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Ask 10 people what well-being means to them and you’ll get 10 different answers. Why? Because well-being is personal. It means a little something different to everyone.

And yet so many well-being programs available today treat everyone the same. Same tools. Same tasks. And one way or another, they all fall short of expectations, with debatable impact on overall health.

Let’s be honest: This isn’t working for your people—and more than likely it’s not working for you, either. Chances are, you’re spending more and more money on more and more programs to promote health and well-being in the workplace, but getting less and less in return. Rates of participation and engagement are stuck in second gear.  Although financial incentives continue to climb, fewer than one in three employees believe their well-being program has encouraged them to live a healthier lifestyle.

We can do better than this. It goes without saying that you are committed to improving the well-being of your employees and your members. You want what’s best for them. That’s why it’s time for a change. It’s time for us to make the needs of each individual our top priority. It’s time to develop well-being programs from the perspective of the people using them.

It’s time to put people first. 

We created WebMD ONE to put people first by delivering unique experiences based on individual priorities and preferences. Each person has the power to choose what’s important and engage in ways most meaningful to them—at work, at home and everywhere in between. See the difference a truly personal experience can have on your well-being program and the people you care about.

Because we take well-being personally. And we know you do too.

WebMD ONE is tailored to each individual’s personal interests and priorities, creating unique experiences and helping to set realistic goals. Over time, as well-being needs change, WebMD ONE adjusts.

Whether they want to quit smoking, start a meditation habit or grow their savings account, WebMD ONE helps people figure out the best way to get it done in a way that’s meaningful to them.

WebMD ONE helps people find just a little extra inspiration to reach their goal, whether they are making a big change or maintaining their routine.

A single convenient and secure place for people to see all of their health information. Combining data from their devices, apps and well-being program, WebMD ONE helps them better understand their health status, regardless if they’re just starting out, creating a new habit or training for the next triathlon.

We understand the trust placed in us to protect the privacy and security of the millions of people who use our well-being programs. We remain committed to honoring that trust and assuring their peace of mind.

WebMD has been helping people learn about their health and improve their well-being for nearly 20 years. Millions of people visit WebMD.com every month, searching for reliable health information. The same quality experience applies to WebMD ONE.

Interested in learning more about how we bring this experience to life? 

What’s a well-being champion? Someone who’s passionate about creating a happier workplace. In most cases, companies already have several such champions among their employees—the trick is bringing them together.

The well-being of your employees or health plan members is something that deserves special care. That’s why you need to work with a company you know and trust to do things right.

Our established industry partnerships add to our own leadership to give you the holistic programs you and your employees or members deserve.

Serving a variety of different employer and health plan clients, our solutions address the well-being needs of more than 71 million people.

Source: 2015 WebMD Book of Business

To honor the trust that consumers and our clients have in WebMD Health Services, we have achieved the gold standard in health data security: HITRUST CSF Certification. The certification covers Personal Health Manager, Site Manager, Active Coaching, and Supporting Infrastructure, which includes personal health data across all WebMD Health Services’ core offerings, products, and platforms.

Complete, accurate and validated health information is what you’ve always trusted WebMD for. With an integrated WebMD well-being solution you get the benefit of this knowledge and then some.

We curate content from our extensive library and serve it directly to your employees, groups and members. This saves them time and helps get them further along in their well-being journeys.

Flu activity is still fairly low, but, as expected, has slowly increased over the last few weeks, CDC officials say.…

A study,of nearly 89,000 U.S. patients found that people given physical therapy for their pain were 7 percent to 16 percent less likely to fill a prescription for an opioid.…

In a recent study, men with inflammatory bowel disease had higher PSA levels and were four to five times more likely to develop prostate cancer than those in the control group, the investigators found.…

The numbers, which were confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, show that 2017 had the highest number of gun deaths going back to at least 1979, when gun deaths started to be included in death data, CNN reported.…

If you have questions or need additional information, speak to your WebMD Account Lead or contact us anytime.

WebMD Health Services does not advertise, market or promote products or services to end users, except for our products and services which are paid for by plan sponsors and provided to end users without charge. WebMD Health Services has no financial arrangements with other organizations to advertise or market products, goods and services to end users.


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