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Terms and Condtons of Use

Web Ste Terms and Condtons of Use

1. Terms

By accessng ths web ste, you are agreeng to be bound by these web ste Terms and Condtons of Use, all applcable s and regulatons,
and agree that you are responsble for complance wth any applcable local
s. f you not agree wth any of these terms, you are prohbted from
usng or accessng ths ste. The materals contaned n ths web ste are
proteed by applcable copyrght and trade mark .

2. Use Lcense

  1. Permsson s granted to temporarly wnload one copy of the materals
    (nformaton or software) on www.ACallresources.com’s web ste for personal,
    non-commercal transtory vewng only. Ths s the grant of a lcense,
    not a transfer of ttle, and under ths lcense you may not:
    1. modfy or copy the materals;
    2. use the materals for any commercal purpose, or for any publc dsplay (commercal or non-commercal);
    3. attempt to decomple or reverse engneer any software contaned on www.ACallresources.com’s web ste;
    4. remove any copyrght or other propretary notatons from the materals; or
    5. transfer the materals to another person or “mrror” the materals on any other server.
  2. Ths lcense shall matcally termnate f you volate any of these restrons and may be termnated by www.ACallresources.com at any tme. Upon termnatng your vewng of these materals or upon the termnaton of ths lcense, you must destroy any wn materals n your possesson whether n eleronc or prnted format.

3. Dsclamer

  1. The materals on www.ACallresources.com’s web ste are provded “as s”. www.ACallresources.com makes no warrantes, expressed or mpled, and hereby dsclams and negates all other warrantes, ncludng wthout lmtaton, mpled warrantes or condtons of merchantablty, ftness for a partcular purpose, or non-nfrngement of ntelleual property or other volaton of rghts. Further, www.ACallresources.com es not warrant or make any representatons concernng the accuracy, lkely results, or relablty of the use of the materals on ts nternet web ste or otherwse relatng to such materals or on any stes lnked to ths ste.
  2. Customers and Clent’s Satsfaon s our most prorty and we always consstently apply Generally Accepted Accountng Prncples known as . Further more, we are not clamng we are CPA nor guaranteeng your bookkeepng and tax s are performed or processed by CPA(s). However, we assocatng wth CPA(s), Enrolled Agents and several other professonals who dedcate to fulflled your necessary s.

4. Lmtatons

n no event shall www.ACallresources.com or ts supplers be lable for any damages (ncludng, wthout lmtaton, damages for loss of or proft, or due to busness nterrupton,) arsng out of the use or nablty to use the materals on www.ACallresources.com’s nternet ste, even f www.ACallresources.com or a www.ACallresources.com authorzed representatve has been notfed orally or n wrtng of the possblty of such damage. Because some jursdons not allow lmtatons on mpled warrantes, or lmtatons of lablty for consequental or ncdental damages, these lmtatons may not apply to you.

5. Revsons and Errata

The materals appearng on www.ACallresources.com’s web ste could nclude techncal, typographcal, or photographc errors. www.ACallresources.com es not warrant that any of the materals on ts web ste are accurate, complete, or current. www.ACallresources.com may make changes to the materals contaned on ts web ste at any tme wthout notce. www.ACallresources.com es not, however, make any commtment to update the materals.

6. Lnks

www.ACallresources.com has not revewed all of the stes lnked to ts nternet web ste and s not responsble for the contents of any such lnked ste. The ncluson of any lnk es not mply enrsement by www.ACallresources.com of the ste. Use of any such lnked web ste s at the user’s own rsk.

7. Ste Terms of Use Modfcatons

www.ACallresources.com may revse these terms of use for ts web ste at any tme wthout notce. By usng ths web ste you are agreeng to be bound by the then current verson of these Terms and Condtons of Use.

8. Governng

Any clam relatng to www.ACallresources.com’s web ste shall be governed by the s of the State of Calforna wthout regard to ts confl of provsons.

General Terms and Condtons applcable to Use of a Web Ste.

Prvacy Polcy

Your prvacy s very mportant to us. Accordngly, we have developed ths Polcy n order for you to under how we colle, use, communcate and dsclose and make use of personal nformaton. The followng outlnes our prvacy polcy.

  • Before or at the tme of colleng personal nformaton, we wll dentfy the purposes for whch nformaton s beng colleed.
  • We wll colle and use of personal nformaton solely wth the objeve of fulfllng those purposes specfed by us and for other compatble purposes, unless we obtan the consent of the ndvdual concerned or as requred by .
  • We wll only retan personal nformaton as long as necessary for the fulfllment of those purposes.
  • We wll colle personal nformaton by ful and far means and, where approprate, wth the knowledge or consent of the ndvdual concerned.
  • Personal should be relevant to the purposes for whch t s to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • We wll prote personal nformaton by reasonable securty safeguards aganst loss or theft, as well as unauthorzed access, dsclosure, copyng, use or modfcaton.
  • We wll make readly avalable to customers nformaton about our polces and praces relatng to the management of personal nformaton.

We are commtted to condung our busness n accordance wth these prncples n order to ensure that the confdentalty of personal nformaton s proteed and mantaned.

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