Why You Should Make Every Creative Step Worthwhile

In a world where most people are concerned about results, it’s easy to fall sway to the feeling of anxiousness. With tons of content coming in front of us nearly every second of the day, creators feel obliged to create just as often.

Catching up with everyone else then turns into the biggest priority. Stress governs much in our lives from that point on. And what brought us joy turns into a chore to be completed.

The only thing worth thinking about is finishing up, completing the task to see what the results will look like in the end. But in doing so, we lose sight of the steps we take (or should take).

In an effort to rush to the finish line, we forget to savor and address certain issues that could’ve saved us a ton of headaches along the way. This is why making each step you take worthwhile remains crucial.

Each of us has the power to take ourselves places we’ve never been. The key is building a mindset that complements that reality. Once we do that, we put ourselves in a better position to succeed.

Negativity can wreak havoc on our perspectives. It can consume us and overtake the very reason we started moving in the first place.

If we allow negative thoughts to determine what we do next, progress will remain at a distance.

Sure, life comes with obstacles which aren’t necessarily easy to defeat. But rather than sulking about it (which we’ve all done, including me), we can reorient how we see those obstacles.

They are the means by which we strengthen our life-muscles. Though they tear us apart sometimes, the end result will consist of people stronger than ever because of it.

You’re human. You’re going to make mistakes. The best thing you can do is learn from them. Having the perspective that everything we do will be flawless is what ruins us most of the time.

Perfectionism is a creative epidemic because it hinders us from creating what we love. Instead, we choose to aim for error-free results. And when we don’t get them, we beat ourselves up about it.

Replace the negative perspective for an encouraging one. Affirm your abilities to do the unthinkable. Consider your motivations, aspirations, and goals.

Then go after them with everything you have, regardless of what anyone else says. Your mindset is a powerful tool for progress.

Most of the time, we assume we have nothing to offer others because there are so many people who are smarter than us. But everyone has some experience to share that can enhance the journey of someone else.

Because we make a habit out of looking down on ourselves and our capabilities, we don’t believe others can learn from us. So we never bother offering our perspectives, ideas, and experiences.

That’s what causes people to strive to fit in. They see themselves as second-class creatives who glean as much as possible from others but never share their battles, wins, and failures.

You have to see the value in your experiences. They don’t exist to sit in the shadows while someone else can possibly avoid those same decisions or missteps. Share them because someone out there can use your wisdom.

We say we never want to stop learning, which is good. Yet what are we accomplishing if all we do is consume but never share? What value are we placing on our journeys when we hide them from the world?

The world needs you, not someone you strive to be like. While there’s nothing wrong with having a role model, we can’t ignore our individuality. That’s what makes us who we are, creatively and intrinsically.

Don’t count yourself out from the pack of mentors just because you don’t believe you “measure up.”

I fell for that assumption earlier on in my writing adventure. For a moment, I contemplated giving up altogether. But when I saw how unhealthy that mentality was, I realized there was something I could contribute after all.

A lot of people put off tomorrow what they can do today. Assuming tomorrow will grant them the same opportunities, they neglect to take advantage of their time.

The truth is time waits on no one. The best thing you could do is take your first step today, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be a gigantic one, but it does have to be a step in your desired direction.

Part of the problem lies in our disregard for our purpose in life. We lose sight of what moves us to feel the heaviness only we can feel. In the process, we lose track of time. (Or we just stop caring about it.)

What many of us would rather do is scroll through Instagram to stare at yet another superficial lifestyle, portrayed as the greatest thing ever. While our eyes are fixed on the images, we miss opportunities to create, to explore.

Time doesn’t have a DVR remote. We can’t just press rewind whenever we feel like it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

There’s no need to sulk about that either. I’ve heard a lot of people sit still and think about how badly they want to go back in time. They sit still and think about things they can’t change while the present stands in front of them.

What we have is right now. The present grants an opportunity to make a difference in your own life. As I said before, it doesn’t have to be some enormous step to see improvement. But it does have to be an intentional one.

It took me a while to accept the fact that the road to progress is tough. This road will never end because progress should never cease from happening.

The moment things become too easy, you’ll become more comfortable and prone to settle with where you are. You don’t need me to tell you that, of course. But I find those reminders still help.

To keep a positive outlook on your abilities may seem cliche, yet self-doubt will always hold you back if you let it. It takes affirmations to counter that effect. It also takes self-evaluations as a way to track progress.

After you’ve chosen to take advantage of your time, surround yourself with people who care about you and want to see you grow as a person. A community of thinkers on that level makes the creative journey all the better.

The challenge of achieving growth is always worth it. That level of thinking carries over into other facets of our lives when we utilize the power of our creative steps, no matter how big they may seem at the moment.

Kevin Horton is a photographer, student, modest book-worm, and wanna-be web developer with a new-found love for writing. He writes helpful words about creativity, productivity, and the enjoyably simple life.

’Til next time. Thanks for reading!

Why You Should Make Every Creative Step Worthwhile

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