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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

2 posts since

11 Jun 2019

Hello all, 

I’ve not posted before, been reading a few posts but I guess I’m just looking for reassurance. Sorry if this is long. I Had a mammogram as part of work medical last month as I don’t qualify for NHS mammogram yet, well I didn’t think I did but anyway, I chose to do the mammogram as even though I’m only 43 my sister was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 39. They explained at the time that as it was my first and their mammographers are super cautious, I shouldn’t be alarmed if I got a recall. 

Lo and behold ten days later, the day before we went on hols, I get a call to say the mammogram had found something and to go and get my Gp to refer me to the breast clinic for further tests. I was only a little worried at this point due to the reassurances from the original radiographer and probably the lovely gin on holidays. 

Anyway, went to the breast clinic last week and it all started to unravel a bit. Firstly they said I’ve been eligible for annual mammograms for a while due to the family history. My Gp knew about my sister but never said anything, so a bit grumpy about that. 

Another mammogram was done followed by an ultrasound and then rather rapidly a biopsy. The lady doing the biopsy had a bit of an accent but I think she said she couldn’t see anything where the original mammogram had suggested there might be a lump, but she had found another one somewhere else and as it was solid she had to do a biopsy. 

After that I went back to see the doctor who was the king of mixed messages. From what I think I heard he said it could be papilloma in which case it would need surgery but there was no rush (a good thing as I’m getting married in 5 weeks), it could be malignant in which case they’d be in touch “within two weeks” or it could be nothing in which case they would write to me. 

One week later, yesterday,  the phone rings. They want me to see the doctor on Thursday. Now I know you can’t infer too much from the time/method of communication about next steps but I can’t help but wonder does this mean it’s definitely not “nothing” because they would have written to me? Or was that a nice red herring from the doc? And does the fact the result and follow up appointment were so well within the  “two weeks” I was expecting for results mean anything?

trying to stay off Dr Google, and only 40 hours or so to go now but it’s really hard. And I know it’s petty but I feel so upset that this is happening right before the wedding.

thanks for reading, any advice greatly appreciated  



384 posts since

13 Mar 2018

Hi Alexis

difficult to advise really as you don’t specify which type of doctor you’ve saw/going to see. However all biopsy results should be done in person by a clinician whether they are benign or cancerous. My biopsy results came back within a week so your “well within the two weeks” is pretty standard.

its rubbish that this is happening before your wedding but fingers crossed it come back benign and you can have a double celebration on your wedding day.

oh and stay off Dr Google – he knows nothing about you Happy


2 posts since

11 Jun 2019

Thanks for the reply magpiemaggie. I saw last week/will see again on Thursday one of the surgeons at the breast care unit at my local hospital. It was all a bit confusing but I’m sure he said at one point “if it’s nothing we will write to you” after the biopsy when we were discussing what happens next. I say discussing, he was talking and I was still processing that they’d stabbed me with a big needle a few times only fifteen minutes earlier, so it is fair to say I might have got the wrong end of the stick re results and now I’m interpreting it all the worst possible way. I guess there is nothing for it but to keep busy until thursday morning when I go for the results. 

Can anyone tell me what might happen next if the results do show a malignancy? I know it depends on what type/size etc but I’m just trying to figure out likely timelines. Developing a plan of action for every conceivable outcome keeps me busy, but particularly so with the wedding looming. Really I’m wondering whether it’s realistic that treatment of some sort or surgery would begin in days or weeks? 



36 posts since

24 Apr 2019

Hi Alexis,

Sorry you find yourself here – especially with the wedding. What rotten luck. 

I think NICE guidelines are 31 days between diagnosis and treatment starting but if you need extra tests it can take a bit longer.

i admire your gumption in trying to think ahead. When I was waiting for my results I had my calendar at work and I was doing lots of what if scenarios – if I have breast cancer when would the surgery be and when would radiotherapy start assuming 4 weeks of healing (the radiologist who diagnosed me at the breast clinic was brilliant and told me while she was ltaking the biopsies what the likely treatment plan would be if it was what she was hinting it was and she was spot on.)

I really wish you all the best for Thursday. You seem to be holding it together really well.

384 posts since

13 Mar 2018

I was told at the breast clinic I would have to come in for the results whether they were benign or not, never heard of anyone being told by letter but I guess standards could vary around the country. My first operation was 3 months after diagnosis, then another 3 months for margin clearance and two months before starting radiation. Although I met other women who had to have chemo first before surgery and met other women who had their operation two weeks after diagnosed. So I’m afraid there really is no real standard as such as it depends on the person’s own circumstances. I was also given the option of deferring the surgery if I wanted to go on holiday first as nothing was going to change re. my prognosis if I wanted to wait. 

16 posts since

4 Jun 2019

Hi there

I wouldn’t infer too much based on timing, I was put on two week wait for breast clinic by my GP and told I would definitely get an appointment within two weeks but it may be two days or fourteen and I don’t think either would be based upon an index of suspicion.  ‘Within two weeks’ is exactly what it says, maybe tomorrow, maybe in fourteen days’ time but certainly within that timeframe.

I also think you can’t really infer anything from them wanting to see you in person, so try not to catastrophise on account of that, it may just be how things are done.

What a complete pain that this is happening just before your wedding, it’s not in the least bit petty to feel a bit cheated right now, you should just be being excited about your wedding without having to deal with this ****.  Try to focus on that wonderful thing as much as you can, I know that’s easy to say.

My username – I’m a doctor – but that doesn’t mean I know anything about this stuff, I am purely on here as a woman with symptoms awaiting triple assessment (my appointment is this Friday). And I’m absolutely terrified.

You come across as a very rational and organised person who likes to be on top of all that is going on… I’m a bit like that too, it’s very difficult for me to let go and not be in control of things.  I’m giving you advice I can’t take from myself, but try to focus on other things and not second-guess this process, just roll with it and get on with the rest of everything as far as you can.

Wishing you good outcomes xx


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