Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Written by promotiondept

December 19, 2018

Keeping Your Audience Engaged


Todd Bailey is Director of Search, Media and PR with Gen3 Marketing and US Brand Ambassador for Majestic SEO. Also, Founder/Editor of

Giving sites visitors what they want and keep their views,in some ways,a website is sure to serve the visitors,retain users attention for long-term business success.

“Optimization can only go so far if the content on your site isn’t engaging and useful. “

Couldn’t agree with you more! Onsite SEO might help deliver traffic to your site, but without great content designed for the visitor there is very little reason for them to stay put. SEO is only a part of the whole process, not the end game itself.

It’s easy to write blogs and articles, but it’s hard to make readers engaged. It’s important that the readers can somehow relate to what you write and be able to learn something from what you’re writing.

User eerience play a key role to improve the visibility of the website. I am pleased that you have discussed on a very important topic as it has been neglected now a days. Any website which provide a high level of user eerience will get much attention from Google.

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