How to Use Surveys and Polls to Grow Your Business

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017Want to know what your customers really want and make your marketing more relevant to them? Here are ten ways that polls and surveys can help you reach customers more effectively. Sponsored ContentYou’re no mind reader.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2014In social media marketing, how you use punctuation, when you post, how long your message is, and who your audience is all have an impact on its effectivness. Here are guidelines to punctuating your social media

Using Instagram for Business Marketing

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2014Instagram is a popular photo sharing service you might have seen your teenager using. Companies are using Instagram successfully, too. Here’s how you can use Instagram to market your business and engage your customers. You’ve likely

Don’t Make These Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. Be sure you aren’t making one of these common mistakes. Sponsored ContentIf you’re like the majority of businesses, email marketing will play an

How to Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Video

Last Updated: May 2, 2014No matter what you’re marketing, videos can help you get your message across better. Here are four tips for making videos that your customers will love. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, well

4 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Marketing

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017Do you need to be using mobile marketing? More and more consumers are using mobile devices to connect with the places they do business. Here are four common misconceptions about mobile marketing that could cause you

Combine Social Media and Email Marketing For Better Results

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017Want to give your online marketing a boost? Try combining your social media marketing with your email marketing. Here’s how to do it. Sponsored ContentYou’ve heard the benefits of both email and social media touted by

How to Create Marketing Strategies that Work

Last Updated: Dec 7, 2017You don’t have to be a marketing professional to come up with good marketing strategies for your business. You just need to think outside the box. Here’s how to do it. There was a time back

25 Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018What are the best marketing ideas for a small business with a tight budget? These 25 cost-effective marketing methods will help you increase sales without spending a fortune. Marketing is the key to success in just

36 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Last Updated: May 16, 2018Starting a business on a shoestring? Looking for ways to stretch your small business marketing budget? Marketing a business doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are 36 low-cost, high-impact methods to advertise and promote your business. What’s