Mum has carcinosarcoma of the uterus


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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

2 posts since

10 Dec 2018


Mum (81) diagnosed with Uterine Carcinosarcoma Dec 2017 type 1a Grade 3. Total laparoscopic hysterectomy followed by 25 rounds of radiotherapy and 2 brachy. All clear so far.  Results from biopsy of polyp and CT scan due Thursday 13th Dec.

It’s a rare type of uterine cancer, would be interested in experience of others the same type.




1759 posts since

11 May 2016

Welcome to the forum ktktkt.

I noticed that today was results day so I just wanted to quickly stop by and wish you and your mum good luck. It’s great your mum has had the all clear so far so fingers and toes crossed this continues today.

I’ve had a quick look through the forum for you and found that @Battling Babe ‍ had the same diagnosis two years ago. She pops back every now and again so fingers crossed she’ll stop by when she can to say hello and share her experience with you.  

You may want to have a chat with @Sophie993 ‍ as well as her nan was diagnosed with a rare type of uterine cancer not too long ago, which you can find out more about just here.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator 

107 posts since

18 Aug 2015

Hello KT and welcome to the forum.  I was sorry to read about your poor Mum but what a brave and strong lady she is.  The treatment must have really taken it out of her but here she is, one year later!  I do hope the results of the biopsy and CT scan were good news for her.  If it’s of any interest, a year after my surgery and treatment for my uterine carcinosarcoma in 2015 I was riding a camel!  Not something I would recommend but I did it and I’m sure your Mum will be up to doing something equally as stupid (!), if she so wished, very soon.  I had to have a CT scan on Friday 16 December and was stuck in traffic on the way home so had to get off the bus to look for a toilet (all that water you have to drink before the scan needs a release eventually).  I couldn’t see any public toilets (are there any about nowadays) so went into a “community housing centre” and explained my desperate need.  I was asked where I lived!!!  What difference does that make?  Because I didn’t live in the area, I wasn’t allowed to use the toilet!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  I went into the opticians next door and they were so different: helpful and understanding.  I go for the results of that scan at the beginning of January 2019 so am keeping everything crossed.

My best wishes to your Mum and you for Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.


2 posts since

10 Dec 2018

Hello BB!

Thanks very much to the Moderator for tagging you, and for your reply. You’re right, she is an amazingly strong and brave woman and deals with everything with great humour and fortitude. Unfortunately, the scan and biopsy results last week weren’t very good news. It has returned in her lungs, although she’s asymptomatic at the moment. As she feels alright we’re going to have a jolly Christmas and try and forget about it for a while. They’re not suggesting any immediate treatment as she really needs a break. So review in February. We’ll see where we are then.

Hope your own results are better news. I know what you mean about public toilets, they are so scarce these days. Do you have a radar key? If not, might be worth getting so you can use disabled loos.




107 posts since

18 Aug 2015

Hello KT

I’m sorry to read of your poor Mum now facing it in her lungs.  I didn’t say anything when I posted last time, as I was hoping it would be good news for you, but I too had it in my left lung.  It was diagnosed on my birthday – 14 November – and I had the operation on 14 February.  Apart from some breathlessness if I overdo things, I feel no different and am glad to say that awful cough has now gone.  Hopefully February will bring you some positive news.

I go for the results of my scan on 8 January so I’m keeping everything crossed.  Thank you for your good wishes.

My good wishes to your Mum and you.

Take care.



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Mum has carcinosarcoma of the uterus

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