To Live Forever, Get Rid of Your Body’s Toxic Zombie Cells

To Live Forever, Get Rid of Your Body’s Toxic Zombie Cells


By: Dave Asprey

If you think back to high school biology, you may remember the term “apoptosis.” Apoptosis is when your old or damaged cells destroy themselves, to make room for shiny new cells. Apoptosis is essential for healthy aging; you want the freshest, best versions of your cells at all times to make sure your body’s running the best it possibly can.

However, there are some cells that refuse to die. These death-resistant cells, aka “senescent cells,” refuse to self-destruct when they’re worn out. Instead they gradually accumulate in your organs as you get older, which can lead to premature aging and disease.

This article is going to cover cellular senescence, why it matters for anti-aging, and how you can get rid of youth-robbing senescent cells to keep your body running smoothly.

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Senescent cells are like zombies: they die, but they don’t disappear like normal cells do. Senescent cells no longer divide or function properly. They literally become dead weight in your organs, clogging up your system and triggering inflammation[1].

Over time, you build up more and more senescent cells, causing cumulative damage that drives aging. There are a few different kinds of senescent cells:

There are a few different reasons you age. Oxidative stress is a big one — it creates inflammation that damages your cells and increases your risk of most major diseases, particularly age-related ones[7][8].

Cellular senescence seems to be another cause of aging. As senescent cells build up in your cells, they secrete pro-inflammatory proteins that sabotage your healthy cells, cause widespread damage, compromise your immune system, decrease your energy production, and even increase cancer risk[9].

Researchers who controlled for all known causes of inflammation in aging found that you still get more unexplained inflammation as you age. The leading theory is that cellular senescence is the culprit[10].

And considering recent research found that killing off senescent cells in mice extended their lifespan and restored organ function[11], senescent cells seem like a particularly attractive target for slowing down aging and improving your performance.

The good news is there are several natural and pharmaceutical compounds you can use to kill senescent cells and turn back the clock on aging. Here are a few of my favorites:

No one knows if you’re better off taking senescent removers early on in life — say, starting in your twenties. If I could go back to 25, I would take anti-senescent agents every six months, and start taking them every quarter once I hit my mid-thirties. This is still a fairly new area of anti-aging research, but if you’re young, it seems like a good idea to keep senescent cells from accumulating in your organs. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about aging, it’s that it’s much easier (and cheaper) to prevent it than to reverse it.

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To Live Forever, Get Rid of Your Body’s Toxic Zombie Cells

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