Tips for Social Media Success – A Panel Discussion


President and Founder Local Roll Call.

Local Roll Call is a search listing provider and consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses get in front of consumers and understand the complexities of the local search landscape. Carberry formed the company after realizing that many businesses large and small don’t understand the depth of local search optimization across the search engines and vertical/yellow page directories.

Dave has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2000 and has worked with organizations ranging in size from small businesses to the Fortune 100. Dave is actively involved in the SEM Community. He speaks regularly at various search marketing and online focused conferences and is a member of SEMPO and the IAB.

A recognized expert and educator in online marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search optimization and local search. Prior to starting Local Roll Call Dave was Director of Feed Management and Search at and Platform-A, delivering new opportunities to clients on an ongoing basis with Consumer Shopping Engines, Paid Inclusion Programs and Cross Channel Feed dispersion.

Dave also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The G3 Group. Dave has launched several successful start-up business ventures during his career, including WJFK-AM, and  He and his two children have also written and self published two children’s travel books. Where Was I? New York and Where Was I? Washington D.C.

I’m astounded that there was session about online social marketing; but I shouldn’t be. So many businesses look at Facebook and Twitter and blogs as tools of the young rather than a promotion/marketing tool.

These sites are so misunderstood. I have lots of friends with small, tiny businesses and they’re afraid to promote them online, because of “privacy issues.” USPS is considering canceling Saturday deliveries because email as replaced snail mail. I do a lot of ordering online, but most of my packages are delivered by Fedex and UPS.

I started my business (Pet Impressions Photography) in Feb 2009 and I’m astounded by the success I’ve had in such a short time (and I also work full time).

Great post!

That is the same problem I have with Social media… The clutter. One person cant keep up with it all so how do you except people to listen to what you have to say. How do you stand out from the crowd?
Just my thought

sites should be used to YOUR advantage. whatever works, works. this was quite informative however. nice article

I believe that Twitter is very effective tools, also with google. I am also using the Twitter tool in updating my Facebook and Myspace account. Really effective.

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