You Need To Master Every Role In Your Startup.

You Need To Master Every Role In Your Startup.

Manager of this. Assistant manager of this. Co-assistant manager of this. Supervisor. The supervisor’s supervisor.

Others try to change the perception of their role with a new title, like Director of First Impressions (receptionist), Sandwich Technician (Subway worker) or Washroom Operatives (cleaners).

Everyone seems to crave a badge of honour to prove their worth to the world.

Whoop dee fucking do.

Why bother? A badge changes nothing. A new title is meaningless. Because you still won’t have respect.

Your colleagues and peers will only respect you if you work hard. They will only respect you if you earn your badge.

If you start your own business, you are either everything, or nothing.

I work as half of a two man team and that leaves a lot of ground to cover. Below is a list of job roles, or titles, I do or take control of in my startup.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When people ask “what is the most rewarding thing about starting a business”, I always give the same answer.

The learning curve has been (is still) huge, but it has been by far the biggest gain. Every single day has presented new problems. Every new project brings fresh challenges to take on. And with every one that you achieve, you get better and better as person, and more confident in a variety of roles.

Seriously, my personal development, skill set, abilities and life experience have all increased ten fold.

They have developed so much because I made the choice to take on all the roles mentioned above.

We didn’t want to hire people to manage our money.

We didn’t want to hire people to run our social media accounts.

We didn’t want to send reps down to meet clients on site.

We didn’t want to hire a web developer.

We didn’t want to pay for a graphic designer to do our marketing material.

We chose to make our startup a tool to learn from.

We always agreed that even if it failed, as long as we gained great experience and a worthy portfolio from it, as long as we could tailor our achievements to get us jobs further down the line — it would be a success.

In the early days, don’t look to spend all the money you have on staff, or to outsource various aspects of the business.

Don’t spunk your budget on a high end marketer, or an admin assistant, or whatever.

Step out of your comfort zone. Go into the unknown. Use your startup journey as a tool to learn from, a tool to gain experience from that will set you apart from the rest.

There is no harm in trying right?

And this means that if you are left searching for a new job, or a new career path, where can you turn if you just wasted your last few years developing no new skills and experience?

Nowhere, thats where.

So forget titles. Forget being CEO, Manager, Head of Company Whatever.

Be the jack of all trades, master of most.

Focus on learning, and on challenging yourself to develop new skillsets. Become accomplished in as many different aspects of your business as you possibly can.

Be an entrepreneur, and learn the shit out of it, because this will set you apart from the rest.

You Need To Master Every Role In Your Startup.

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