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no too surprising…with the Ashton Kutcher’s, and 50 cent’s of the world tweeting, it has received quite a bit of media attention, and as far as the different age groups and demographs go(tweens, gen X’s, gen Y’s and baby boomers are concerned), and assuming market penetration across all age groups is the same, the baby boom generation has the hugest potential for use of twitter.

Basically, 10% market penetration for the baby boom generation and tweens is going to be huge difference in use.

Wow! I am really surprised by that. I just joined Twitter to find out what all the fuss is about. I think it’s cool. I am 39! And so far all the people I am following are 30+ except for one person who is younger than me (about 19). Interesting.

That’s an interesting anecdote, Morgan.

I initially didn’t think much of Twitter. But now I’m really into it.

Thanks for watching and writing!

This is interesting, but I think that it will change soon, I feel like more and more people are finding out about and joining twitter. It is all the “buzz” so to speak and young people usually pick up on these sort of things pretty fast. This video reminds me of what I learned in E-commerce class about the Mikothang. This was phrase which my teacher created to help us understand SEO stuff.

I am also a freelance web designer and I used twitter to promote my sites most especially for clients and its a great site.

Ok, I’m blown away by this. I’m 50 and was thinking today that my age group wasn’t into Twitter. I’m going to have to re-think this and get with the program.

Twitter is useful for networking the problem is it can get addictive and I end up spending too much time there.

The time commitment for all of these things can be overwhelming.

But it can also be really rewarding… personally and financially.

I like to really focus on one or two social environments. That way you can give them a lot of dedication and you aren’t drowning in social things.

Thanks for watching and reading everyone!

There are so many way to support your site to high popularity and top google rank. The twitter is also help us in the are and i am mostly use twitter site for promoting site.

“There is a surprising comScore report on the top age demographic in Twitter.”

Where? Care to give us a URL?

I am happy there is a social networking tool that is in my demographic. Now I’m totally addicted and I think its even helped bring traffic to my blog.

You can see the report here:

is it seems only natural that people 45 to 55 would have big numbers for almost every social phenomenon. There are just so many of them!

What about penetration? what is the percentage of people in each group that Twitters.

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