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The Waiting Room is a place where guests of Ausprep can chat, discuss and ask questions on all things being prepared.

Got a suggestion or request? This is the place to post it!

A place where you can win cool stuff

A place where you can chat about anything and everything non-preparedness related.

The Observation Point

A place to post any non-preparedness links that you would like to share with other members.

We all know the answers to these basic questions… or do we?

Links to other sites relevant to Preparedness

A place where anything prep related can be discussed

What prepping did you do today?

The nitty gritty of preparation

Coping with Disasters or Traumatic Events , Preparedness Courses, Disaster Preparedness Course – U of P

Discussion of pre-modern living and survival.

A board to discuss Outback Survival

A place to discuss all things gear related, including BOB’s, INCH’s, EDC’s, and GHB’s.

My favourite prep

A place where you can discuss and ask questions on all thing health, medical and well being related.

Natural (Herbal) Medicine

A board where we can discuss our SHTF options in regards to ‘bunkering down’ or ‘bugging out’.

A place were all our international members can post outside the general boards.

Due to the nature of this topic, this is a private board and access needs to granted. Message Admin or Remnantprep to discuss gaining access.



Welcome to religion and prepping, General Religion

Got a state specific request, idea, suggestion or question? Post it here.

A place to discuss all forms of communications pre and post SHTF.

A board for both local and international news and events.

Venezuela, War Files, 2016, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017/2018, Links

Got a review you want to share? Anything from books to products, here is the place to do it!

Here’s where you can post links to different multimedia mediums.

A thread for all things hunting and fishing related.


A domain to post any ‘Do It Yourself’ (D.I.Y) projects.

A forum to discuss homesteading and self-sufficiency

Share your recipes here.

Food Storage, Home Recipes, Pete’s Food & Beverage

Gardening related threads and questions

Container Gardening.

Topics related to water, storage and purification

The couch, a place where you can sit down and talk about all female related preparedness.

A place to discuss how you prepare with and for your children




A board for discussion on all this Pandemic related.

Ebola, Bird Flu, Influenza, Diseases & Plagues

Anything man made that could possibly create a SHTF scenario

Any concerns, questions or insights into natural disasters can be voiced in this thread.

Heatwaves, Global Warming or Cooling!!, Disasters from Space, Storms and Floods, Droughts, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Bushfires, Earthquakes

Any concerns, questions or insights regarding the economy and potential financial collapse can be voiced in this thread.

Zombies! A section solely for the un-dead.

Other scenarios and events


A place to discuss all cyber crime related issues, from personal to global in scope.

Any insights or questions regarding home security can be shared here.

Members can share insights into personal security here.

A board to discuss weapons, both modern and primitive. Includes both hand held, traps, snares and firearms.

A place to post informative links regarding security.

Aussie Business? FB Page, Website? Feel free to post a free plug here!


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