1. The best all round survival rifle isn’t a rifle at all – It is a handgun.

Protecting your family is one of the most important things that you will ever do. This is why you need to choose the best weapon, or weapons, for the job. The first thing to say is that you are not going to find one single survival rifle or pistol or shotgun that excels in everything from close range to long range perimeter protection; different guns are best at different things. So with that in mind I believe there are six survival guns that every prepper should own!

Of course this does not mean that you should not own more! Not at all.  But to me this is the minimum number of guns that a survivalist or prepper should have in their inventory. But before you buy anything you need to spend time reading reviews of rifles, shotguns, scopes, and pistols and decide what will be the best match for your situation.

I believe the first gun that any prepper should buy is a handgun.  Why? Because I believe that every person should be armed at all times and carrying a rifle at all times is just impractical, if not a tad ridiculous. Everyone should consider some sort of a pistol that is easily carried in a concealed manner and preferably one that you are comfortable shooting, manipulating, cleaning, etc.  Personally I carry a 9mm Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, another very popular concealed carry handgun is the venerable Glock 19. There are a myriad of choices out there and I am not particularly picky when it comes to makes and models however having one at all times is the most important thing. And of course in extreme circumstances a 9mm handgun can be used for self defense, for hunting small game to even some large game. A 9mm hollow point would easily take down a good sized deer or young elk with a well placed shot within 30 yards. Ammunition is commonly available and cheap and as I stated before most importantly you can take it with you everywhere you go! For an expanded look at this topic take a look at the video below!

Click here to watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGzL_H5LurI&t=109s

In close range self – defense situations especially home defense situations, having quick access to a good shotgun could make the difference between life and death. This is why you should rely on a weapon like the Mossberg 500 or the Remington 870 or even a CZ-USA 612 Home Defense. All of these shotguns are designed to be used in the most challenging of conditions. They are simple to operate and highly reliable in the hands of a trained user! A shotgun has an effective range of around 50 yards (give or take – depending on the ammo selection) and they are great for home defense. Of course you also have a wide variety of ammunition avalable to choose from my personal favorite is buckshot ammo, as it is particularly well suited to dealing with home invader type situations. You may also prefer to use a slug which is pretty much certain to put the opposition out of action but can be prone to over penetration. So be sure to consider your backdrop and how close your home sits to your neighbors before using slugs.

It’s impossible to continue to exist in a long term survival situation if you do not have access to food. This is why it’s good to take a look at rifles that can help you get that regular supply of rabbit and squirrel that will keep you going! The Ruger 10/22 Takedown Semi-Automatic Rifle with a good scope is one of the best rifles for small game hunting.  This weapon is really easy to break down and reassemble, so you can carry it in a back pack and then reassemble it to hunt without losing any of the accuracy.  One of the best things about this Ruger is that it’s affordable so you do not have to spend a fortune to survive. But it is also highly versatile.  Believe it or not a .22 long rifle is a lethal round and has killed many a bad guy!  So it can be used for self defense, it can also be used for hunting small and medium sized game and its parts and ammunition are commonly available as well. 

Even though I love the taste of a freshly cooked rabbit I freely admit that small game may not get the job done if you are in a long term survival situation. It would be very nice to have the capability to reach out and touch your dinner from several hundred yards away thereby increasing your potential effectiveness exponentially!  If there is a deer in your sights, you do not want to miss out by not having a rifle that will do the job. The Remington 700 is a bolt action rifle that will do the job!  The Remington 700 is commonly known as the sniper rifle of choice and has many tactical and military type applications that could be highly useful for a person or group in a grid down survival situation. This weapon gives you maximum large game hunting potential when used in conjunction with a high quality scope.  The downside to these rifles is that you do need regular and reoccurring practice to become highly proficient at shooting beyond 500 yards.  But hey this is a great excuse to make time to get out to the shooting range! 

AR-15s and AK-47s have been all over the news lately and of course everyone has seen them in the movies as well. AR-15s are not assault rifles as the liberal news media would have you believe. They are semi-automatic rifles with that normally come with a standard capacity magazine that hold 30 rounds.  Because these rifle have the ability to hold 30 rounds or  more they are particularly well suited for defensing a position against multiple attackers.  So they are highly useful when it comes to protecting a close  to intermediate range perimeter of 300 yards or less. Yes they can shoot further but when an AR style rifle is setup for home defense shooting much past 300 yards isn’t really practical.  You are more likely to actually hit your target with a fair degree of accuracy if you keep it to within 300 yards.  Although these weapons have a reputation for jamming, if you keep it cleaned and well maintained they are actually highly reliable and trust worthy.  Again this weapon hold true to the principles that I like to see in a survival or prepping gun and that is that the ammunition is highly available and common and parts are also commonly available should the gun breakdown on you. 

Some people may look at this and laugh and say why would you need an air rifle in a survival situation? Well there are several good reasons.  One is that the ammunition is very cheap and highly portable and very light weight! Another reason is that there are many versions of air rifle built today that are nearly as effective as a 22 long rifle but are much more quiet.  Sound in a survival situation can be the difference between life or death in certain circumstances.  Having the ability to shoot a pellet at sub sonic speeds through a rifle that has a built in silencer is a great asset! Additionally these rifles are great for training new shooters how to use a gun and to train them to be more efficient and accurate so that they are not wasting precious ammunition that take gun powder! I prefer a .25 caliber air rifle and specifically I really like the Air Force Air Guns Escape SS model in .25 caliber.  This air rifle is a great survival tool as it is very light weight, quiet and extreme potent at killing small game out to 40 yards!

This list isn’t so much about what particular makes and model of Survival guns you should get, it is all about the type and styles that you should have as a minimum.  I am not the kind of guy that likes to get into which brand is better than the other because quite honestly that vast majority of modern manufactured firearms can all out perform the majority of shooters out there (myself included). So if you are not even shooting at the capability of the gun, does it really matter if there are better ones out there?  Not really. My only suggestion would be to do your research, read some reviews, and make sure that the manufacturers have a good reputation in the industry as a whole. If you do that you can’t really go wrong.

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I agree with you that the best all round rifle is indeed a hand gun. I like your line up too. My game is actually spearfishing, but all types of survival and outdoor activities interest me.

Nice article and a solid list! The Remington 700 with a good scope on it is a beauty.

This list really consist of the best guns for hunting, very informative

I like the list and that you included handguns. Definitely the best gun for any prepper.

I personally find the Glock 19 super uncomfortable to carry. More of a Glock 26 guy when I lived in the US.

The Glock 26 is a sweet lil piece for sure!

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1. The best all round survival rifle isn’t a rifle at all – It is a handgun.

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