What Mixed Tapes Can Teach You About Resilience?

What Mixed Tapes Can Teach You About Resilience?

If you are old enough to know what a mixed tape was, you are probably wise enough to know what it meant when someone gave you one.

For those who are younger, no I am not talking about a Playlist: drag and drop.

No, a Mixed Tape meant something. Analogue. A chunky plastic rectangular, two reels and a chocolate colored ribbon of tape.

You judged whole relationships on songs chosen and the meaning behind them. Do they like me? Is it over? Is it love?

At the end of the relationship, what did you do? People have told me all sorts of strange rituals. Some threw the tape away, others recorded over it, a few burned it to expunge the memories.

Why did a Mixed Tape mean so much? That’s simple: it took time. Lots of time. Hours to record all those songs (Press Play and Record) and line up the songs. Hours spent to make the right mix.

Your Resilience Story is no different. It is personal. Just like a Mixed Tape it is a recording of your high and lows in your life, loves and learning.

It has taken a lifetime to assemble, edit and record. You have probably played it or certain tracks again and again. Rewinding, to find the best pieces.

You have songs of joy and passion but also loss and fear. Our resiliency is the sum of these repeated behavioral patterns. Our mental responses, mastered until they are reactions, regardless of setback you face. How we react at that moment, changes the outcome we create with a positive or negative reaction becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Our fears can be the worst songs of all, tethering us to our doubts and placing limits on our potential. Reducing our capacity to strive and achieve.

Our fears are often a series of negative past experiences that impose themselves on the present, controlling how we act. They are tape we play automatically, even if we know it’s a “bad” song and it serves us poorly.

Play your entire tape. Both sides. Even the unplayed “B” sides.

Ask yourself, does your resilience story — the story you tell about yourself — elevate you or hinder you? After all, your story is pivotal to your future success.

Taking an inventory of what has empowered you in the past, to overcome life’s challenges. Ask yourself, “do these ‘songs’ empower me?” Do my stories about my successes, doubts, and perceived limitations help me achieve?

For any leader, growth must be an ambition. Replaying an old song hoping for a new melody is a recipe to be struck in the same chorus. Instead, reflect on your personal leadership stories and supporting beliefs, as a series of songs on your Mixed Tape.

Great if they are. But if your tape is caught up in missed opportunities or disappointments and they inhibit you from achieving your goals, then the solution is simple.

You are the editor of your life. Decide to hit “Rewind.” Press “Play/Record” to erase and re-record over a limiting story. Perhaps, it gave you comfort in the past but no more. They are old songs, you have overplayed,

It is time to record a new song — or songs- that fits with your dreams, goals, and ambitions for, today. Who are you at this juncture? What do you want to be? What life changes to you what make: humble or huge?

Recording a new tape, helps you discard the past, creating a more powerful future. Let us not forget; your story is your soundtrack.

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Simon Trevarthen is Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Elevate Your Greatness (EYG). EYG helps individuals, teams, and organizations unpack the secrets of success by becoming even better versions of themselves through dynamic keynotes, seminars, and workshops on innovation, inspiration and presentation excellence.

What Mixed Tapes Can Teach You About Resilience?

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