Business Affiliation Opportunity

New Launched!

Professional Service sales opportunity with firm

High commissions up to $5,000.00 weekly

Recurring INCOME/commission Each Month


Our firm currently offers you a ground floor marketing business opportunity to work with accounting service firm.

This new business opportunity is just launched and very
positions are just available. If you have high expectations and
serious to make income, do joining to see fast, Easy, real results
for your performance.

be providing which will benefit you?

When you sign up as a new affiliate, followings
are what this opportunity offers:

  • Work with small businesses online and offline, marketing to US ENTERPRISES. Mainly you will work with small business owners
    who make fast decisions.


  • Demand is tremendous and
    make easy sales.

High Commission

  • (Second Level will be available soon! Separate link will be provided.)

Recurring income each month

  • When a sale is made, an account is set up, high Service commission is Sale is needed to make just one time and commission is recurred each month.

Flexible Marketing Management

You can market online and/or offline.Visit
businesses or direct mailings or even email marketing. Which ever method is best for you and
easier for you obtain sale and accounts. If you do emailings though, just remember our firm has strict no spam policy.

Our firm currently has openings for direct Salesperson positions, Region Managers, Sales Trainerspositions. Our compensations are compatitives. Not only Recurring Monthly Residuals, you also have performance Bonuses each month. Simply contact for the posistion you prefer and provide the time you can work. We will provide you appropriate materials for your needs.

Our firm Paydotcom for tracking affiliate sales and performance. Sign up each following Service Options to get proper credits for all your referrals:

Bookkeeping Complete JOIN Our Affiliation NOW!



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