Google. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Videos, and Flickr all have taken the user generated content to a whole new level. This has put a lot of pressure on the search engine giants to efficiently track/index content for their users. But, the rate of content generation is so overwhelming that real-time social search engines make more sense than the traditional methods of searching for information.

Besides, Google and Bing who have integrated social search concept, there are lots of startups who have invested their resources in leading the way for new paradigm of search. Here are the top 10 search engines for especially Twitter, that are making their way to the future.


Twitterment http://www.twitterment.com/

Twitterment is a simple search, not exactly real time, and is powered by Google. It basically digs into all the public tweets made in Twitter and brings the relevant content related to the search keyword.


Search Twitter http://search.twitter.com/

Twitter Search is the foundation of all the search engines being developed. Its advance search allows users to customize their queries to find relevant information in the Twittersphere. It is still the most used search engine relating to Twitter.


Twitscoop http://www.twitscoop.com/

Twitscoop allows you to view real-time trends in the Twittersphere via its dynamic tag cloud. You can also search for the keywords in Twitter and receive click statuses if their being shortened by bit.ly. It is very similar to Twitter’s default search.


Topsy http://topsy.com/

Topsy is one of the few search engines which have brought more than just search results, because it stores all the data from Twitter and segments it into the most tweeted and least tweeted tweets. It also shows the list of contributors along with their influence ratio. Furthermore, Topsy allows you to search for tweets based on domains and bring the most tweeted page from that domain. Topsy is one of the most useful and value added, Twitter powered search engines.


Oneriot http://www.oneriot.com/

OneRiot is the closest search engine to the realtime concept. OneRiot crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and other social sharing services, and then indexes the content on those pages in seconds. The end result is a search experience that allows users to find the freshest, and most socially-relevant content from across the realtime web.


Twazzup http://www.twazzup.com/

Twazzup is an interesting search engine that tries to bridge the gap between Twitter’s real-time search and more traditional search engines. On Twazzup, you can follow a real-time stream of updates including a selected keyword on one side, while the other side shows the top tweets and a list of the top tweeted stories in regards to a given topic – plus related photos from twitpic.


Scoopler http://www.scoopler.com/

Scoopler is a real-time search engine that aggregates and organizes content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness reports of breaking news, photos/videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day. It constantly indexes live updates from services including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and others.


Collecta http://collecta.com/

Collecta provides similar content like the rest but with a major difference. It also digs into social sites for information but it allows users to focus their search by choosing between stories, comments, updates, photos and videos. Collecta allows them to track brands more efficiently than most of the others.


Twellow http://www.twellow.com/

Twellow is obviously based on Yellow pages with all the information being categorized in variety of sections. By adding people to specific categories Twellow helps you narrow your searching into specific niches where you can find who you are looking for.


Buzzom http://www.buzzom.com/

Buzzom is a promising player in social media which provides a simple way to search people in Twitter. Buzzom search allows you to search people with respect to bio, name, location and tweets. Unlike other search engines which are focused on content, Buzzom’s search provides users with results relevant to people.

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I’d also add to your excellent list TipTop.

Thanks for this great list.
TwitPwr is an useful tool for an analytics and stats point of view. It also provides a Twitter short URL functionality.

Great resource! thanks for the list!
It really makes you think when you mention paradigm shift. Look for Google to start their own stand alone Real Time Content search Engine in the future.

Thanks for the links and information. I’ve never really used any Twitter search engines but this is an informative article and I will have a look at each one to see what they are like. Thanks again.

Great post Manoj!

I didn’t know that there was this many search engines like this.

I can see this moving towards the similar industry of keyword tools.

Once Google came out with their keyword tool, hundreds followed. I guess this philosophy applies to all Internet software. Look forward to more great content Manoj! Take care!


Great list of search engines, I will add www.flock.com – its a web browser but has Twitter Search built in to it.

Thanks for the list Manoj.

Real-time search is an interesting development but surely it will make Google’s first page of search results over complicated?

With room for only 10 results maybe there will be 1 real-time results, 1 video result, 1 Google Maps result, 1 human-edited directory result, 1 blog result, 1 Gov result, 1 corporate results etc etc.

What do you think about that prediction?

Great post! I too had no idea how much of a reach Twitter’s data had. Thanks

Thanks for the list. I havn’t used any of these search engines but will experiment with them.

Your Twitter post is good and brings up some valid points, glad I found your post! I believe that social media is going to be the future home for any and all advertising and marketing. With Google’s real-time search and other search engines catching on quickly you will see many SEO Companies becoming Twitter SEO Companies very soon! I wrote a post that you may be interested to read about Twitter SEO

I am an avid Twitter user and focus on building the value that I add to the rest of my social network, I help to promote any and everyone that asks me for help (as long as they are not loco in la cabessa!). I believe that optimizing your profiles is very important, just as optimizing your website is, but the most important part of any SEO efforts is having quality content. The same goes for Twitter, you need quality content and updates for people to read and link to. If you tweet about the right subjects you will notice more and more incoming links to your twitter profile when your tweets start being republished on other people’s blogs (provides some temporary page rank). Also you can do your own personal “Social Media Press Release” and some good old fashioned article directory link building with your Twitter profile.

Social media is the first step to an “open-source” media and news. My twitter username is @gohewitt for anyone looking to follow. I am excited to see what comes of all of this and feel that we still don’t have a clue what being “Connected” really means just yet!

Great post. I’d add to the list Cascaad.com, that gives a new relevance-based realtime search engine although the service is more focused on realtime, personalized discovery than on search.

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