Tried and Tested Food Storage Recipes

Tried and Tested Food Storage Recipes

When the power is out, HOW  will you cook?  In this class I’ll identify the “what, why and how” of three methods of cooking – which really work when the lights go out- using little to no fuel.  Remember:  no fuel to cook means no food to eat, so it would be wise to learn […]

This week I’ve been busy recording two of my 2018 BYU-Idaho Education Week classes to share with you!  Next week I’ll be gone on a family trip, so you won’t hear from me, but the following week I’m planning to record the other two classes to post. I hope you enjoy these!  It’s my pleasure to […]

I had a wonderful time at BYU-Idaho last week teaching.  As I promised to those who attended my classes, here are the slides I used.  I absolutely loved the opportunity of meeting others who are on this same journey and exchanging ideas.  As is usually the case, in teaching and meeting new people I came […]

Hello friends!  This 45 minute video walks you through the details of putting together the same three binder plan that I use.   I’m excited to share it with you!  My recommendation is to use it along with my Create Your Own Book and Planning Pages posts to really help explain the system.  Beyond that, feel free […]

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Tried and Tested Food Storage Recipes

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