We Are Paying to Be Poisoned!

At least we’ll smell nice dead.

Have you read the back of your antiperspirant? Are you concerned about the chemicals it contains or is ignorance bliss?

Like most people, I’m conscious of what I eat and drink. I endeavor to ingest natural and healthy nutrition. I don’t want to invite sickness, no body would. I like to keep my food chemical free.

Why then do we persist in slathering questionable chemicals on our bodies to avoid body odor? Our skin is our biggest organ. It’s porous and absorbs everything we put on it. It’s a gateway to our internal functions.

We’ve been conditioned to accept that even infinitesimal amounts of odor is publicly unacceptable. We trust multi-national manufacturers and rub their chemical concoctions on ourselves because no one wants to stink or be embarrassed by body odor. We are willing lab rats and anoint ourselves at the alter of big business alchemy.

Why would we put any chemical on our bodies? Surely natural is better.

It comes down to convenience and efficacy. Natural products often work less effectively, so we gamble on chemicals.

I took an old antiperspirant of mine and looked at the contents. For years I sprayed this on my body. Here’s some of the contents. (Some!)

I’m not a scientist or researcher. This is purely my layman’s interpretation on what is mass produced and sold to us on a world-wide scale. I make my own mind up.

We’re all exposed to aluminium. It could be through food or in vaccines. It’s used in tin foil, soda cans and many other products. What about your underarm though? It gets dosed in antiperspirant daily, sometimes multiple times in a day. The aluminum is there to migrate to your sweat glands to prevent sweat coming out. It’s like a plug.

Sweating is one way for your body to remove toxins. When that is blocked they remain within your system. This aluminium also migrates to the blood stream.

In 2016 Reading University in the United Kingdom released a study which said spraying the underarm with antiperspirants containing aluminium adds additional exposure through the skin in the area of the upper outer quadrant of the breast. It also stated that this area of the breast has a “disproportionately high incidence of breast cysts and breast cancer.”

The study went on to say aluminium has a negative affect at a cellular level including the development of hallmarks associated with cancer.

Here is the the most telling line from the study “ Aluminium has been shown to cause adverse alterations to the breast micro environment.”

An earlier study by the same university (2005) said aluminium has a genotoxic profile that can alter DNA. Aluminium can interfere with oestrogen action and oestrogen is a well established influence in breast cancer.

In 2008 Center Antoine-Lacassagne, Nice, France concluded there is no risk of breast cancer through the use of deodorant and antiperspirant.

And therein lies the problem. Like most scientific studies, another study comes along and refutes the first and around and around we go. You have to decide based on your own interpretation and beliefs.

I do not believe big pharmaceutical companies. For me, aluminium is a no-no. I don’t want it in my body. Even if three quarters of the studies are incorrect, there are too many negatives in the remaining quarter.

I’m also very aware that big business, multinational companies don’t care about me.

According to the companies, these are used as a propellant and to assist with swift drying of the antiperspirant. No one wants to have sticky, wet armpits for ten minutes after application. They also cause that instant cooling feeling.

Antiperspirants work by creating a very thin gel over the top of the sweat gland and the propellants enable the formation of this.

The fact butane is derived from petroleum is enough to expel it from my life. There are studies that show inhalation of these propellants causes serious health effects or death.

Inhaling the fumes directly to get high is a miserable thing to do. What about the millions of people around the world who apply their underarm in enclosed spaces like bathrooms and then spend the next ten minutes in there finishing their grooming? They do this every day.

In a report from the United Kingdom a young teenager died after using excessive amounts of antiperspirant in a small space. “Analysis of brain samples revealed two substances present in aerosols — they are known as volatile substances. They are known to be present in deodorant which was present at the scene. Their presence is consistent with inhalation. Death may result from the toxicological effects. The substances are butane and isobutane

Given the origin of these chemicals and the likely side effects, I avoid them.

This is a silicon used as a delivery agent, lubricant and solvent. It is also anti-static. A study from the Scientific Community on Community Safety (SCCS) said that when inhaled repeatedly (as you would do in an enclosed bathroom or bedroom) cyclopentasiloxane targets liver, lungs and uterus.

The SCCS concluded that cyclopentasiloxane is safe at reported levels except in hair styling aerosols and sun care spray products because the use of those products “ may lead to air concentrations above the value where SCCS considered it may be aerosolized and locally toxic”

In other words, because you’re spraying it in a manner that leaves particles in the air around your face and head, it’s unacceptable. They say it is at acceptable levels in antiperspirant.

Have you ever seen a teenage boy spray antiperspirant on himself in a bathroom? It’s like a mist has descended and enveloped the entire room. It is all breathed in.

This is a man made chemical made by combining benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide. It is used as a preservative in foods and is found in soft drinks.

You would consider this to be a safe chemical considering we consume it. It’s found in tooth paste and mouthwash.

It is used in industrial applications to deter corrosion in vehicle cooling systems, it’s a stabilizer in photo processing and it is used to make plastic more durable.

It can convert to benzene, a known carcinogen. Benzene has been found in soft drinks that contain sodium and vitamin c (abscorbic acid).

It may cause inflammation.

A study of college students linked a high intake of beverages containing sodium benzoate to reports of ADHD. Although this study looked at the ingestion through soft drinks, this is sprayed on our porous skin!

Many studies suggest sodium benzoate is fine in low doses. For me, anything that has an industrial application is going no where near my body!

Even the name sounds wrong. This is a skin conditioner and prevents the formation of bacteria. A quick bit of research on this ingredient for the antiperspirant I used for this provided me with a statement from the company.

It stated that gelatin crosspolymer is used as a part of their technology that provides a boost of fragrance when you move and need it the most. It also stated it’s derived from fish.

Silica is added to help absorb moisture when you sweat. If, like me, you get a rash on the armpit from antiperspirants, it may be the silica.

Silica is also used in commercial products like cleansers, cosmetics, art clays and glazes, pet litter, talcum powder, caulk, putty, paint, and mortar.

Yes, that chemical ingredient in your antiperspirant is also in paint, mortar, putty and caulk and is in those little absorbent bags in food product.

These are just some of the chemicals in my antiperspirant. In researching this subject there are a multitude of varieties and they all have varying recipes. Within these are some horrendous chemicals.

As far as I’m concerned, I will not poison myself to line the pockets of multi nationals. Even some of the ‘natural’ choices have the chemicals listed above…and more.

They call them natural because they are cucumber scented or similar. The rest is chemically laden toxin.

Caveat emptor…………..

We Are Paying to Be Poisoned!

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