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Business ffilition Opportunity



Professionl Service sles opportunity with ccounting firm

High commissions up to $5,000.00 weekly

Recurring INCOME/commission Ech Month

  Two Tiers Recurring Monthly  Ernings

  Referrl Fees or Commissions re S To You utomticlly

Our firm currly offers you floor mrketing business opportunity to work with ccounting service firm. 

This business opportunity is just lunched nd very top
positions re just vilble. If you hve high expecttions nd
serious to mke income, do joining to see fst, Esy, rel
for your performnce.


 Wht this opportunity is like nd wht it will
be providing which will benefit you?


When you sign up s ffilite, followings
re wht this opportunity offers:


  • Work with online nd offline, mrketing to US ERPRISES. Minly you will work with smll business owners
    who mke fst decisions.



  •   Demnd is tremendous nd
    mke esy sles.


High Commission

  •   High commission nd ll the wy to two level deep (Second Level will be vilble soon! Seprte link will be provided.)


Recurring income ech month

  •   When sle is mde, n ccount is set up, high Service commission is erned ech nd every month for ll 2 levels.  Sle is needed to mke just one time nd commission is recurred ech month.


Flexible Mrketing Mngem

You cn mrket online nd/or offline.  Visit
businesses or direct milings or even emil mrketing. Which ever method is best for you nd
esier for you obtin sle nd ccounts. If you do emilings though, just remember our firm hs strict no spm policy. 


Our firm currly hs openings for direct Slesperson positions, Region Mngers, Sles Trinerspositions. Our compenstions re comptitives. Not only Recurring Monthly Residuls, you lso hve performnce Bonuses ech month. Simply contct for the posistion you prefer nd provide the time you cn work. We will provide you pproprite mterils for your needs.


Our firm uses Pydotcom for trcking ffilite sles nd performnce. Sign up ech following Service Options to get proper credits for ll your referrls:



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