Simple advice about saving has spawned a toxic debate.

Simple advice about saving has spawned a toxic debate. Left: Photo of David Bach by Dominik Bindl/Getty. Right: Photo illustration by Hunter French David Bach has a story he tells over and over again about his Grandma Rose, who figured that

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Most Popular Small schools across the United States are facing budget shortfalls and low enrollment—leading some to shut down in the middle of students’ higher-education experience. Updated at 12:07 p.m. on June 19, 2019 Like most other colleges across the

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Lost man survives 34 days in caves

Lost man survives 34 days in caves Accessibility links Wednesday 19 December 2018 By Colin Randall in Paris 12:01AM GMT 24 Jan 2005 A man who spent 34 days lost in the cold, dark caves of an abandoned mushroom plantation

Start a Digital Forensics Business

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2017High profile computer break-ins and data breaches have brought to light the need for digital forensics experts – professionals who can track down weaknesses in a computer system’s security before criminals discover them. Here are tips

Foreclosure, Abandonment, and Short Sales

The slumping housing market is not news.  If you purchased or refinanced a home, a second home, or rental/investment/business property from 2002 to 2008, you probably owe more on that property than it is worth – referred to as “upside

Time to Go Green?

Are you planning some summer-time home renovations?  Tired of paying high energy costs?  Uncle Sam has some good news for you.  He wants to pay you back for home remodeling projects that reduce your electric and heating bill.  The American

Extension Vital to Avoid Penalties

Good news! The traditional April 15th income tax deadline falls on a Washington, D.C. holiday this year making April 18th the deadline to file your taxes.  The bad news – April 18th continues its advance regardless of this three day