Here is my plan of attack for the Census and American Community Survey forms.

Here is my plan of attack for the Census and American Community Survey forms.

I know this is a lengthy post, but it is incredibly educational.  If nothing else, please scroll down towards the bottom and read the last several paragraphs that detail my plan of attack [To all IRS/DHS listening, that means “non-violent response”] when my Census Form arrives.  Print it out and use it as a template for yourself!

I recently heard someone say the time has come for some civil disobedience and the intrusive nature of the Census makes it the perfect place to start.  I could not agree more. The American people need to draw a line in the sand and tell the reprobates in the federal government we will no longer tolerate their usurpations of power.

If the American people are going to make a stand and go toe to toe with the federal government, then they need a basic understanding of some constitutional principles because these principles are universal and pertain to every power exercised by the federal government.

Constitutional Principles

Principle No. 1. The Constitution established a separation of power between the States and their federal government.  James Madison explained this principle in Federalist Essay No. 45:

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.  Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.  The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected.  The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people; and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.

The operations of the federal government will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger; those of the State governments in times of peace and security.

In the New York State Convention debating ratification of the proposed constitution in 1788, John Jay, who was one of the authors of the Federalist Essays and would later become a justice of the United States Supreme Court, expressed this principle as follows:

What are the objects of our state legislatures?  Innumerable things of small moment occupy their attention; matters of a private nature, which require much minute and local information.  The objects of the general government are not of this nature.  They comprehend the interests of the states in relation to each other, and in relation to foreign nations.

Thomas Jefferson discussed this principle in various writings throughout his political career.  In 1816 he wrote:

The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it…  Let the national government be entrusted with the defense of the nation, and its foreign and federal relations; the state governments with the civil rights, laws, police, and administration of what concerns the state generally…

The best key for the solution of questions of power between our governments is the fact that ‘every foreign and federal power is given to the federal government, and to the states every power purely domestic. *  * * The federal is, in truth, our foreign government…

The federal government was empowered to deal with foreign affairs and relations between the States while the States would concern themselves with domestic affairs.

The powers of the federal government are commonly known as delegated powers because when that government was established, the States delegated, not surrendered, a portion of their sovereign powers to the federal government.  The powers not delegated to the federal government are known as reserved powers.


Principle No. 2. The Constitution established a federal government of limited enumerated powers.  Under this system of government, every power not granted to the federal government and enumerated in the Constitution is denied.  This principle is the foundation of the Constitution and exists independent of the Tenth Amendment.  That Amendment is merely a secondary level of restraint on the powers of the federal government.

In Federalist Essay No. 14, James Madison wrote that adoption of the proposed constitution would not grant the federal government general legislative authority throughout the United States:

[I]t is to be remembered that the general government is not to be charged with the whole power of making and administering laws.  Its jurisdiction is limited to certain enumerated objects…

Alexander Hamilton addressed the principle of limited government in Federalist Essay No. 83:

The plan of the convention declares that the power of Congress…shall extend to certain enumerated cases.  This specification of particulars evidently excludes all pretension to a general legislative authority, because an affirmative grant of special powers would be absurd, as well as useless, if a general authority was intended.

The federal government only exists within the sphere of its delegated powers and is constitutionally powerless to act absent a specific grant of power.  It should be noted that there are no implied powers beyond the delegated powers.  For example.  Congress has been granted “the power to establish post offices.”  Therefore, Congress can pass any law necessary to the establishment and maintenance of post offices.  This would include such incidental powers such as printing stamps, affixing their value, appropriating money for postal trucks, etc.

Members of Congress constantly attempt to reverse this principle.  I have lost count of the number of times I have watched one of these clowns hold up a copy of the Constitution and claim their powers are unlimited except in those instances were the Constitution places a restriction on their power.  These individuals are either corrupt, incompetent, or both.

Principle No. 3. Constitutionally, the federal government cannot use its delegated powers to encroach on the powers reserved to the States.  In other words, the federal government cannot convert its federal and foreign powers into domestic powers to do things not entrusted to that government, i.e., use principle No. 2 to circumvent principle No. 1.

Constitutional Provisions for the Census

The provision for the Census is found in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution.  It is confined to determining the number of Representatives [in the House] and imposing direct Taxes among the several States.

Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Number…  The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.

The reader will note the power to make laws concerning the Census is restricted to the “actual enumeration.”

In the case of direct taxes (a direct tax is a tax on property based on ownership), this provision requires Congress to apportion the tax among the individual States based on population.  For example.  Let’s say in 1790, two years after the ratification of the Constitution, Congress prepared a budget and decided to impose a direct tax to raise the needed revenue.  And, based on the Census, Virginia had 30% of the population of the United States.  Under the rule of apportionment, Virginia would have been responsible for 30% of the tax.  The States collect the tax and turn the money over to the federal government.

Direct taxes are inherently unfair because one State, with ten percent of the population, might be one of the richest States while another State, with the same percentage of the population, might be one of the poorest.  Yet, under the direct tax formula imposed by the Constitution, both States would be required to pay the same amount.  The Founders feared the use of direct taxes so they created a system to discourage their use.

Since direct taxes must be apportioned based on population, an enumeration is needed to determine the percentage of tax for each State.

The Federal Government Distorts the Purpose of the Census

On their web-page, the Census Bureau explains the purpose of the Census as follows:

The U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 2) mandates a headcount of everyone residing in the United States.  The population totals determine each state’s Congressional representation.  The numbers also affect funding in your community and help inform decision makers about how your community is changing.

The reader will note that the federal government’s statement of purpose does not comport with the Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution.  Since decisions about our communities are not within the class of powers granted to the federal government (see constitutional principle No. 1), the reader will not find a reference to it in the limited powers granted to the federal government (see constitutional principle No. 2).

No More Census Long Forms

On their web-page, the Census Bureau states the long form used in the past has been replaced with a new short form:

In the past, most households received a short-form questionnaire, while one household in six received a long form that contained additional questions and provided more detailed socioeconomic information about the population.

The 2010 Census will be a short-form only census and will count all residents living in the United States as well as ask for name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, relationship and housing tenure – taking just minutes to complete.

The more detailed socioeconomic information is now collected through the American Community Survey. The survey provides current data about your community every year, rather than once every 10 years. It is sent to a small percentage of the population on a rotating basis throughout the decade. No household will receive the survey more often than once every five years.

The reader will note that the additional information requested on the 2010 form will have absolutely nothing to with apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives.

The American Community Survey

As stated above, the Census Bureau will be using the American Community Survey to extract personal data that it previously received on the old long form.  Once again, this information will have absolutely nothing to with apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives.

Authority for the Census and the American Community Survey

On their web-site, the Census Bureau claims the American people are “required by law” to provide the information requested on either form and our response is “mandatory.”

For the Census, they cite the provision of the Constitution referenced above as their authority to request the information.

For the American Community Survey, they cite Title 13, United States Code (U.S.C.), Sections 141 and 193 as their authority to request the information.

Section 141 (d) states, in part: …the Secretary, in the year 1985 and every 10 years thereafter, shall conduct a mid-decade census of population in such form and content as he may determine…

Section 141 (e) (2) states: Information obtained in any mid-decade census shall not be used for apportionment of Representatives in Congress among the several States, nor shall such information be used in prescribing congressional districts.

Section 141 (g) As used in this section, “census of population” means a census of population, housing, and matters relating to population and housing.

Section 193 states: In advance of, in conjunction with, or after the taking of each census provided for by this chapter, the Secretary may make surveys and collect such preliminary and supplementary statistics related to the main topic of the census as are necessary to the initiation, taking, or completion thereof.

The first thing reader should note is the difference between the statement of authority for the 2 surveys.  The Census falls under the Constitution while the American Community Survey is merely based on a statute passed by Congress.

The second thing the reader should note concerning section 141 is the reference to a mid-decade census of population.  There is no constitutional authority for mid-decade census.  See again Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution.

The third thing the reader should note concerning section 141 is the statement that the information obtained from the mid-decade census cannot be used for the constitutional purpose of the actual Census.

The fourth thing the reader should note concerning section 141 is the statement that the mid-decade census is being used for housing, and matters relating to population and housing. Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 does not contain a grant of power concerning these subjects.

This takes us to the other section cited as the authority for the American Community Survey.  Section 193 restricts census surveys and the collection of preliminary and supplementary statistics…to the main topic of the census…necessary to the initiation, taking, or completion thereof. Constitutionally, the only topic of a census is a head count for apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives.  Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 does not contain a grant of power for any other census.  The other ones referenced in section 193 fail to meet the constitutional topic of the only census enumerated in the Constitution.

Note: See again the first 2 constitutional principles discussed at the beginning of this article and then apply them to the American Community Survey.

Penalty Provisions for Failure to Comply with Either Survey Request

On their web-site, the Census Bureau states the penalty provision for failing to comply with either survey request is found in Title 13, U.S.C., Section 221.

Pursuant to this section, refusing to provide the requested information or neglecting to complete either survey subjects you to a fine of not more than $100.00.  Willfully giving information that is false subjects you to a fine of not more than $500.00.

Then, in what I believe is a blatant attempt to misrepresent federal law and install fear in the hearts and minds of the American people so they will provide the requested information, the Census Bureau included the following statement after their reference to the section 221 penalties referenced above:

Title 18 U.S.C. Section 3571 and Section 3559, in effect amends Title 13 U.S.C. Section 221 by changing the fine for anyone over 18 years old who refuses or willfully neglects to complete the questionnaire or answer questions posed by census takers from a fine of not more than $100 to not more than $5,000.

A review of Title 18 shows it is entitled:“CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE.”

Section 3559 is entitled: “Sentencing classification of offenses.”  Section (a) states: “Classification.—An offense that is not specifically classified by a letter grade in the section defining it, is classified if the maximum term of imprisonment authorized is—(9) five days or less, or if no imprisonment is authorized, as an infraction.

Section 3571 is entitled: “Sentence of fine.  Section (a) states: “A defendant who has been found guilty of an offense may be sentenced to pay a fine.”  Section (b) states in part: “…an individual who has been found guilty of an offense may be fined not more than the greatest of—(7)for an infraction, not more than $5,000.”  This is the only reference to a fine in the amount cited by the Census Bureau that matches the provision in section 3559 above.

The $5,000.00 fine referenced in section 3571 is a post conviction fine that only applies to an individual who has been charged and convicted of a criminal infraction as defined in section 3559.  Unless an individual has been charged and convicted of some criminal offense connected to the Census and the crime is classified as an infraction, this $5,000.00 fine does not apply.  Thus, their assertion that these sections changed the fines in section 221 to $5,000.00 is…you fill in the blank.  In my mind, it’s a blatant lie that borders on fraud.

My Rules and Plan of Attack

Here are the 3 basic rules I follow when I receive requests for personal information on the Census and/or American Community Survey forms.

* I never destroy or deface the forms.

* I never put false information on the forms.

* I never partially complete the forms.  If I am going to make the assertion that the requested information does not apply to me or the requested information exceeds the government’s constitutional authority to request the information, I return the form with a cover letter explaining why.

When I receive the 2010 Census form I will return it with a cover letter.  In the letter I will give them the number of people residing in the house and state that pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution that is the only information they are empowered to request.  My “name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, telephone number, relationship and housing tenure” have absolutely nothing to with apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives.  Therefore, neither Congress nor the Census Bureau has the constitutional authority to make that information request a component of the enumeration outlined in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3.  In addition, I cannot be subject to a fine for basing my conduct on the Constitution because that document trumps laws passed by Congress.  Period end of story.

When I receive the American Community Survey form, I will return it with a cover letter.  The letter will simply state that since the Constitution established a federal government of limited enumerated powers and that document does not grant them the general power to request the information, I am under no constitutional obligation to provide it.

If they attempt to distort the law and threaten me with the bogus $5,000.00 fine, as discussed and exposed above, I will send a letter to the Justice Department and request prosecution of the individuals making the threat.

The Coup de Gras to their Unconstitutional Information Requests

Even though I do not like to cite court cases, I will attach this one to my letter or hold it in reserve to support my refusal to comply with their bogus requests because it usually ends the discussion and any threat of a fine.

“Neither branch of the legislative department [House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [insert Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190.  We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,―and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and it’s employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life.  As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others.  Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.’” [The bracketed words added for clarification]

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894)

Note: This United States Supreme Court case has never been overturned.

If the federal government had been granted the general power to make inquires into the private affairs of the American people through the Census or a congressional mandated survey, then the Supreme Court could not have made this statement.

Now that we know the federal government was not granted the constitutional authority to make general inquires into our private affairs under the umbrella of the Census or a survey, I hope the American people will consider engaging in some civil disobedience and refuse to comply with these unconstitutional requests.

To Whom it May Concern,

Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution, the only information you are empowered to request is the total number of occupants at this address.   My “name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, telephone number, relationship and housing tenure” have absolutely nothing to do with apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives.  Therefore, neither Congress nor the Census Bureau have the constitutional authority to make that information request a component of the enumeration outlined in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3.  In addition, I cannot be subject to a fine for basing my conduct on the Constitution because that document trumps laws passed by Congress.

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894)

“Neither branch of the legislative department [House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [such as the Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190.  We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,―and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and it’s employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life.  As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others.  Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.’”

Note: This United States Supreme Court case has never been overturned.


A Citizen of the United States of America


I would like to thank everyone who has left comments, assisted others and added their stories.  This is becoming quite a collection of information.  Apparently, there has been some discussion regarding a particular .pdf file from the Census Bureau regarding the American Community Survey and several visitors are having a hard time finding it or getting it to load.  So, for your reading enjoyment, I present:   Please let me know if this helps.

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We’re currently being harrased to answer this. They’ve started calling even. I’m not answering nor will my spouse. We are fully willing to pay the fine or whatever. I just want to know if anyone has actually had to pay the fine, what has happened when they’ve refused etc, etc.


I was harrassed constantly once this article went viral. I had supervisors on my porch every morning. I had random vehicles blocking my driveway (I lived 12 miles from town, it wasn’t like downtown traffic with merely inconsiderate drivers – it was a long dirt road!).

When it first started, I would sleepily answer the door in my pajamas. After several days of this nonsense with a new person each time, I started answering the door with less and less clothing. It was an amusing experiment to say the least, but the supervisors and I argued several times and I received numerous empty threats of fines, penalties, “It’s the law!” and more. Each time, I referred to the article above and the letter that was sent when I received my initial census survey.

I had the Census Bureau on this website daily… but nothing ever came of it. If I can have an article that went as viral as this one did and they still didn’t fine me or imprison me, I think if you stand your ground with confidence, they’ll back off of you, as well. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any assistance!

PS – the case law cited in the Census letter could very well apply to the TSA right now. I’m doing more research, but they ARE “purely an administrative body…”

thank you for the information, that i will use when responding to the census bureau

I am being harassed for response and I am putting together a letter. Are you including a personal name or just the address as the responsive identity? Anybody know?

When this was initially posted, it was in response to the Census and American Community Survey. I included the letter at the very bottom WITH my Census forms and mailed it right back to them using the provided return mailer. It was a seperate sheet that I merely printed, “as is.” Of course, I answered the initial and only relevant, legal question: How many people reside at this address? When I began to get harrassed, I explained to several of the workers who claimed I never returned my form, that not only did I mail it back – but I returned it promptly AND included a letter. I then gave them a copy of the letter, as well. It was almost humorous as they would continually return with new workers and supervisors.

What are they doing to harass you? Calls? In person? And I assume you’re referring to the American Community Survey? Hope to hear back from you!


Well, my name is not Connie, that is the name of the worker for ACS who has visited me 4 times now,(my phone is not published), so I jumped right to the visits. She still hasn’t figured out that I have a camera pointed at the doors. I play my music very loud, and sometimes I think she even likes it. She is a music teacher at the local community college after all. Since she’s 56 years old I play ABBA and Air Supply for her. I sure enjoy watching her get frustrated, I even recorded her calling us, “jerks,” for not answering the door. Funny thing is that when I looked up her name in the phone book the number was listed under her husband’s name, Bruce. I even typed in the address in Google and it showed the house from the street. If I can find out that info, than the government can too, and they don’t have to waste all that paper to do it, not to mention paying these people to do it. Oh yeah, the job Connie has is supposed to go to people who don’t have a job, isn’t it? If she already works than the administration can’t include that in their created or saved jobs stats, can they? Now, on the form is a small paragraph that says something about the if number of the form is expired than I don’t have to fill it out. Well the forms they sent me were both expired according to their websight. If it is true that I don’t have to fill it out then why the hell are they coming to my door? I wonder if the CB is actually using the information on these forms that are exprired. Also, since they came around and GPS’d my front door, then they know my address and therefore my name. I noticed a pretty barcode on the form. If that barcode is attached to my GPS’d front door, then the Government can get my name and blah, blah, blah. All we can do is complain, there is no recourse for us. Push enough people and maybe piss some off, but mostly scare a great many people into submission. Anyway, my dog likes to bark, I sure pray the ACS workers don’t jump the fence! I would hate to have to clean up the mess. I would also hate to have to explain to her congregation at the Episcapol (sp) church she attends why the only thing in the collection plate from Connie is a chewed up ACS form.

One Nation under GOD, not government

Citizen of the U.S.

I am glad that I came across this toda and wish I had found it earlier. I used the letter indicated below, yet is seems these people won’t give up. here’s MY story (so far,,,)

I received the 2011 ACS and declined to answer. I have now had a total of four visits from Census workers, the last one today who was a supervisor. On the first visit, the worker left her business card and a letter advising that the ACS was mandatory and to hold it for her so that she could FedEx it to the regional processing office. The second visit I WAS home (2-9-11), answered the door and advised her that we did not wish to participate and her immediate reply was “It’s required by law and you will be fined if you don’t answer”. I advised her to leave and not return. However, she DID return yesterday, 2-11-11. I again advised her that we would not participate and handed her the following:

I hereby rebut your Title 13, Section 141 presumption of authority for personal information collection for Census 2010 and/or the American Community Survey, due to the following apparent Title 13 violations:
• §6(c) restrictions on process;
• §195 restrictions on Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 & Amendment 14, Section 2 process;
• §241 failure of request process;
• §301(a), §303 & §307 lack of authorization to collect information;
• §302 lack of authorization for Chapter 5 or Chapter 7 implementing regulations;
• And, your apparent personal violation of Chapter 1, Subchapter II, §23(c) restrictions on presumptions of Chapter 9 authority.
• THEREFORE: I hereby retain of all of my rights and privileges under the 4th and 5th Amendments, and respectfully decline to respond to any questions.

She immediately advised that I was in non-compliance and could be fined up to $5000 and that the matter would be referred to her supervisor.

Today, 2-12-11, a supervisor showed up (male, did not get his name or business card) I again told him we did not wish to participate – his response, and I quote “You know you can be fined $5000!”. I reiterated that we did not wish to participate, and his immediate response was “Fine. I’ll mark you down as ‘non-compliant’ and let the Feds handle it.”.

I have had enough. Let them send the Justice Dept. after me. Someone has to stand up tho this incessant bullying

Absolutely brilliant. I wish you the best and commend your efforts to be one of those who stand up against the machine. The fear mongering from Census personnel is overwhelming. Unbelievable, really. But, as they’ll say, “I’m just doing my job!” Well, back in the 1600 and 1700’s, someone paid the executioner, too.

He was just “doing his job.”

Good luck and keep us advised of the situation! If you get another visit, please contact me and we’ll write up an entire article on the event in order to get more publicity on the incident.


PS – great letter!

The letters came (2), the Green post card came (1), and now the envelope with the note that I have to contact the person to complete my interview.  It also states that they have an obligation to make contact with an adult at this residence.
Any CURRENT thoughts?

CURRENT THOUGHTS?  I still stand by my original advice, as well as the other 600+ comments here; don’t fill it out if you don’t want to.  There is no real, legal obligation to provide the information requested from what I can discern. 

I am with you.  They came by late Saturday evening.  Dressed very well, clean-cut, well-spoken young man from Denver.  Real nice new car too.  I told him how many people were in this residence.  He stated that he would just fill out the survey for me and if there were any questions I find objectionable, we would address those at that time.  I kindly told him that I find the survey violates my constitutional rights and find them obtrusive into my private life.  Again, I will not answer any further questions.  He explained how Mayors of these little towns appreciate this information so they can build schools and fire stations.  I told him that neither are decided by Federal questionaires but by the municaplities themselves.  I stop myself at that point and told him that I know he has had others probably tell him this and I would not be arguing the facts with him.  He told me he appreciated my courtesy and got into his vehicle.  He stayed in this vehicle, parked in my driveway, for another 20 minutes.  I went out to ask if he had car trouble and he stated that he was simply reporting to his supervisor via laptop.  I gave him a caopy of the letter mentioned in your blog and he said he would take this into the office but he could not guarantee that nobody else would be coming out to get these questions answered.  He left after another 3 minutes in the driveway.  I will keep you posted.  Thanks again for all your help AND everyone who has responded with their thoughts.

Want to know what they are doing sitting out in their car in front of your house with their laptop? Check your security log on your port via firewall tab. You will get a printout of times that your security settings have been changed. Via remote, they are getting into your computer through the “back door” real time. Once they have the code, they can tap into your computer from their homes at night –or any time–as many times as they’d like— to view all that you do on internet. Our security settings haven’t been changed in 7 years. Then, since CB visits, they have been changed several times throughout the weeks—up to 20 times on certain days. When they try to tap in when you are not on computer, it will say “error” along with date and time. This is definitely CRIMINAL, and a lawyer is on the trail.

Are you serious? Are they really doing that? My eyes are so hurting from reading all of this article on this page and all the other articles I have read on the cb. I need to turn in. 🙂

We don’t know that it’s not

Same thing just happened to me how do you check this I am not computer savvy please explain

I don’t know…i’d rather not think of it as a conspiracy so much as an entitlement…narcism in government agencies is the norm. Especially if it involves some kind of enforcement.

That is rediculous!! I am a Census employee and that never happens!! I would have no idea how to do that. Stop feeding people false information!

You’re better off to just not show up at peoples doors especially knowing some people believe in the Second Amendment

Sense THIS then(holding up my closed fist with the middle finger raised)

Really? I had a census worker OPEN MY BACK DOOR on my country property because I refused to answer the front door.

Probably lucky you didn’t have a gun, anyone walking in thru MY back door like that would have met the business end of my .357

What you do is if you see someone who doesn’t belong in your neighborhood sitting outside your house is to cut off the wi-Fi and leave it off along with any devices you own to keep them from being tracked

How about changing the default ‘administrator’ and no PW from your router to something more secure, also Use the MAC list so even if somebody has your wireless network PW, if the MAC address is not on the list they still can’t hop onto your wireless network,

I don’t know about all those inside settings but I do know how to go and switch off the modem. I have frontier so they know how to configure everything from their end so I don’t mess with nothing

That’s why you should only have WIRED router and computers anyway. Bet the guy was sitting there filling out FAKE answers to those questions

That’s why people should have WIRED systems only

What you can do is mark the number of the people in your household and just marked return to sender and return it. If they start showing up at your door, just don’t answer. Scope the area before you go out and be aware of every person and car in your area nearby, anyone who may be watching your house. Staying quiet and laying low is much easier if you live alone and have no pets. Look out your window and look all around your house as far as you can see before ever going out and hide your car somewhere. Don’t let no one see you leaving home. If you suspect you may be watched and you happen to be home, just don’t go out if you’re in a position to be able to just stay home. If you’re out, just don’t go home if you’re out and see someone suspicious in your neighborhood. Walk home after dark if you’re in a position to be able to just come home late at night

They left a card on my door with a long distance number of the local person who left it, like I was going to reeally spend MY money calling that clown long distance, LOL!!!!
I simply didn’t answer the door the two other times the woman stopped by, that seems to be the best course of action, don’t call them, don’t respond to the doorbell, don’t email them either.
After they sent me a letter addressed to “occupant” or something like that at my POBox, the next time they sent a followup I noticed it had my actual NAME on it, now that was interesting because I know it didn’t come off the county property records on line because my house is still in my former name, so best as I figure it they got it from the local post office.
Either way I never filled out their stupid 40 invasive question garbage.

When they tried their $5000 fine garbage on me I said “see you in court then” and that was the end of that.

We have another one coming up in 2020 and I don’t want to give any personal info either. Normally I just don’t answer the door but this one Saturday in 2010, I didn’t think they would show up on a weekend but much to my surprise I just came in and I think they were possibly followi me and I didn’t know I may have actually been watched from afar. I had just come in from a church breakfast and walked home with a load, just got in the door and set my stuff down and I heard my doorbell ring. Little did I know it was a CW and not someone I actually knew. I’ve been dodging them for quite a while and I finally caught me and I think this is why I suspect I was probably being followed or they may have been sitting in a remote area watching the house. Had I known, I would’ve never gone out that morning. I don’t know how long the time limit is before they have to give up and move on and stop bothering people

Kudos markspike! Glad I read your post, did they ever fine you? Looks like I and countless others are having the same issues. I had agent come today 6-7-13 refused to participate and was also advised of fine….they like to use that as a threat.

scumbags with zero brains and their empty threats are such a joke. hope an obama drone finds this stupidvisor sitting on the toilet someday soon.

Whatever happened? I just got this crap today.

Just write the number of your household on the envelope and then mark return and actually return it, and definitely don’t answer the door if they come knocking! If you live alone and have no kids or pets there with you, this will be especially easy to do especially if you normally don’t have loud TV or radio going. Park your car in the garage if you have one or park elsewhere if you don’t in order to hide your car

I have a front door at the other end of a locked porch and no doorbell, I simply don’t answer the door unless I’m expecting someone

I don’t answer either. One time I was caught off guard though right when I came back from a Saturday morning breakfast on foot. Apparently I didn’t know I was being remotely watched and followed because it seems like no sooner then I got in the door and shut and locked it, someone was right there within seconds before I had a chance to set my stuff down. Thankfully I didn’t open the door but I did run them off

What I had happened is I didn’t know I was being remotely watch because I was followed home and didn’t know it, I was walking. I know more than just got in the door and shut it when all of a sudden the doorbell rang and I was just on the other side of that door. Sure enough it turned out to not be someone I knew but one of those census workers. Having a door with a window, I only pulled the curtain and kind of snapped at them through the window so I was kind of snappy realizing this person was hiding somewhere and followed me home and I didn’t know it. I snapped at them and when they asked me how many per household, I gave them a number and quickly shut the curtain and would’ve called the cops and reported trespassing but the person went away right away. Next time what I’ll do is I’ll just leave the number in my household on the door because I just don’t want to be counted, I just don’t like my privacy breached. I had enough of that growing up and don’t want it again. Rumor has it but if you keep dodging them they can fine you up to about five grand but good luck getting that from most of us around here as most of us are on some kind of low income and many of us are on Social Security with many of us out of that group being on SSI. They’d never get it from most of us

I like your response to the CW. I’m surprised you didn’t think to just put it on your door from the inside and just not answer the door, I sureI like your response to the CW. I’m surprised you didn’t think to just put it on your door from the inside and just not answer the door, I sure would’ve done this

Well, all this is assuming that you actually bother to take the time to respond in the first place. Most people just are too lazy to bother and just chuck the envelope in a corner. If you would actually open the thing up and respond with the minimal amount of information, then people like me wouldn’t have to be bothered to come to your house “just doing out jobs,” People want to get pissy at the Census workers and i’ll tell you to just answer what you want and skip the rest, I don’t care, I want to go home, and having to come back to your house OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN because you promised to do it online and didn’t well, you caused that situation now didn’t you. Either Do it or Don’t but don’t lie about doing it and make our lives more difficult. A completed survey is a completed survey. A non completed survey gets recycled for more home visits.

Good, I say lets run up the COST, let them continue sending out the peeons over and over again, they can knock on the door all they want it won’t be answered.

Thank you for uploading..this is helpful. I will use the information as I feel there are sinister supernatural forces at work in gov’t..I re-wrote and formatted some parts keeping in mind NLP and avoiding semantic sabotage: “To Whom it May Concern,

Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution, the only information you are empowered to request is the total number of occupants at this address. My:




date of birth,



telephone number,

relationship and

housing tenure”

have absolutely outside of apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives. Therefore, Congress and the Census Bureau lack the constitutional authority to make that information request a component of the enumeration outlined in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3. In addition, I am protected from being subject to a fine for basing my conduct on the Constitution because the Constitution trumps laws passed by Congress.

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894)

“Neither branch of the legislative department [House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [such as the Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190. We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,―and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and it’s employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life. As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others. Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.’”

Note: This United States Supreme Court case has been upheld to this date.


A spiritually alive soul who has come of age that resides in the State of [….]in the United States of America

Thank you. I printed the letter with my address.

Big Brother came into my livingroom two months ago in the form of The American Community Survey. I am appalled at the questions, such as How did this person get to work LAST WEEK? (ACS caps not mine) How many people, including this person, usually rode to work in the car, truck or van LAST WEEK? What time did this person usually leave home to go to work LAST WEEK? How many minutes did it usually take this person to get from home to work LAST WEEK? There are questions regarding how much you earn, what you pay for utilities, what utilities you use, how many bathrooms, bedrooms, age of house, etc. you have.
I called the ACS and talked to a woman there. She informed me that any letter I would send with the survey would be ignored. The only thing they do with the survey is to scan the answers so letters are, I guess, filed in a trash can. She also told me that I did not have to put my name on it rather just “Head of household or Lady of household.” I inquired about the survey. I informed her that I didn’t believe, under the constitiution of the USA that I needed to answer any questions. She responded that I could put the letter “R” in each square if I had reasons that I did not feel comfortable answering this survey.
Thought you would like to know. Thank you for your information. It has been very helpful and I have copied the letter for it may be needed someday.
Blessings to you

Forgot to mention…We have had numerous phone calls but have not been home to answer them. Today which is Saturday, February 12th, 2011, a call came in from 1-520-798-4152 which my caller ID identified as Tucson, Arizona and not US Census Bureau. The woman wanted me to answer the questions over the phone. How handy for someone who was possibly trying to use this gimick for identity theft. I acknowledged that I had received the survey but that I would not answer it. Certainly not over the phone! I am mailing it back with R in most every white box and area to write in. The way it is worded I have no choice but to blanket “R” it.
The Justice department has hired the US Census Bureau to work for them and get the answers. Like Ron Paul says, “None of Your Business.” 250,000 surveys are sent out each month and the plan is that in 10 years every household will have had one! That is what I was informed of by a worker when I called the first time 2 months ago. Although it was started in the Bush administration, I believe the ground work for this was laid down prior to his Administration. I do not trust any government that wants to know when its citizens go to work, how long it takes to get there. I love the American people and we need to stand up against more of our fundamental rights being stolen by the few.

Just found your website. Thank you. When I received the Census forms, all I gave was the number of people who lived at the address as that is all they can legally gather information on. I was called and then visited several times. The lady finally caught one of my kids and asked them questions! How dare they use such tactics! Now I have received my American Community Survey. I suspect it was related to my previous non-answering of the Census forms. When I read the questions, I was immediately enraged at the personal nature and information gathered. The Constitution guarantees a right to privacy for a reason! I will not be filling out my form and submitting it. Not sure where it will end, but I’m sure it will be a journey.


I love the Census! Really I do. The Census through the Decennial and the ACS collect the major source of info that Congress uses to justify laws. If they have poor info because people don’t fill it out, then the Gov’t will act blindly. I want my gov’t to have the best data possible on our health, wealth and property, so that we really know what real people live like. As far as the authority granted in the Const. what’s wrong with “in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.” They directed the ACS by LAW.

David Higgins must work for the CB; in case you haven’t heard Mr. Higgins, our gov’t has been acting blindly and deaf for years.
It’s interesting reading that so many are protesting and refusing to give this unbelievable request for personal information. I know several people who are going thru the same thing. Calls and door bell ringing by these lap dogs for the gov’t. From what I’ve heard, some of the questions are extremely personal and should not be in anyone’s hands. Why would anyone give the details of their life when computer hackers can access gov’t computers, and people of questionable backgrounds accessing this information at the CB, We have a right to privacy and it’s being invaded by a gov’t bureau that has no power to fine or arrest anyone. This form should be voluntary. All census forms should be voluntary. And there should be no threats to any citizen of this country. This is bordering on a police state. It’s time for the senators and representatives to stand up for their constituents and have this issue resolved immediately. No citizen should be harassed or threatened by anyone. I’d consider this an unlawful search. There are laws against this.

2/28/2011 A few weeks ago I received the dreaded community survey crap. Read it and I was appaled at what I was looking at. I put it down and ignored it. 2 days later a small post card arrived asking if I had received the form and telling me I had to fill it out and send it in. I likewise ignored it. Early last week I received another packet and this one had big bold letters on the envelope saying that it was the law to return it. I ignored it. Tonite about 8:50 the phone rang and sure enough it was big bro. I had dozed off and am not sure of the complete exchange. I do know that big bro (actually it was a woman). She was abrupt and I was indignant. I was informed that I would be sent another form even though I told her I wasn’t interested in what she was selling. Bottom line I’m sure its gonna start for me now. Guess I relating this to vent and I’m scared. I’m an old guy and raising a preteen by myself. I don’t want to have anything happen to me. I don’t know what this child would do. I am trying to get all of this info to use along with other stuff I’ve read. It’s kind of confusing to me. However I have decided to stand my ground no matter what. Its just the stress I know that I’m going to endure that bothers me. Thanks for your in put though, I will sort it out and use it.

I too just received the dreaded ACS. As a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America, I dutifully started filling the thing out. And as I went from question to question my uneasiness grew. I said to my husband, why would they care about how many rooms are in our home? What grade our children are in? What time I go to work and how I get there. I had to answer how well my 22 month old speaks and if my 7 year old has mental issues. Umm, nope. I don’t think so. So I stopped filling it out, and started looking it up on the internet because I didn’t believe that my government would REQUIRE me to fill out such a completely invasive survey. I figured it had to be a hoax, like the Nigerian prince asking for my bank account number so he can give me a million dollars. But no. no joke. I am supposed to fill this thing out or be threatened with fines that I can definitely not afford to pay.
I am early in the process, all of this just happened Saturday and I just today received the little postcard saying fill it out. I really don’t want to deal with calls and visits. I am not a rebel rouser, I am a mother and wife and again, a law abiding citizen. But you know what? This is where my line is drawn. I refuse to give some anonymous mailbox the kind of information that they ask for on that form. Talk about making it easy to steal my identity or, with the times we leave for work, the knowledge someone could use to easily break into my home. Perhaps this makes me a bad citizen, because frankly, I don’t care what they are using the information for. I don’t care if it is to build new roads, create social programs etc. There has to be a better way to figure that stuff out. Like the little trucks that test emissions on the side of the road. Have one that counts the cars. Have a way to do this that is truly anonymous, cause a survey that includes your names, address, wages, childrens information, mortgage payment (I could go on and on) certainly is not.
And with that, I’m off to craft my “I’m not doing it” letter, although I have to wait to send it until they mail me another copy of the survey, since with good intentions, I did sit down and start to fill it out, and I am not sending even that much information now.
Wish me luck, and that I am one of the few that they give up on without home visits and phone calls. I’m not counting on it, but I’m hoping!

The census workers have been harrassing us fairly often. I didn’t fill out any of the surveys they sent, including the ACS. Then they came to my home at least 3 times. I explained to them that there were 2 people that lived here and that was all I would say. This was about 3 months ago.

Today at 6pm a woman comes to my home with a laptop and some forms. She wants me to tell her the answers I guess?! I told her I wasn’t interested and she said by law I had to. I told her to go ahead and just fine me because I’m not giving that kind of info to anyone… especially, the goverment!

She reluctantly went away but I’m sure this isn’t the last time I’ll have a census worker coming to my home, harrassing me.

I have just discovered that the “Integrated census data collection system” our census system is designed and managed by Lockheed Martin. The US arms manufacturer. What strange bed fellows.
Link 1
Link 2

My wife filled out the census form and mailed it back to them, which I thought was the end. But no, now I received a letter stating I was randomly picked to fill out their survey. I was shocked at the questions they were asking and refused to send them any information. I feel this is intrusive and and invasion of ones privacy.

At this point in time I am at the stage of receiving the phone calls. I’m glad I came upon this website to find other U.S. citizens taking a stand and fighting for their right to privacy. I have printed out the response template posted on this page and will gladly mail or hand it over to anyone that decides to show up at my door asking me to complete their nonsense survey.

Has no one suggested a trade? Your info first, then mine 🙂

Can anyone give suggestions on what to say to a census worker who comes to your home? I completed and returned the ACS with only 1 answer-number of people residing at my home. I got a few phone calls, then first visit today, but didn’t answer the door. A note was left saying a response is required by law. Number of people is a response!

Can anyone advise the best thing to say to the person on the next visit if he/she catches us? Thank you.

Mr. Hayden,

I so appreciate your counsel to not fill out any part of the ACS, since we already submitted only the bare essentials (number of people in household) on the Census. However, you also highly commended Sherilyn Wood for her given advice by an ACS worker to put “R” in the response for the questions (I presume “R” stands for “Refuse”?). Would you please advise on which of the above you recommend more highly (no filling out answers at all OR putting “R” in the answer blanks?

We have not received any personal visits for the ACS, only the Census last year. However, we are receiving 2-3 calls per day. Only 2 messages were given for all the calls. Mostly, their ID is left on our caller ID. Thanks again!

That’s a good question, Chuck.

I think putting anything, such as a small line or an R in the box shows that you didn’t merely skip the question, but offered some form of response. Now, I would need to read over the ACS again, along with a few of the “rules and regulations” as I faintly recall something about marking up official documents. I know it’s a stretch, but anything that could lead to a “rule violation” or other absurdity should be avoided if possible.

However, my approach would be to leave it blank. I commend the ‘R’ placed in the boxes, but can’t attest to the compliance of that action.

I’ll try and look over the regulations once more and offer my interpretation shortly. However, I am not a lawyer.

Thanks so much, Hayden. I will await your further reply. We do continue to receive daily calls (sometimes 3 times each day), but they are leaving no messages. We are nearly prepared to send in the unmarked ACS, along with your superlative letter. But we will wait to hear back from you. These people sure are persistent!!

Thanks again,

Is anybody looking into threatening back with filing harassment charges (restraining order) against the organization and people? They are harassing you!
See link below:

I have a question about the wording of Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution (please see pasted below):
No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons. The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct. The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand, but each State shall have at Least one Representative; and until such enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled to chuse three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations one, Connecticut five, New-York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carolina five, and Georgia three.

Our family still does not want to have this invasion of our privacy, but can someone help us interpret the above to conclude that “the only information [the Census Bureau is] empowered to request is the total number of occupants at this address.” Are we reading the correct part of the Constitution? We are not seeing “total occupants” in the above section. Can anyone out there help us find this? It does say, “. . . in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”

Thank you

I have the same story and concerns as the previous respondents on this site.
The ACS is outrageously intrusive, and smacks of police state dossier building.
The phone calls have begun, so far no personal visits.
If and when it happens, I will follow the advice on this site, and refuse to participate other than providing the number of people who live here.
If they want to fine, OK

Has anyone brought this issue to their congressman, or to the ACLU?

Can this whole blog be sent to congressmen to protest this gross invasion of privacy, and false intimidation by threatening fines?

I recieved the “ACS” a couple weeks ago. At first I couldn’t believe that it really was a Census Bureau requesting such invasive information. I spoke with several friends and today started looking on the internet and came across this wonderful site. This is the a horriffic invasion of personal privacy. I WILL NOT ANY WAY EVER ANSWER THIS THING. I have not started getting the harrassments said here but will deal with them as per the above advice and letter… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMMUNITION. The comment above about has anyone contacted the ACLU,,, I have and all I got in return was a thank you for joining and please send us a donation. I called the Main office listed for ACLU here in my state and have gotten no answer nor response.. Apparently they don’t care but do want the money. I am certainly forming a shortcut to this site and will print the letter and give it as my only response. What a bunch of “Big Brother” invasion and waste of our tax dollars. ;This could certainly be one area that needs to be disbanded by the Budget committee.

Have you truly looked in to the ACS survey, you can do the survey anonymously. Read about it. The questions are designed to help the community. Such as asking military service……so they know where veterans are most grouped enabling them to build much needed VA hospitals. How many children are in a home? Therefore letting the schools know what to anticipate in the coming years etc. Lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

“Lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

So is unquestioning, unwavering support for the system.

Secondly, this article – as the title implies – is centered around the Census and whether our Framers intended for it to be so far reaching. Yes, it applies to the ACS, as well, but more people comment on that due to it being continually sent out unlike the 10 year census.

I completely understand your point. Information is needed for community planning. Please don’t think I’m supporting this stance due to willful ignorance on my part. The point is standing up against the usurpation and assumption of power that is clearly not within the guidelines nor ideals of our Framers. It’s in black and white.


Thanks once again, Mr. Hayden, for your astute counsel.

We are preparing an e-mail to our local U.S. Representative, and are wondering if you would recommend that we e-contact our Rep. as well as Senators?

Also, are there any LAWYERS viewing this website who could provide any legal advice to bolser Mr. Hayden’s sagacious counsel?

Thank you!

I have my cover letter and the American Community Survey ready to mail back. Should I include how many people reside at this address in my cover letter or answer that on the actual form?

Thank you for all your help on this illegal invasion of privacy. It was also interesting to find out that our personel data is being handed over to a private millitary contractor who thin subs it out to other companies. How can that be legal, like I want Lockheed Martin (a private Corparation) to have all my personel data. Thanks again

Well, the ‘American Community Survey’ is NOT the US Census. Congress provides for the 10-year counting of the population, not the annual advertisment and invasive survey known as the ACS.

If you do answer any questions, do so on the form and allow your cover letter to simply list the illegality, personal opinions, case law, etc.

Cheers and good luck!
-Kevin Hayden

Just wanted to say that I am so glad I found your website! I got the dreaded ACS. I believe that many of these are “targeted” letters, directed at people such as those on disability or unemployment. Printed out your cover letter and am preparing to send it back with the “survey” and wait for the hellfire to start. I was also thinking of stating that they should just put me down as “non-compliant” right away and save America’s taxpayers from having to foot the bill for paying these CB workers. I believe I will. Getting out the chains and locks for the gates and hunkering down in our “bunker”. What has happened to our privacy and freedom? Why should we have to be scared in our own homes?

Just recieved my ACS today, glad I found your site. Wasn’t sure what to do, but now after reading this site from top to bottom I have made my decision. They will be getting it back with the cover letter and wait for the fireworks. Thanks everyone for your input, please keep post your results for others. I will be checking in and leaving updates myself…

Maybe it’s an April fools joke… Imagine that, getting on April 1st… lol

We have been dealing with the ACS for several months now, getting two of the bulky questionnaires in the mail, followed up by numerous phone calls (and since this is supposedly by address and not you personally, what are they doing having our number and calling it?) where most times there is no message left, but you know it’s “them” by the lack of phone number and the “out of area” notification for caller ID. One time a woman did leave a partial message, saying it was the census bureau, then tried to back out of it, saying, “Nope, nope”, and hung up. LOL! Kept that message in the machine! When the calls ceased, we figured it was only a matter of time before someone showed up at the door, like they did for the real Census after we only gave the number of people living in the house. They tried to tell us we never sent it in. Our neighbors knew enough not to give any other info, too. I suppose the “census” people really love this neighborhood!

I talked with the friendly-enough man on April Fools’ Day. I gave him a copy of the letter from this site, and he said he had never seen that before. There is now a copy of it taped to our front door. He asked for our phone number and I refused to give it.We got a letter in the mail today, and a call from his number today, which went unanswered…

My husband got talk with him today when he showed up with a business envelope with our name on it and letter inside, to leave in case no one answered the door. Made sure we know they know who we are….

Like I told him, he could come back but we still wouldn’t answer the questions. He told my husband today that he did look at this site and found it interesting. He said he found other interesting links here, too. I heard him say “the people I work for don’t take no for an answer easily”, and that they may come next time. Still won’t get any answers to the super-nosy questions, and in case he reads this–Mr. Milam, my husband was the one who got the letter out of today’s mail saying you would be back, not me, and no one tore it up….

Oh, and he did ask my husband if he’s a Tea Party member. Not on the questionnaire, but he asked, and my husband did say “No”. I don’t think he should have answered, but oh, well….

Personally, if I was a census taker, I would rather run into a Tea Partier at the door than the average angry citizen. Tea Partiers have the reputation for being non-violent!

Thanks so much for providing a source of terrific information and a forum for those of us angry/mystified enough to start researching the ACS. We got our first ACS in the mail a few weeks ago, followed by the second full survey and warning. We then got our handy postcard reminder and just yesterday received the big green postcard reminding us once again that it’s the law to fill it out. I feel certain that we’ll get a knock on the door within the week…

I have been sick to my stomach about this survey since it first arrived. The Census was enough of an intrusion into our home. This survey and what it asks for is an outrage. I am the mother of three young sons and as much as I would like to do the letter option on principle, I’m afraid that I just can’t handle the thought of these people coming to my door or pouncing on me in the driveway and harassing me until I give in. My inclination is to fill it out with the R for each question that I won’t answer (which will be almost all of them) but I know they’ll come to the door anyway. If I could, I would like to give them some answers that get to the bottom of what they want (well, what they want you to THINK they want) and provide them in a different way. Such as:

1) Number of people in house – check your census results (we are all legally in this country, by the way)
2) We pay our taxes, receive NO handouts, and have no disabilities (you can dig up our tax returns to verify most of this information)
3) Yes, we own our home and pay our mortgage and utilities (again, I’m sure you can gather this yourselves)
4) Someone in our house drives to work and does not use public transportation
5) We don’t use the abomination they call our local public school although our princely property taxes fund that disgrace

So, any advice for the angry citizen who is not necessarily prepared to deal with the inevitable harassment, or do I just swallow my anger, bend right over and fill it out as they wish? Help! I’d love to end the nausea and sleepless nights over this!

I’ve filled out the intrusive Supplemental Census under severe duress and I have been called by the Census Bureau over 10 times since then. This is the definition of the word “harassment.”

Update:::: . After what seems like dozens of dalls I finally got one when I didn’t have my glasses near and therefore couldn’t read the caller ID. I thought OH Hell. So I told the guy that there was 1 person living in the house and that was all the information they were going to get. He got nasty and threatening. I asked him to hold the line for a moment and just put the phone down. In about 10 minutes the line cleared and I got one call after another. So OK I finally got tired of my phone being tied up and answered another one. Same guy. I told him I wasn’t gong to fill their Big Brother informational out , no matter what. He threatened me with a $5,000 fine. I said I didn’t care what they did I wouldn’t do it. He kept asking,,, ” So you are refusing then” I said that I was sending a letter to them, and he said he would report it to the Dept of Justice that I refused. Well, they still can go to HELL. I won’t do this ,,,, no matter what the cost. I WON’T DO IT.; . I read on another site that congress introduced a bill on the 11th of March to make this an optional or voluntary document, but don’t know if that has developed. Hell they can’t even keep the Government running.


Great to hear Bob! I like your enthusiasm and resolve! It amazes me that these people think they can just waste a person’s time and energy with harassing phone calls, not to mention tying up your line with repeated calls. You would think – some supervisor, somewhere! – would tell that caller to stop and move on to the next one, ya know? They operate on a budget like any business… and yet the Census can afford to spend SO much money of us “hold outs.” They drove out to my property – 20 miles from town – at least 8-10 times that I am aware of. That’s a lot of time, money and effort to find out if I have any indoor pets, my phone number, when I leave for work and how many people live there.

If that were TRULY … TRULY the reason for this Census, each time they came out, they could tell when I left for work – or approximate times. They could tell if I had any pets. They can find my number in the phonebook or simply request it from AT&T. The FBI does it without a warrant most of the time, why not just give the Census Bureau the AT&T records? LoL That was a joke, but at this point, they might as well. I received phone calls on my cellphone – while I still had my out of state area code! So they already know how to contact me! They could clearly see that there were two adult vehicles at the home when they would come out everyday and no children’s toys were visible inside or out. But, they insisted on driving to my property each day to ask the same question and receive the same answers. Amazing.

Keep us advised!

Kevin Hayden

No calls, visits, or letters since Monday, when my husband refused to answer the questions, showing the man who came to the house and got no answers from me that we mean it, and know we are not constitutionally required to answer their intrusive questions….

Another letter in the mail. Here we go again/still…Some others of you may wish to poke around Cornell University Law School site. Here is the link to Title 13, Chapter 5, subchapter 141, Population and other census information….—-000-.html

Phone call this morning. Why don’t we just “comply” and then complain to our congressman about having to do so? Hmmm…..

Thanks for the updates people, interesting reading. I haven’t sent mine in yet, I’m going to push the 30 day limit and see what happens. If they contact me I will send it in blank with the cover letter. Will post updates…

Hi Kevin : I posted earlier under Bob.
Update: After inadvertently answering the phone, I have been beseiged by the “Census Bureau” callers, and finally told the last one I was sending the form in and I did, without filling it out, and made sure that the code numbers on it did not show through the window (turned it backward) so they would have to find the letter. . When he threatened me with the fine. I told him he did not only not have any my permission to do that but that he needed to learn that in order to effecrively threaten someone he must have something they are afraid of. I feared nothing that he could or would do, so his words were falling on “Deaf Ears” . Call someone else and waste their time , I was sending the form in tomorrow. He tried threatening me again with, “someone will call again in 2 days and I told him to call away, waste all the time you want, I wasn’t susceptable to threats, and hung up on him. That was 4 days ago and so far I haven’t heard from them. I fully expect them to call and say they didn’t get the survey. Ok Since they sent me 2, I will send the other one in the same way with the letter again. I don’t know where this will go. But I WILL NOT DO THEIR ‘BIG BROTHER’ Governmental intrusive informational no matter what. If they take me Away Hey Hey, Then so be it. Has anyone heard anything on the information I got that said that there was a bill introduced in congress on March 11 that made this obination voluntary. I would hope that there were enough of us that refused to do it that it would overwhelm them. . I will post any updates on here as they happen. ( If they don’t take me away Hey Hey).

Make that obomination, and Steve from Mar 13, I would say something about your post but I doubt you”d be able to understand. Maybe someday when you have some values and maturity you may get it.
One more phone call and I am going to change my phone number and unlist it. I doubt that will keep them off my phone but it will confuse them for a while

My sincere thanks for the template for the letter. I feel much better armed with it than I did.

Nothing since April 11th unanswered phone call where field agent left the message asking why we didn’t just comply and then complain to our congressman. We didn’t comply and fill the thing out, but I did contact our congressman, Tim Walberg, who, it turns out, is a co-sponsor of HR 931, a bill to make answering the ACS voluntary with no associated fines. I am waiting for a reply. Mr Walberg has been busy with townhall meetings.
Having read up quite a bit on this ACS thing, we are in agreement with the people who feel that saying no to answering the nosy questions does constitute a response, which is what the ACS demands, isn’t it? Your “response”?
Anyway, it has been pretty quiet since the 11th….

Glad to see your post Peggy:. I had heard of this and was hoping it was true. I will try to follow up on HR 931. If you get any answer or information ,,,, Please post it. Thank You.

Just finished catching up on all these responses. Joining the rest of you in resisting this BS. They’ve sent me 2 forms also; I started to fill out the first one until I got so irritated I stopped. Called my congressman John Kline’s office & all I got from one of his aids was “well if it’s required by law, do it” or words to that effect. I’m not doing squat, except maybe squatting over this ACS form to do my business! LOL!
I’ve also receive several calls from these clowns which I basically ignore & I’ve told my wife to do the same. Sad state of affairs to screen your calls in your own home.
Someone mentioned the possibilty of ID theft; good thought. Someone also mentioned the ACLU; they’re so pro-gov’t & socialist, I wouldn’t expect them to respond, hell they’ll probably report you.

I completed & submitted the regular Census form in 2010. The ACS has been harassing me since February 2011.
I don’t recall the exact date, but it definitely started then. First the mailings – received the post cards, but the envelopes didn’t actually make it to me until March 2011 for some odd reason. I suppose the phone calls should have started in March, but I’m always working and don’t have caller ID to go with my simple answering machine. Who knows how many of their calls were “missed”.
About 3 weeks ago, the visits started. My building has doormen, and they have done an admirable job doubling as security. Any suspicious parties are turned away… “If you truly know Mr. Smith, you should be able to reach him via phone and have him let you up”. The field reps have never called while on the premises.
**A rep did try my work # once – but got sent to voice-mail hell as I work in an organization with a call center. I doubt they could even verify that I worked there…
The visits are random and never scheduled. The field representatives are caught on security camera and have been recorded as being anywhere from polite and professional to downright nasty (though surprisingly never belligerent). All are persistent and insist on killing trees by leaving unnecessary paperwork behind. A couple of them were brazen enough to attempt to run past the security guard and make a break for the elevators/ stairs. I would have LOVED to have seen footage or heard stories of either of those idiots getting carted away in cuffs for criminal trespass and/ or aggravated assault.
Via the power of Google, I have traced down a few of these field representatives. The Internet revealed who was married (well, it did for the lone female rep), who used Verizon or AT&T as their cell provider (if they left a mobile #), where they supposedly worked or lived (if they left a land line #), even how old they are and what profession they supposedly held. It didn’t do this for all the reps, but definitely helped me find out a great deal about them, for free. Without threat of a fine. Without annoying/ wasteful mailings, annoying phone calls, or nasty visits. So why is the ACS bothering with such draconian methods?
I have since armed the doormen with several articles found on the Internet disapproving of and protesting against the ACS. I will add your fine article to that list. I will also include the template letter to further confound and frustrate their unconstitutional efforts.
I hope the ACS fails miserably and dies a horrible death. It is ridiculously invasive/ intrusive/ obnoxious and a complete over reach of the Census Bureau’s privileges and responsibilities.

Did a little more research… To the best of my knowledge, the American Community Survey is not a law enforcement agency, nor is it a collection agency. It also appears that the same laws that the ACS claims to use to “protect” a citizen’s answers from prying eyes should also prevent the ACS from submitting the answers – be they true, false or non-existent – to any other organization, including other government agencies. This would make it impossible for the ACS to enforce any penalties and collect on any fines. Anyone want to disagree?

…let us all not forget that the ACS is of course a tremendous waste of time and taxpayers’ money!!!

We have put chains and locks on all of our fence gates along with the letter from this site along with our atty.’s card posted on the window where they can see it.. We have guard dogs outside at all times, so let them try and jump the fence! Lawyers are chomping at the bit waiting for them to actually levy a fine against someone for refusal to fill out the acs. Our atty advised us NOT to fill it out. He says it like signing a sworn statement that can be used against you. The acs states that they cannot share this info. with anyone else. that’s total BS! Read the inserts that come with your “survey”. Sure, they may not share it but they will sure as hell hand it over if someone requests it. I am not sure how much the Freedom Of Information Act comes into play here, but I am going to look into that. What a HUGE waste of resources by our government! Many of these surveys are targeted, make no bones about that!

In addtion, I’ve found out that 200 census workers reported their laptops missing and that many of these census takers have criminal histories!!! Here is an online petition against the acs.

Enjoyed reading the latest posts. I had another phone call today while I was on another line and it was quite threatening. It also referred to a case#. So I must be on case list.??? I caled my telephone provider and changed my number and made it unlisted and unavailable. I doubt this will stop those persistent (insert several expletives here) but it will slow them down for a while. I have a number of friends and relatives whom I shall call , but otherwise on utility bills and such I will not change the number. I expect them to start showing up at the door. Well a knock is like a phone ring…. just a request. If I get too many I will post an envelope on the door with the template letter in it for them. I hope that the house passes the bill mentioned above and if it does, things will change. Whatever, they may take me away in chains and I still will not answer any of their damn Big Brother invasions of my privacy and liberty. . I am a little leary of signing a petition, especially with my name….. You know they may not be always truthful in the government today. I will watch for feedback on the petition above… Thanks Laurie and all.

Thank you so much for this post. I just received this survey a few weeks ago, and I really resent the way in which they try to pressure people into participating, when it is clearly an invasion of privacy– and more importantly, it is unconstitutional. Most of us are too fearful of the government to stand up for our own rights in situations like this, but this is an excellent resource to help equip those of us with the information we need to be able to stand up for ourselves. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this information.

I am glad you found it useful, Nefertiti – and all of the others who have shared, commented and ranted.

This letter would not gone as far as it has without YOU. People would not be waking up if it were not for YOUR dedication, help and outrage.

Keep up the good fight, readers! And as always, feel free to share your story, your experience or just let some steam off!


I got this survey and do not plan to fill it out. I work from home so this should be interesting in avoiding them. But, I am the President of my association so I will make my best at keeping them out of my building. I will send an email to my congressman. Truly an invasion of my privacy. In all my years, I have never gotten this. What a waste of taxpayer’s money.

I just rec’d the ACS today and, like many of you, was alarmed at all the invasive questions! Thank you for all the info on this website and the comments! I need a bit of advice if possible–whenever I am gone from home for any period of time, I have housesitters staying at my place. How can I prepare them for any visits (they let phone calls go to the answering machine) that might happen in my absence? If the CB worker gets threatening, my housesitters might get frightened and end up giving info they shouldn’t. I also let a music band use my garage for practice, even when I am not here. Ditto question about that–we’re now talking about a sizable group of people to ‘train’ how to handle things if I’m not here! Is there a time period that there won’t be any action, such as 30 days? Or could the action start sooner?

I recieved the ACS in the Mail on the 27th of April 2011. The information requested is outside of the scope of the Federal government. Not only does it violate Article 1 section 2 clause 3 of the constitution it is also a direct violation of the 4th amendment of the constitution. I have made a few additions to the letter presented here and I am posting it here for others to use. Lets see how long it takes them to try to contact me. I am only going to fill in the box that asks for the number of people at the address. This way they cannot say I did not respond.

To Whom it May Concern,
Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution, the only information you are empowered to request is the total number of occupants at this address, and that may only be done in a Census year. My “name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, telephone number, relationship and housing tenure” have absolutely nothing to do with apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives. Therefore, neither Congress nor the Census Bureau have the constitutional authority to make that information request a component of the enumeration outlined in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3. In addition, I cannot be subject to a fine for basing my conduct on the Constitution because that document trumps laws passed by Congress, and defines their power, or in this case the lack thereof. Also the personal information you are asking is of no business of the Federal Government and a violation of the rights forwarded every citizen under the 4th amendment, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable search and seizures, shall not be violated”. Even though this is not a census year I will provide you the Constitutionally required information that I provided on my census form last year.

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894)

“Neither branch of the legislative department [House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [such as the Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190. We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,―and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and it’s employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life. As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others. Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.’”

Note: This United States Supreme Court case has never been overturned.

A Citizen of the United States of America

Well , on the day before my phone number changed, I got a total of 3 calls. I was napping on the last one and expecting my son to call and I answered it, (OOPS) At least this lady was nice and I told her I had sent the only thing in that I was going to. She tried to get me to do the thing on the phone as they ddn’t have a record of having received it. (You don’t suppose they’d lie do you). I declined and she said that was too bad because today was the “last day”. Since she was nice I told her to have a have a good day before I hung up. So Now let’s see what happens. I will post anything further so all you nice folks may know what is next.

So this farce called the American Community Survey really does have a 90 day limit to annoy people… The mail came in February & March… the visits started in the beginning of April… it’s now the final week (got a voice mail saying tomorrow is the last day) and they just resorted to leaving messages on my machine. I have kept all the voice messages they left behind. One of them actually sounded rude and threatening. I guess that’s what bullies do when they know an answering machine can’t talk back… Perhaps I can use this in court to file harassment charges. The best part is these fools insist on leaving their cell numbers behind, saying “call me or else!”. Guess I’ll post them in the restrooms at the local gay bar…

Last year I answered I believe three questions on the census form to the census worker that came to my door, number of residents, ages, and ethnicity. I gave no names although it wouldn’t take the NSA, CIA, FBI, HLS, IRS, USPS, DOEd, or any number of other gov’t agencies to to figure it out. I declined to answer any other questions although the census worker did try his best to get them.

Yesterday I received my ACS form. Three weeks ago I received a notification from the IRS for an audit of my taxes. Coincidence? Probably, but it does make one wonder.

I’ll not be answering anything more than number of residents on the ACS form and will be including a copy of the letter shown in this blog. Will it matter to them? Probably not. Will I be fined? I actually hope I do, my congressman will get an earful if I do.

I have experienced much of the same as far as those that have posted above. My harassment first started last year with the 2010 census. I filled out the required information ( number of people living at my house ect) send in the form. Sometime over the summer a Census worker showed up at my house claiming I did not answer their form. I advised her I did and please “do not come back to my property”.

Two days later a different Census worked showed up at my place of employment( I live in a small town where people know each other) She requested I answer her questions I again advised her I had already answered all the questions that I was going to answer when I sent in the form and walked away from her. The last thing I heard her say was “well we will just keep trying”. The next day I was home doing yard work when my dogs started barking like crazy. I walked around to the front of my residence and found two different Census works on my front porch. This time a male and female both of whom I somewhat knew thru my employment . The female husband is the county detective where I live and the male is a retired state police officer. Both requested I answer their questions. I again advised them that I had already fill out a census answering all questions that the US Constitution required me to answer . I then requested them to leave my property since they were trespassing, I was giving them verbal notice to leave. Both attempted to threaten me with fines for refusing their questions. I again advised them to leave or I was going to arrest them ( I identified myself as a police officer) I was then told by the male worker that if I didn’t answer their question they would have to ask my neighbors. I told both to ask my neighbors any and all questions they wanted ,but to do so off my property since again I was telling them to leave. I then felt that since I was the complaint as well as the victim in a trespassing incident that it was best to call the police. I advised them one more time to leave or I was calling the police
When both just stood there on my front porch I told them I was going to get my cell phone and when I returned if they were still standing on my porch I was calling the police. When I returned they both were still on my porch I then made the call. Both left my property while i was on the phone with the police,but just walked next door to one of my neighbors. The police arrived spoke to me and then went to speak to the two trespassers the retired state police officer attempted to show his retired police badge to the officers, the wife of the county detective only mentioned who she was married to several times . The bottom line of this incident was they told the two officers that they had no idea if I had sent in a form or not they only knew my name was on a list of people to be interviewed about the 2010 census. Both were told not to come on my property again by the police since I had informed the police that I did not wish to press charges just wanted them to stay off my property. I also found out later that the female’s husband ( County detective had called my place of employment about 30-40 minutes before the Census workers showed up at my residence requesting information from my office if I was on duty he left no message and did not called back with any official business after this incident) This call by him appears to be done for his wife so she would know where to go to speak to me. So much for the Census worker not sharing any information to others about you.

Well since then I too have received a ACS form three times in the mail and had my 2008 tax return audited this year by the IRS. I now just received a letter from a field rep requesting I call to make arrangements for a in person or phone interview to answer the ACS. I guess the next step will be additional calls, letters and in person visits to my home or work place ( nothing but pure harassment is coming my way)

I have contacted my local representative, senators & even President Obama about this very intrusive form.
I have taken out my land line and notified friends & family to contact me some other way. We have Private Property No Trespassing signs on out property so if they come around I will call the police and have them arrested. I think I’ll video them on my property and take pictures.
There is a posting mentioning H.R. 931, please go online & print out this law and take along with a letter of complaint to your local representatives, senators and go online to Obamas website and tell him directly. May not do any good, but can’t hurt. Call your local TV stations about this and maybe one of them will do a story about these people the ACS.

May 6, 2011, We have been visited by ACS rep. Wasn’t home at the time but male asked neighbor when we would return? The answer given,”didn’t know, don’t keep up with them.” Neighbor called me via cell phone and informed me. I went to the local police station and was advised to call them if the man returned. My property is posted,’NO TRESPASSING.’ & NO SOLICITING. The ACS rep’s are not LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and have no authority whatsoever to violate state trespassing laws. One additional note worth remembering start photographing the person who comes to your door along with a photo of their vehicle as well!.

To Modoc Bob and everyone else, nothing from Rep Walberg so far on HR 931, but nothing more from ACS either since April 11 phone call….

My husband and I just received our ACS last week. We already have received the first “reminder postcard.” We, too, had declined to answer many of the questions on the original short form Survey we received. At that time, we were contacted twice by census workers resulting from our “refusal” to respond. The second time a supervisor came to cajole us into responding. We declined. I find it suspicious that we now have received the ACS. Our neighbors have not received it. The questions on the ACS are incredibly intrusive and we do not intend to respond, having answered the questions that we believe appropriate, already. Contacting our congressman or senator is a lost cause; we live in the most liberal area of the country. I will let this site know what the government does next. It is quite shocking, disappointing and very disturbing that we would live to see the day that our government has become as intrusive and retributive as this one has. We look to this site to see what we can expect….from Big Brother….as the process continues.

Nobody worry about being fined. If they ever fine anyone, it will give that person standing to sue in federal court on the constitutionality of the thing. They don’t want that, they can still get some ignorant people to fill it out and send it in.

We got our forms and postcards last October, they apparently don’t have our phone numbers, we haven’t been listed for as long as I can remember, so we didn’t get any calls. Not everyone is selected for home visits, I think it’s one out of 3. We were never visited.

I was prepared to buy and put up no trespassing signs and call the police if people we don’t know continually banged on our door. I started keeping all the storm doors latched when we were home. Also I would have taken the form around to show all the neighbors and ask them to deny any knowledge of us and we would return the favor when their time comes. I shred everything with any name or number on it before it goes in the trash. I was prepared to take pictures of any person on my property along with their vehicle and license plate if they caught me outside. I was prepared to use any materials they left to gather information on them and mail it to them anonymously, let’s see how they like it. I have been known in the past, having found a stranger in my backyard inside the fence, to order them off my property at gun point, I’m not afraid to do it again.

My husband refused the regular census also but the guy knew where he worked and called him there after I wouldn’t answer the door. He has known the guy for over 30 years, my husband told him “W_____ there are 2 people living in our house and that is all the information I intend to give. If you need more than that, make something up.” If the same guy had been assigned to harass us about the ACS, I have a feeling he wouldn’t have bothered.

If we get sent the ACS again we know exactly what to do.

Does anyone know for sure how long these people can harass you?. Several people posted that they had been through this already and it stopped after 3 months. I ‘ve seen in other blogs that they were sent forms that had already expired. How do you find out the status of your form? It has something to do with the numbers at the bottom right side of the form.
Thanks for the help

This is a follow up to my post on May 6, 2011.
On May 10, 2011, ACS rep., knocked on our door. Please keep in mind that our home and land is posted and clearly visible for all to see. Boundary markers are evident. The ACS rep., began his speil and I informed him I needed to get dressed to wait a minute. A short time later I came to the door and went out on our front porch. He began that he was an authorized agent of the Census Bureau and that he was there to complete the ACS Survey. I inquired no less than three times if he was a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer of the US Government. He intimated to me that in fact he was and that the No Trespassing, No Soliciting signs that were posted did not pertain to him, and that I could call the police for verification. I then handed him a copy of the Bill of Rights and a copy of Mr. Hayden’s letter. He looked it over and stated he had already seen this. I replied, ” Sir, I now invoke those rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights and inform you that I invoke my Miranda rights as well. Now, I know that you have no law enforcement authority. If you will kindly turn your head to the left you will see that there is an Grey in color marked Police Cruiser to which I raised my hand and the officer drove up to the entrance of our house. You see sir, I did in fact call the police and now they will take control of the situation. The ACS rep., was interviewed by the police to which they summoned me over to them and informed me to state in their presence of my wishes. I again stated this is private property and clearly posted and this man had twice violated the sanctity of my home. That he had purported to be an law enforcement officer and that the laws of our state did not apply to him. The officer then informed him that he was not to say another word and to depart this property immediately and to never return. That I was completely in my rights and that even he(local police) could not come on this property without invitation or with service of process or a warrant absent any exigent circumstance.

I hope the readers will understand they are empowered and that their rights cannot be abridged. INVOKE YOUR RIGHTS AND DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THEM. WE REFUSE TO BE INTIMADATED IN OUR OWN HOME. Our thanks to Mr. Hayden and his web site.

Thank you Mr. Hayden! I have spent the better part of my morning reading your blog. I have received several “reminders,” including a calling card on my front door. I have been putting off dealing with the ACS because it not only invades my personal information but my TIME as well! It just ticks me off.

I was so pleased and relieved to find your well written letter and will use it with my form. I cannot stomach the idea of handing over so much personal information to someone who has no business knowing it. I am outraged at this violation of privacy. It is a slap in the face to the framers of our Constitution, not to mention the untold numbers of men and women who have literally fought and died for us to be free of this king of tyranny.

For anyone that is still mulling this (fill it out/not fill it out) over in your mind – good! My advice is to think back to when you first opened the survey and scanned the questions. How did you feel? SICK? Then, go with your gut.

I have no problem with the 10 year census but the ACS terrifies me. “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.” I will be contacting my rep to notify him of my opinion. Thank you for standing in the gap!

Re: previous post. I made a Freudian slip… “king” of tyranny should be kind of tyranny. LOL

FYI – House Bill HR931
To see actual text cut/past this address to your browser:

H.R.931 : To make participation in the American Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain basic questions.
Sponsor: Rep Poe, Ted [TX-2] (introduced 3/3/2011) Cosponsors (19)
Committees: House Judiciary; House Oversight and Government Reform
Latest Major Action: 3/21/2011 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on the Constitution.
COSPONSORS(19), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]: (Sort: by date)
Rep Chaffetz, Jason [UT-3] – 3/3/2011
Rep Coffman, Mike [CO-6] – 3/3/2011
Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. [TN-2] – 3/3/2011
Rep Ellmers, Renee L. [NC-2] – 4/14/2011
Rep Fitzpatrick, Michael G. [PA-8] – 3/16/2011
Rep Forbes, J. Randy [VA-4] – 3/3/2011
Rep Fortenberry, Jeff [NE-1] – 3/3/2011
Rep Harris, Andy [MD-1] – 3/16/2011
Rep Huizenga, Bill [MI-2] – 3/3/2011
Rep Johnson, Sam [TX-3] – 3/3/2011
Rep Jones, Walter B., Jr. [NC-3] – 3/3/2011
Rep Kline, John [MN-2] – 3/30/2011
Rep Latta, Robert E. [OH-5] – 3/3/2011
Rep Paul, Ron [TX-14] – 3/3/2011
Rep Pence, Mike [IN-6] – 3/3/2011
Rep Ross, Dennis [FL-12] – 5/3/2011
Rep Smith, Adrian [NE-3] – 3/30/2011
Rep Thornberry, Mac [TX-13] – 5/4/2011
Rep Walberg, Tim [MI-7] – 3/16/2011

Please everyone! Write to your representative in Congress. Here is what I wrote – very simple to do:
Link to find and email your Congressman:

Dear Representative __________,

I would like to know your position on HR 931 to make the American Community Survey voluntary. Also, what is the current status in congress.

It is my hope that you are or will support H.R. 931, to allow the American Community Survey to be optional. Congress should not force private citizens to give out extensive detailed personal information to the federal government.

Thank you,
Patriot Patty

Enjoyed reading all the latest posts. My sincere ThanK You again to you Hayden. Since I changed my phone number and made it unlisted I have had no further calls. However last Saturday a guy parked at the end of my driveway and walked up and up my stairs. ( I have a two story house, front entrance is into the top floor) He had a laptop in his hand and since my front window blinds were open (thank you Carolyn), I opened the door and saw his Census bureau name tag, He identified himself and said he was the representative in this area and we could now complete the Survey. He was pleasant and professional so I gave in and was pleasant and nice when I told him Not only No but Hell No. I gave him a copy of the letter I sent in . He acknowledged my prior refusal and said, well maybe we could get just the basics.This is when my patience ran out. I said, still nice for him to remove himself from my property and not to return. I would not participate under any circumstances. That if anyone else showed up I would immediately call the police and have him arrested for trespasing and Harrassment. He just said Ok understand and left. I haven’t seen anyone since. If someone else shows up I will indeed call the police. . I hope I have seen the last of them.

I would bet money that they already know who RESIDENT is otherwise how do they get your phone number when you haven’t sent the form back or choose to leave your phone number off the form?

We were called before they would have gotten the form back and after reading all the blogs on this and several other websites it has since met with disposal. They called within several days after we got the 2nd form.

Have signs posted on our property NO TRESPASSING, PRIVATE PROPERTY. So far we haven’t gotten any home visits. Maybe we will be the 2/3 that doesn’t get them.

Again, please notify your Senators, Congressman and any one else that you may need to and tell them this isn’t acceptable and you want them to support H.R. Bill 931. May not do any good, but cant’ hurt to try.

Thank you for this blog as it has been very helpful in knowing how to deal with these idots.

Received my ACS survey today and immediately called my representative. His aide told me that my representative, Steve Austria, is supporting HR 931 and that it is currently on the dockets in the House Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight Committee, and the Government Reform Committee. You might consider contacting members of those committees as well – I’m working on that tonight!

Thank you SO MUCH, Kevin Hayden, for posting this and encouraging everyone to exercise a little “civil disobedience” to protect our Constitutional rights!


I looked on the website for H.R.Bill 931 and they now have 20 co sponsors, but I don’t see Steve Austria’s name on it. It may be that the website doesn’t have him on there yet.

More people need to contact their representatives and senators. I have contacted all of mine, but haven’t heard anything from them. Don’t really expect to since AZ politicians have more to worry about than complaints about the ACS. I think they are for it rather than against.

thank you for such great information. the american community survey has been sent to me twice plus a postcard. also been receiving phone calls on a daily basis. now they refer to me as a case # inlieu of a form #. I am in process of returning the form with a cover letter. there is no way i am answering their questions and giving personal information for any other person that lives at this address.

Anyone have any knowledge / comments re Annual Capital Expenditures Survey and the Information and Communication Technology Survey. Last year I paid my accountant to do these for me. Estimated time to complete the 1st is 2-16 hours and the 2nd 1-21 hours. Talk about conscription of labor?

Of course I did not answer or return the ACS. This is simply intimidation and dossier building in one easy step. We’ve seen that before and it didn’t turn out so good.

Considering the ACS is already voluntary, HR931 seems to be helpful but questionable at the same time. Can future amendments to this Bill increase the bits of information it allows ? Sorry if I come off hard nosed about it, but legislating something already unconstitutional creates a useable wedge for future add-ons.

More importantly, such a Bill relaxes the population once again, just as we are beginning to rouse ourselves to stand up against this and other totalitarian steps toward a full-fledged police state. The fact that ACS is something most citizens can get easily riled up about is a good thing, and has produced the kind of wide-spread dialogue and resistance we have needed for a while now. Waking up and drawing a line in the sand is what we need to do on alot of issues.

Hello, great support site!!! I received my first survey on 4-27-11 and the second a few weeks ago. Initially I was “shocked” at the questions, now I’m just mad!!! I have no plans on completing the survey. When I got home today there were 2 messages on the recorder asking me to call them. So, it appears I’m on deck for the constant harassing and threats. I originally sent my Congressman a letter and he responded with info on HR 931. Hopefully that starts some movement soon. Wish me luck…

Just got the ACS in the mail. Thanks to all the posters and to Mr. Hayden for your hard work helping to inform average Americans about the intrusive and very likely unconstitutional ACS.
Mine is going back in the mail today with the date (because I’m just a warm, fuzzy “tell-all” kind of guy) and the number of people at my address. EVERYTHING ELSE gets the “R” in the block. EVERYTHING.
This is June 2. We will document all interaction with ACS, telling whoever calls that we are recording the calls and if someone shows up, we will take pictures with our cell phones as we are calling the sheriff.
And as soon as I’m done with this post, a letter to my Congress-Critters will go in the mail about the ACS and noting some of the more ridiculous and prying questions to which my government has NO RIGHT.

How did it ever get this way?

Just called my congressman’s office to ask his stance on this. The person answering did not know. Said he will pass it along to him & get back to me. I will also be refusing. Asking if anyone in the household has trouble climbing stairs is not govt. business. I’ll be preparing to get audited by the IRS, because honestly I think not answering triggers a flag to the IRS. I’ve read on too many sites of people getting audited after not answering. Not worried though because I keep excellent records.

Great to hear all of these stories!

Keep up the valiant efforts and continue pressing your Congress Critters about this subject. While I highly doubt that will do *much*, it will at least get the topic circulating more widely.

Also, keep us all up to date with how your experiences have been going, levels of harassment, etc. I’m fascinated with the level of response to this article!

Yours in Liberty,
Kevin Hayden

I got the ACS on 5-27 & immediately found this website. I am sending the ACS back unanswered with your letter example attached. I have already gotten a post card reminder after 1 week! Crazy. I added to the letter that they should mark us as refusing to answer & do not contact us again in any way. Doubt it will help, but it is worth a try. I am very proud of our CO rep Mike Coffman for being a co-signer to HR 931 although I do understand aa’s arguement against it in that it may be a foot in the door rather than just stating that the ACS is unconstitutional. But it is a step in the right direction. It also makes me very mad about all my tax dollars being spent on this census crap. Thank you so much for this blog! It really is a big help.

Kevin, Just a note to let you know if the ACS is not part of the Census Bureau they have me fooled. I’ve received two forms, numerous phone calls and two visits so far. Ive yet to speak to anyone and have simply refused to communicate. Today I receive d a letter form the US Dept of Commerce U.S. Census Dept noting that a certain rep has contacted me to do an interview.It then proceeds to give the same spiel regarding commerce etc that I believe should be done on the local and not fed level.The rep has now started calling leaving her name and # not a undisclosed #. I sent and email to my Congressman who slowly responded that it was the law and though he understood my concerns with the invasiveness of the questions I would be required to respond. I then sent him a question concerning his support of H R 931 and have yet to hear on that. Each time I open the form and look at it my blood pressure rises to unstable levels!!

So far we haven’t even been visited by the ACS goons and it is almost the middle of June. Won’t do them much to come as I have Trespassing signs out and will call the Sheriff if necessary. Not answering the door unless I know who is at the door thru the peep hole.

Hopefully, we’ll be one of the 2/3 that doesn’t get visited.

Looking for information on the ACS and how to not participate I ran across Truth is Treason.
What great information and help to fight.
I have received two informational packets, two reminder post cards, and three follow-up calls.
I am waiting on the visits to start maybe I will try the various states of clothing thing as well 🙂
I am printing the letter and mailing tonight.
I will keep everyone informed.

Thank you for helping to fight the good fight.

That’s great to hear, Clinton!

While it might be a bit of a different approach, I honestly think making the Census worker as uncomfortable as possible is a great way in which to have some fun with civil disobediance. They came to YOUR house, remember that. THEY disturbed YOU. So, I encourage unique and unusual ways in which to greet them. And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have several chances in which to shock them at your door. Hahah.

And thank you for the comment and compliments!

Yours in Liberty,

We are in round 2 with the phone calls, just waiting for them to show up at the door. Thanks for the information we have contacted are representatives and told them how we feel about this invasion. We will see what happens next. We do need to talk with the neighbors to make sure they don’t rat us out. Stay Strong and don’t give up your rights!

We have received in the mail so many times notices that I can not believe how they do it.
But I am a little worry that things are about to get worse.I dont know what to do but I am not going to give up.
I have readed all your comments and I feel much better. I THANK ALL OF YOU
Sincerely Martin

Here is an update on my plight….
I did contact my Congressman, and let his office know my displeasure with the ACS.
They have told me I am not the first to complain, and that they are taking this seriously.
They were very polite and careful to tell me they could not “Tell me to” or “Tell me NOT to” fill out the ACS.
I received a letter fom my Congressman, aide in his office I am sure, registering my complaint and concern.
This letter also trys to explain the need for the ACS, and the method of participant selection.
This letter does say the following:
The ACS is conducted under authority of Title 13, united States code, Sections 141 and 193. Response to this
survey is required by Section 221 of Title 13. The Census Bureau may use this information only for statisticial
Title 13 requires the Census Bureau to keep all information about you and all other respondents strictly confidental.
Any Census Bureau employee who violates these provisions is subject to a fine of up to $250,000 or a prison
sentenence of up to five years, or both.

The letter also goes on to state the following:
I share your concerns about the length and intrusiveness of these questions. I will be examining the issue closely
with my colleagues during the 112th Congress to see if legislative remedies can lessen this burden. If you need
more information or have further questions about the survey, call the Census Bureau’s Customer Services Center
at 1-800-923-8282.

I am pleased that I actually received a response from my Congressmans’s office and that I was not just “Handled” this gives me hope that all is not lost in DC.

I would suggest that everyone contact their representatives and speak out loudly against the ACS, I am sure many of us will be handled, our calls will be taken and forgotten, but maybe just maybe if enough calls are being taken we might wake up a few of our Representatives and they will remember all of us out here.

Good luck to all

Re-reading some of the posts to get the information on H.R. 931:

Kristi May 15th, 2011 12:35 pm had given the information:
H.R.931 : To make participation in the American Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain basic questions.

See website:
I wanted to further verify if my representative had signed on I did see the following tab:
Congressional Record References
Looking at the 1 . ADDITIONAL SPONSORS — (House of Representatives – May 31, 2011)
I see the following
Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and resolutions as follows:
Many lines skipped for brevity….
H.R. 733: Mr. Murphy of Pennsylvania and Mr. Pastor of Arizona.

Does this mean that Congressman Tim Murphy has signed on as a Co-Sponser?
If this is the case then I want to congratulate him for being with us, and if this is indeed the case I will do this in writing.

Waiting for response.
Thank you again

I’m really glad I found this website. My whole family thought that the ACS sounded too intrusive and that it couldn’t actually be allowed…We will most likely be using several of the suggestions I’ve seen on here; so far we’ve only received the ACS twice, so we’re pretty early on in the process. I’ll keep reading to see what happens with everybody! 🙂

I shouted “Geronimo!” & pulled the cord.

After receiving the two (2) form requests – the follow up post card – and (14) phone calls (unanswered – some left msgs to please call them)….I thought about just waiting them out……but rather (“fire for effect”) – addressed a copy of your suggested letter of response referencing the ACS with the form dated and the number of occupants & mailed it.

Now we will see what occurs…be very interesting to see if they take me off their call list or ???…proabably the “acme of foolishness” to believe they will call off the dogs. (proabably just made ’em mad!)

Your thoughts, please.

Hayden – THANK YOU!

My wife threw out the first survey letter accidently. The second one arrived not long after and I sat down to fill it out. Like a previous commenter stated my blood began to boil over the intrusive questions. What time do I go to work? I’ll be damned if I’ll answer that. I’ve got a wife and mother who both have disablities and their safety could be compromised by someone knowing when I come and go.
One other thing. They called and said I need to send in the survey. I said I did and they suggested I complete the form over the phone. I said no, “I sent it in”. They gave it a week to show up and then they called again wanting me to take the survey over the phone. I got angry and said no I sent it in. They said they’d give it until June 24 which is the deadline to see if it shows up and then they’d call me to do it over the phone if it didn’t show up. I now firmly believe they got it but found it not filled out completely and want me to give the answers over the phone. I believe they got it and are lying. Anyone else get this treatment? I’ll be calling their bluff on Thursday.

Hello Kevin, thank you so much for sharing all this information….My story goes like this: I received my Census survey last April. I filled out 2 people in household. Thought the other questions weren’t relevant to anything important. I did not send a cover letter, wish I had known I would have. About 2 weeks ago I had my first visit. There was an envelope stuck on my gated driveway. Which was shut. With a note inside telling me to call Angie Huffman, its important we get back to her regarding this. Since I complied with the survey, I thought nothing of responding. Today I come home to find another request for appointment notification on my gated driveway again. Now I’m really ticked off. I contacted an attorney who never heard of such a thing. Told me I was on my own…believe that. I question the harrasement routine. I questioned my rights. He had no clue. I also read the law that said a refusal was $100 fine, $500 for false info. So I fiqured I’d just refuse and pay the fine. Then came across your web site. Have a wonderful letter ready to go out tomorrow. I also know that it is against the law to leave anything on personal property. If they want to inform you of anything it needs to be mailed to your address. So I have that question. I’m taking much of your advice, I’m not refusing, I’m sending how many people live in this household. Thanks again, Will keep you posted.

I was just looking on the government tracking website and there are now 22 cosponsors of Ted Poe’s H.R. Bill 931. The more cosponsors that sign on I think the better chance it stands to get somewhere.

Contact your representatives and tell them your opinion of this ACS Crap and you don’t like it and want them to check into it if they don’t know what it’s about.

We got the same story as all the other victims of this selective harassment and see the pattern: all of us filled in the original short form last fall but we also refused to answer the invasive questions in the subsequent telephone calls and now we are being ” randomly” selected for more threats and harassment.
We have sent letters to our Senators and Congressmen…will see what follows …
We wonder what the sample size for this survey is and suspect that it is kept deliberately small to prevent a major backlash and leaks to the media. So far we have not found any neighbor, coworker, acquaintence or friend who has received or heard of the ACS.

Well, the games begin! Returned the ACS on 2 June with “R” in every block except for number of people in household and a brief comment on the cover explaining what the “R” meant. Got my 1st call today, I simply hung up the first time I heard the phrase “Census Bureau”.
Emailed my Congress Critter about the ACS with no response yet.
The funny thing is, I’d have answered at least half the questions on the ACS if it had been voluntary!

If we don’t stand up to something as intrusive and unconstitutional from our government as the ACS, then when?

Update…5 days after mailing the dated form, with the number of people filled in, w/cover letter addressed to the Jeffersonville, IN address….they STOPPED Calling!!!! It is now 6 days hence.

Thank You Mr Hayden!!! You are a Great American and the embodiment of Patriotism!!! Without your help we would lack the insight (though we do desire) to stand up in the face of such government bullying.

Ben Franklin said it……”We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”?

May I, encourage all whom are affected by the ACS, to follow Hayden’s lead and demonstrate we as US Citizans….will not be bullied!!

“While Living I Want to Live Well”
_____ Greonimo 1829 – 1909

Here is HR 931. Please contact your Congress Critter and demand their support for this bill.

H.R.931 — To make participation in the American Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain basic questions. (Introduced in House – IH)
HR 931 IH
1st Session
H. R. 931

To make participation in the American Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain basic questions.


March 3, 2011

Mr. POE of Texas (for himself, Mr. DUNCAN of Tennessee, Mr. FORBES, Mr. HUIZENGA of Michigan, Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. COFFMAN of Colorado, Mr. PENCE, Mr. LATTA, Mr. FORTENBERRY, Mr. JONES, Mr. CHAFFETZ, and Mr. PAUL) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned


To make participation in the American Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain basic questions.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


(a) In General- Except as provided in subsection (b), no criminal penalty shall apply, under section 221 of title 13, United States Code, or any other provision of law, for refusing or willfully neglecting to answer questions in connection with the survey, conducted by the Secretary of Commerce, which is commonly referred to as the `American Community Survey’.

(b) Exceptions- Nothing in subsection (a) shall–

(1) apply in the case of a question that elicits only 1 or more of the items of information described in subsection (c); or

(2) be considered to waive any penalty imposed by reason of conduct described in section 221(b) of title 13, United States Code.

(c) Information Described- The items of information described in this subsection are as follows:

(1) The name of the respondent.

(2) Contact information for the respondent.

(3) The date of the response.

(4) The number of people living or staying at the same address.

Sent to Rep Mike Ross (AR)
What is with this “American Community Survey” baloney? These questions are too invasive and have nothing to do with selecting the number of representatives for Congress. We answered the basic questions on the real census, and I have no intention of telling some Big Brother bureaucrat when we come and go. As for any information remaining confidential, that is a laugh, not to mention that it is a blueprint for robbery and identity theft.

Please be advised that I am retaining my Constitutional rights and refuse to answer these very nosy questions. This is information that I would never ask of my friends and neighbors, as it is none of my business. It is also not any of the government’s business.

A voter,

This is a great site, and I look forward to reading about other topics here.

I got the notice, and then the ACS just a few days ago, and being an old contracts guy, I stalled out at the first question: full name. The next question, phone number, brought me to attention. Why does the census department need to know this? Never mind the other intrusive questions I looked at later.

So, I let it settle for a few days, and then looked further into the survey. Hog wash. They did fail to ask how many (evil) guns I had, and whether I was a member of the Tea Party (I am), and about my New York representative Anthony size, but they would certainly be asking that and more in the next version of this “survey.”

I was intrigued that they asserted that I could be fined for failing to fill out a survey, especially since they had no “proof of service” (certified mail) that they had ever sent me a survey. I also doubt that Fex Ex would accept a delivery to “Resident” if they needed proof of delivery to get paid. For the record, every piece of mail that I get addressed to “Resident” goes into the trash unopened, if anyone should ask.

When I finally asked Google about Title 13, it immediately suggested Section 141, and the second hit was this excellent site.

After carefully reading 108 posts, I have gathered that responding at all to this ACS crap is pointless. Treat them like any other telemarketer or spam purveyor. Ignore them until they come to your door, and then treat them like any other trespasser – call the sheriff. (BTW, in the end, the sheriff is *the* local authority. Get to know them and their deputies. Pay careful attention to their election and policies.)

Best to all, and special thanks to Hayden.

Update…well I guess it was “the acme of foolishness” to believe they would stop.

Though the phone calls stopped 8 days ago…today a man shows up ringing my front door bell with his notebook computer in-hand & open…gee…to bad I couldn’t get to answer before he left.

He did leave the following note:

“Dear Resident,”

“I am trying to contact you regarding the survey you received in the mail about 6 weeks ago. I can tryat a later date to complete the survey with you on a laptop computer–it won’t take long. Also, we can complete the survey over the phone (local phone #) if you prefer. If you have already completed the survey, do not mail it; I will pick it up and send it overnight by FedEx. When we talk, I can answer any questions you may have concerning this important survey. All information you give is strictly confidental and you can refuse to answer any questions which you might feel uncomfortable answering. Thanks, ” (printed name)

1) mailed it 14 days ago…..guess he wasn’t notified they had received it!!!!!

2)…”you can refuse to answer any questions…” Hmmmm!!!

3) What the are they doing?!! They received it – I can refuse to answer any questions – yet they still send the man out!?!???

And our lawmakers are having to work overtime solving budget issues…go figure.

What do you make of this?

Happy 4th of July!!

Update…well, the ACS field rep came back..knocking at the side door after trying the front….I answered…he very politely introduced himself as being with the US Census Bureau and wanted to get the ACS filled in….my response was to politely & firmly state I had mailed it on the xxth….he comfirmed “you mailed it on the xxth”…..following with “thank you…sorry to have bothered you” …he gave a courtious salute and left.

With that said…I really believe he was unaware that I had responded with the mail-in.

Think that’s it?? Mmmmm we’ll see!

Well, I got my 1st home visit yesterday. I was not home, at work, but they left a nice letter basically demanding I call them and complete the survey. I will stay strong…lol! I got out the survey to look it over again and am still outraged at the questions. If it’s an anonymous survey, why do they need my name and date of birth. I would not mind completing SOME of the survey just not the personal stuff! How long will the phone calls and visits continue? I received the 1st survey on 4-27-2011.

Just found your website and have found it very informative. Wouldn’t national exposure on this issue be helpful? One who comes to mind would be Judge Andrew Napolitano of Freedom Watch. He certainly is opposed to runaway government in all its forms. I have tried to find a way to contact him in the hopes of asking him to address this invasion of privacy but have not been successful. Can anyone help me on this. Will look for your response.

Hi, there. I am an attorney in Missouri. I am sending them the following letter with the survey, which is basically your letter, with minor revisions. If you don’t hear from me again, it worked and they didn’t bother me again. Otherwise, I will post follow ups.

July 11, 2011

RE: Attached American Community Survey

To Whom It May Concern,

I am returning to you the American Community Survey filled in with only the information I am legally required to complete, which is the number of occupants at this residence. All other questions are intentionally left blank.

Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution, the only information the US government is empowered to request is the total number of occupants at an address. The occupants’ name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, telephone number, relationship and housing tenure are unrelated to apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives. Therefore, neither Congress nor the Census Bureau have the constitutional authority to make that information request a component of the enumeration outlined in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3. In addition, a citizen cannot be subject to a fine for conducting oneself in a lawful and constitutional manner.

In addition to the above constitutional authority, I also object based on my constitutional right to privacy. In addition, I object based on the following Supreme Court case:

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894)

“Neither branch of the legislative department [House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [such as the Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190. We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,―and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and it’s employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life. As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others. Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.’”

Note: This United States Supreme Court case has never been overturned.


My Name
Attorney At Law

I received the Postcard first reminding me to send in survey… and then the Survey at the end of May. We were going on vacation the first week in June so I disregarded it. Shortly after we got back from our trip sure enough I had another survey. After reading your site and many people’s responses I decided to fill it in with “Head of Household” and only how many people resided at this residence and with the letter “R” on every other question. I sent that back around June 18th. I received my first phone call today from the Census Bureau while I was on another call. They left a message on voice mail stating it was the US Census Bureau Telephone Center and to please return their call at some 800 number and to reference Case Number blah blah blah… So, I guess it has begun. I have no intention of giving any more information but am really nervous about possible in person confrontations. I find it all very stressful. If anyone can give me some good language to use should the inevitable Census Worker show up at my door.. I’d sooo appreciate it……

Also… I’ve heard that this Survey is eventually going out to EVERYONE. they are just sending it out to 250,000 people at a time….

Nervous in Michigan.

Attorney in Missouri great letter that others should use when dealing with these idots. You can also post No Trespassing signs on your property and if necessary call the police or sheriff and have them removed from property. You can also have them arrested especially if they are entering your back yard and looking in your windows.

As for nervous in Michigan, you can refuse to talk to them. You are not obligated to talk to them or answer your door or your phone. Who cares if they know your home. It’s your home. It will be over in 3 months.

Fellow Patriots:

Thank you for your courage, especially to Mr. Hayden and the attorney from Missouri. I am using your suggested form letters. I am midway in my fight against the ACS. I expect the visits to begin soon. I will not give in to their threats.

Note to Nervous in Michigan…based on my experience….no need to get stressed out on the possibility of thier visitation….see my post #110 & update #111 above….should someone show up….”politely & firmly” state, you have already mailed it in….they should then go away!! That was on July 1st, as of today there has been no further contact…Thanks again-Mr. Hayden

Don’t be nervous or discouraged. I have ignored all phone calls and have not answered the door for any home visits, and have ignored letters left taped to my front door with threats of fines. I’ve never sent any surveys I’ve received back. After finding this site, I printed Mr. Hayden’s letter and taped it to my front door along with a Private Property, No Trespassing, No Soliciting sign. The last visit from the Census person was 8:40 pm on Father’s Day night. She saw the letter on the door with the sign and didn’t bother to ring the doorbell, although she did take the letter with her. She also left another letter taped to the door advising me of a $500 fine for not answering the ACS. After that, I received a FedEx overnight letter advising that another person would be coming to get me to fill out the survey. That was almost 3 weeks ago. I’ve not been bothered since and still have the Private Property, No Trespassing, No Soliciting sign hanging up. I also contacted my Congressman’s local office regarding the extreme level of harrassment. Thanks for all the info on this site. We must all stand together and NOT give in.

Thank you so much to all who have posted on this site and to Mr Hayden for creating it. So much good advice. I am printing Mr Hayden’s letter and taping it to my front door. I am going to also print out a No trespassing, etc sign until I can get an official one and also put that on my door. Thanks especially to Geronimo and Fed up for their personal responses to my post. I can’t wait till the harrassment is completely over….. I WILL NOT GIVE IN!!!

I received the ACS in April, 2011. At first, I thought it was a scam but, after doing some research, discover it was legit, sent by the federal government. I was not going to provide the requested personal information to the federal government and didn’t respond to the ACS. Five days later I received a card stating that I must have forgotten to return it and then 2 weeks later I received another survey. Again, I didn’t answer it.

In early June, I started getting phone calls from the Census Bureau. It always said “Census Bureau” on the call identifier (even though 3 or 4 different numbers were used). I never picked up the phone. The census representative left 3 messages. The calls continued, EVERYDAY, including weekends, for a month. Sometimes I received 4 or 5 calls a day. I received calls as late as 8:30 pm.

Last week 2 people pulled onto my driveway in a pick-up truck and knocked on my door. I looked through the door and walked away, refusing to open the door. They went back to the truck and wrote a note, which they left on my front door. The note stated that they would keep coming back (the next time with a supervisor) until I opened my door. They were good to their word and came back the very next night, at 7:15 pm. When I went to the door, the woman told me, through the door, that they would come back every day until I opened my door. I told her to get off my property and to never come back and that I would never open the door for them. I told them that the next time they came to my home I would call the Sheriff and have them removed. They haven’t come back (yet).

Today I received a letter in the mail stating that a “member of our staff will contact you again in a few days.”

This harassment is unbelievable. The ACS is not authorized by the law and the federal government has no right to collect this kind of personal information from me or any other citizen. I’m hanging tough here in Florida but wondering how long this will continue.

Just got the 2nd phone call and hung up the moment I heard the words “Census Bureau”. I will treat these folks like any other telemarketer. BTW, I never got any cards in the mail or another ACS form…

When someone comes to the door, I will hand them a copy of Mr. Hayden’s letter and invite them to depart the premises before the Sheriff shows up. My congress-critter has yet to respond to my email about the ACS. Time to remind him.

I am retired military and have never recanted my oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. What the government is doing with the ACS, and demanding of us, is unconstitutional and requires our refusal to submit to unlawful government intrusion in the lives of private citizens.


To harassed in Florida, hang in there you only have 2 weeks and 3 days to go. It should be over July 31st. We also got ours in April. It lasts 3 months and then they go and harass the next group of citizens.

To all of the new readers, recent commentators and those offering support and help, I just wanted to extend my thanks for keeping this comment thread alive and the article at the top of Google searches! This page has been a resource for tens of thousands of readers and wayward folk who have come under the gun of the Census Bureau and because of your support; your sharing of this article, it has remained as the #1 and #2 search result for several dozen keyword phrases for those seeking information on the Census, the ACS and more.

To all who are currently dealing with the knocks and phone calls – don’t be discouraged. Let’s hear from you. Any amusing stories or encounters?

Again, thank you.

In Liberty,
Kevin Hayden

Well, another update. I was at work last night and my wife was at an appointment. My mother in law was here watching the kids when assigned case worker showed up at the house. She began asking lots of questions and told my mother in law that she had been in contact with me and that I had told her (the case worker) that it was ok for my mother in law to answer the questions. COMPLETE ABSOLUTE LIE! I have never spoken with this lady. She then had my mother in law call my wife and started harassing her over the phone and wanted to complete the survey over the phone. My wife told her that it wasn’t going to happen and she hung up. The case worker then began badgering my mother again for info, trying to fill in the blanks. Fortunately, my mother in law told her that she didn’t feel comfortable talking to her about us and that she needed to leave. Hopefully, I’m just a few weeks away from the end, (received 1st survey on April 27). This is non sense…their tactics are down right shady! Just more proof that our government needs to be torn down and rebuilt!

Thanks for the encouragement, Fed Up with this Crap!!!. I read in earlier posts that the harassment only lasts 3 months. I’m hoping that’s true in my case.

I will never cave in. I feel so strongly that the ACS and the harassment that follows are wrong. I know my family and friends hope the harassment stops soon because their tired of my constant bitching about the Census Bureau.

I’m waiting to see what the next “contact” will be – by phone or personal visit. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you, Kevin for this website. You did a great service by giving other Americans a voice and the encouragement to object to the ACS.

WOW, did not expect this!
I called the Census folks (returning their call), a very nice lady asked me how many folks lived at the address, I responded. She then asked if my non-response on the form I returned was because I didn’t want to respond to the questions and I said yes, it was. I followed up with “And I refuse to answer any other questions over the phone or in person”. She thanked me for my time and we ended the conversation very cordially.
Well, here’s hoping the home visits go as well!


Update! see posts 100, 106, 110, & 111 for “the rest of the story”–Paul Harvey 1918 – 2009

I believed it was over…but this is really laughable!!!

The same fellow stopped by again, though I really did not hear his knock…he left the following stuck in my door????

Dear Residents,
“The survey which you said was mailed in late June has not been processed yet. The Dallas Regional Office asked me to return to your address to request that we do a brief interview to be recorded on my laptop, which is proscessed automatically (personnel have been furloughed recently). I’ll return later or we can complete over the telephone. Thanks for your understanding,” (Printed Name with phone #)

…..”personnel have been furloughed recently” Now, that IS the acme of foolishness!!!

While Congress is scratching for ways to solve the debt problem, why not start with the Census Bureau? What a waste of taxpayers money and what we as Americans have to put up with being harassed beyond belief. This is a disgrace to our society. What is America coming to?

I was sent 2 ACS forms, both of which I filed away and did not return. After a few letters, I then received a home visit from a lady named Susan Davis, who showed up at my door at 8;30pm on a weeknight. I was in the process of putting my two small children to bed when she arrived, and I answered holding my tired and upset daughter in my arms. She whipped out her laptop and starting asking questions and I just stared her down, until she finally said “I guess this is a bad time”. Uh yeah, you could say that. I gave her my first name only and my phone number and told her to call me.

I’ve received countless calls and voicemails from her since then and have ignored them all. Somehow, she was able to figure out not only my last name, but the name of my wife as well. I don’t know if she looked me up on the city appraisal website or went through my mail, but it’s pure harassment. I’m going to send in the letter posted here with some personalization added, mentioning her detective work to figure out my last name.

I’ll post again once it’s all over and done with.

Thanks for posting this, just started getting bothered with this. Only 1 housecall so far, probably will get more, since my research has shown that the Census Bureau doesn’t really bother with teaching their lower level employees little things like facts in regards to their legal authority.

Let’s see, to date…two forms, one postcard, possible phone calls left on my caller ID, one visit, which after I refused over and over again, was followed by a Fed Ex envelope stuck in my door. But the real clincher is this, the letter in the Fed Ex envelope had the gal’s name on it that I was to contact (Marlys Smith). Today I received a “friend request” on Facebook and guess who wants to be my friend, yep, same name as on the letter!
During the visit I asked her what happens if I don’t fill it out and she said they could fine me but that “probably won’t happen”. Big brother (and sister) can take a hike as far as I’m concerned, the questions in the ACS are outrageous!

Thank you all for your advice. I just received their second packet with “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW” written on the envelope, after throwing out the first envelope and the postcard about a month ago. Called their 800 number to find out why my response is required, learned about Title 13, etc. and decided that there’s no way I’m going to fill this out. Thanks for the ammo here.

Our response to any phone queries or personal visits will be a gentle, “We refuse to answer these questions because we don’t live in a police state,” followed by “If you feel you should fine us, please go ahead. In order to preserve our right to privacy, we’ll be glad to sue whatever agency fines us.”

This is interesting:

Hopefully budget cuts will make these people go away:

I am so glad that I found this site! I was deeply worried about being fined up to $5000 for not answering questions about my property value, what kind of house I live in, my income, my ethnicity, if I get paid vacations or bonuses, and so many more. I found the questions very invasive and had trouble recognizing how any of the questions had anything to do with federal or state monies being allotted to schools, hospitals, roads and firehouses, as the brochure says. IF this survey IS collecting data on where schools, hospitals, roads and firehouses need to be placed then how come I am not being asked whether or not my children attend public school, or how often I call 911 and how fast they respond? Or whether or not I have medical insurance and go to the hospital regularly and how nice are the roads in my town or are they ridden with potholes? The first time in my life that I decided to give Big Brother the benefit of the doubt and fill out a census, they take advantage of that and send me another one and then threaten to fine me an obscene amount of money if I don’t participate. Thank you for this information and for sharing it with those of us who have been pushed to the point of ‘Enough is Enough’ 🙂

I guess I should keep my hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times, I going to be in for a wild ride. I too have received the first letter stating survey is on its way back in June. That was the first thing that ticked me off. Why waste tax dollars for the warning letter. Got the survey shortly after. Then he postcard reminder to make sure I fill it out and send it back. I am glad I read it before filling anything out. I could not believe the questions they wanted me to answer. I went to the website on the mailings and thought hmm, seems legit. I then did a Google search and only found a few things about it. I wanted to do some research as I never heard of this. I did fill out the official census last year. This after all is my civic duty. That even had me upset with the race questions. I put American at Other Race. I left this survey sit outside on the patio and forgot about it. We had some company over on Friday evening and showed them. They were blown away by the questions also. Well yesterday I received the second survey mailing. Yesterday I decided to do some more research. I found this and several other sites. 99% of the people on these sites have all voiced concern. The other 1% must work for the census bureau. I no longer have a landline. I have a cell for business. They should not be able to link that to my Address. But who knows? If I post signs on my property that trespassers will be prosecuted, and warn the first ACS worker to leave and tell your employer that. Can I have the next batch arrested? Seems conceivable. I had some prospective trash dumpers cited by calling my local PD. The dumpers left before the PD showed up. I gave him the names and truck plate number. Turns out I had some trash they dumped a few days before. I gloved up and found the same name as the guy I confronted. The police told me even with that the most he can get them for is trespassing as I did not see him dump the trash days prior. Any way seems as though I should be able to have them cited for trespassing if I include on the sign ACS employees or workers.

I agree with JJK, I think the other 1% must work for the CB. We also did away with our land line an just have cells.
I have seen on this and other blogs that people have even been called on their cell phones. If you think about it your address is connected with your cell # and if they want to find you they will get your #.

We don’t answer our phones if it there isn’t a name attached to it. We just have one more week to go and it’s over.Our expiration date is July 31st. YEAH!!!

How do you know expiration date?

For those few posters that promote the detailed questions for the benefit of city planners accross the country;
I understand your comments about the need for city planners to have access to valid information to be able to make informed decisions. However, this need does not and should not override – or be allowed to override by voluntary cooperation or coersion – the limits our countries founding fathers placed on the Federal Government.
If this information is vital to the decision makers in a community, then that community should pursue the information gathering – not the federal government.
The fact that this survey provides valuable information for communities does not change the fact that the survey goes beyond the constitutional duties of the Federal Government.

JJK, it’s been about 3 months ago I found the expiration date for our form. I think if you type in the search box the OMB #+ACS you may find it that way. We received ours the first of April and from the other postings I’ve seen it will end 3 months from the time you received your forms. If you received your form the first of May then yours would end the last of August.
Sorry, I can’t be of more help on how to find the expiration date for your harassment.
The OMB # is at the bottom of the I think first page of your form.

Update from 5-26-2011/#83……mailed acs back with cover letter from post office with proof of mailing….phone calls stopped and no show up at my door……till today….received message on answering machine from the Census for me to return call stating a I go again…what is it that these people don’t understand…I have no intention of answering their personal questions..with the heat wave we are having, I’m hoping someone with show up at my door so I can answer it wearing only a bra and panties..being 63yrs would not be a pleasant sight to see!!!!!

Question for you all – what is the difference between ACS and the lovely little note left by a “field representative” for the US Census Bureau referring to a CPS survey? I wonder if the rep. is gonna miss her ID with the USB drive attached that she dropped on my porch?

That is the drive and ID you left on the porch for her to come back for? She had to come back as it is no longer on your porch.

Here’s an interesting interview – believe it’s from 2010.

Here is my update…

Last week the same woman came back to my door at 7:30pm, while I was at home alone with my two children giving them baths. She knocked and yelled for 10 minutes before I answered. Neighbors down the block could hear her screaming “I know you’re in there! I’m not leaving until you answer this door!” Professional, huh?

Once I answered, she was hot, sweaty and royally pissed. The temperature was around 101. I asked if she received my letter and she said no, so I went and got her another copy of it (the very letter provided on this page). After reading the first paragraph, she said this didn’t apply since the letter is only good for the census and not the American Community Survey. After arguing with her some more, all the while holding my two kids nearby, I told her fine, I’ll answer your questions.

Here’s where the fun began. She asked how many people lived in the house. I said 4. Then, every single question that followed, totaling around 50-60 I believe, I answered “refuse”. She huffed and puffed through the whole thing, but I stood my ground and said refuse for every single one. At the end of it, she said, “Gee, you sure have been a big help!” I asked her, “How did you figure out my last name and the name of my wife?” Her response was, “We have ways of finding out information!” If that doesn’t sound like 1940’s Stazsi rhetoric, I don’t know what does.

As far as I can tell the ordeal is over for me. My next door neighbor has a talk radio show on a major 50,000 watt AM station here in town, and I’m going to be telling him the whole story. Hopefully he mentions it on his show, so more people become aware of this abuse.

To Drew, that was great!!! She sure made herself look like an idiot and the neighbors were probably wondering what was going on and who is this crazy woman. I have said all along they already know who lives at RESIDENCE. All they have to do is look up the address in their database and there’s your name.

I think this needs to be put out in a public forum so everyone will know what the ACS is and about there harassment tactics.

Update: I printed up that letter and taped it to my door, and the survey taker read it and reported back that I was ‘refusing’ based on the survey taker’s GENDER.

I am experiencing the same harassment from the census takers in my area, as well.

I just moved into this house, yet they accuse me of not filling out my form. So I asked for another form. But they said they do not have any to send. And then they proceeded to tell me that there was some alleged deadline that was approaching, that I was in danger of missing…giving me only one week to comply.

I told them it was ludicrous to expect me to cater to their deadline, and giving me such a short amount of time to do so. They did not respond. And then just last Friday, they told me that I missed the deadline that was the night before. So I let it go at that, and then they sent another census worker to my house the following day. If I supposedly missed this deadline, why were they still try to get me to answer their damn questionnaire? Now, one week later, I am still getting calls. They even found a way to contact my landlord, as well as calling me on my land line number that I have given out to NO ONE.

I will take your advice, Drew, and give them your letter next time. Thanks for writing it.

In one of the messages that I left for one census taker, I asked how I was supposed to trust their claim that my information would be kept confidential, if they were able to gain access to so much of my personal information without my permission. I have to then wonder who the info is being kept confidential from.

Update: The phone calls are continuing, I got 2 that I know of so far this week and they both left messages stating they were the CB and noting some case number. Tonight’s call was at a couple minutes before 9pm. Thank God for caller ID. We do not answer our phone unless we know who it is anyway but definitely not answering the CB. I’m sure it won’t be long and we’ll have someone at our door. We work weird hours so good luck finding us at home. The No trespassing, etc sign is still up on the door as well as multiple copies of Mr Hayden’s letter. It urks me that I now make sure all my doors are locked at all times and that I’m always wondering when that knock on my door will come. My husband is doing the same thing, he says he’s keeping the Gov’t out! It also urks me how much money the gov’t has to be spending on this, sending that thick survey out multiple times to 250,000 homes each month, plus postcards, letters, phone calls, case workers, field workers. The more I think about it the more the hairs stand up on the back of my neck…. I still stand firm that they are getting no more info from me. I will continue to update and look forward to reading everyone’s posts here. Lets me know I’ve made the right decision…

I just received The American Community Survey in the mail. As I read through it, I became more and more outraged that they would think they have a right to my personal information, though I was chosen by address and not by person. To then read on several web site posts, that people are being harassed by phone and in person, my blood really began to boil. Hopefully I will be able to calm down and be polite, yet firm, after I refuse to fill out the personal questions on the second one. I would hate for them to show up right now. The first is being filed away. Thank you for the information. It is very helpful.

Why can’t we just rely on the 4th amendment of the constitution? In all of my reading of different articles and blogs, it appears that NO ONE has been fined. I think there is a reason the Census Bureau won’t fine anyone; it will bring this issue to court. And, I’m confident to say that in court the whole ACS would get thrown out because it is illegal, based on the 4th amendment to the constitution. If the Cencus Bureau fines just one person, their whole house of cards would come tumbling down.

I have not had a chance to read through all the posts here, so this answer might already posted on here somewhere…but I am wondering if it is possible to put a restraining order on these people. I receive about 3-4 calls per day at work, which our receptionist has now also confirmed that they try to get to me through her. This is complete harassment. And it could potentially threaten my employment, should it get out of hand. They have also harassed my dog walker, my neighbors and even had the audacity to somehow contact my landlord. Under this supposed law they keep quoting to me, the census bureau may have the right to conduct a survey, but they do not have the right to obtain the information by ANY means they choose, including breaking laws of trespassing, invasion of privacy and harassment. And WE should have a right to agree to the kinds of questions they are allowed to ask. Afterall, they claim this census information is for us.

Additionally…I agree about not wanting to respond to questions on the phone. With all the fraud going on, how secure is a phone call any more. The supposed law says we MUST respond. But it does not say HOW or WHAT we must say. Therefore, my response has been to send me the questionnaire. And their only response to that, has been, “We don’t have any more questionnaires to send you.” So I have complied with this “law” by responding. HA!

Can someone let me know about the restraining order? I called my Senator’s office, and the assistant told me to call the police.

Thanks all!

The Census Rep came back to my house during overtime of the Women’s world soccer final. My husband told her that he was watching the soccer final and couldn’t speak with her. She asked him whether should wait until the soccer game was over and my husband responded, “No, I won’t talk with you then either.” She asked whether whe could come back the next day and he said, “Yes, but I won’t talk to you tomorrow either.” She asked why and he answered, “Because I don’t want to talk to you.”

The next day we got a note on the door stating that we were selected by the government to respond to the survey and demanding that we comply because it’s required by law, blah, blah, blah.

We haven’t received any more visits or calls. Our 3 months are up so hopefully we’re done with the Census Bureau.

Well, I received my ACS two days ago and began to review the questions. After the first couple of seemingly non-invasive ones- the increasingly personal / private ones started to cause a festering stew of uneasiness inside of me. I then began to research about the ACS stands for and the implications of not filling the form out entails. Luckily, I was brought to this website and I feel I am much more informed than I was. (THANKS to EVERYONE who has posted above!)

My way of handling the ACS form was to only fill out the first two pages (with the exception of the phone number) and detached the remaining pages from the document. I am sure they (CB) already have access to this information anyway — as evidenced by some of the posters above. In any case, I believe we were indeed ‘singled out’ since my wife in not a citizen of the US — and is rather a citizen of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam {While still a permanent resident of the US – i.e. Green Card Holder}.

I then printed the suggested pre-written template listed above and signed with my initials, date, and form numbers listed on the top and bottom of the page. Instead of sending this back with the ‘pre-paid envelope’ that was included with the mailer; I sent them in a Priority Mailing Envelope with Signature Confirmation. This way, I have proof that this document was indeed sent to their office and signed ‘as received’ by one of their personnel.

I then wrote my State Senator, Chuck Grassley, about my disgust with the ACS and my intentions of refusal to their invasive questions of personal and private manners — as a direct conflict to my Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

In preparations to their future visits – if there are any – is to post NO TRESPASSING, PRIVATE PROPERTY, NO SOLICITING signs in our front window; along with a lamiated copy of the above pre-written template on the front door. If and when they do come calling, I will be putting up 4 => 3′ X 5′ neon ‘safety orange’ signs in my front yard extoling the virtures of such a “Wonderful Organization – that is the CB”. If anyone comes ‘a knocking’; I have already told my wife to only speak to them in Vietnamese and to call the police if they refuse to leave our property. {Thanks again to poster #74 as I we will be using this strategy as well}.
I will update my status as things occur over the next 3-months.

Ref. #77 & #78 – just sent an e-mail off to my Congressman using Kristi’s form letter. Thanks Hayden and everyone for your comments/suggestions, etc., etc. So far, I have received 2 forms, 1 postcard so the fireworks should begin soon.
Will keep you informed if I hear back from my Representative and if anyone shows up on my doorstep.

THANK YOU!!! so much for this site. We have received numerous postcards, both copies of the forms (I threw the first away), and at least 50 phone calls. Today was the latest contact: a mailing sent by FedEx reminding us to fill out the form, it’s required, yada..yada…yada. I’ve got to be getting close to the end of the 3 months time frame. The FedEx driver said he’s been delivering a lot of them recently, and he went on a rant about the amount of money the Census Bureau is spending.

My 19yo daughter was home from college when they made their last visit. She had missed my original rants and dinner table discussions while at college, and did give our name. It didn’t take long and she was freaked out by the questions, and quickly told him that he needed to talk to me. He left a phone number, and a notice that I was required to respond within 3 days. Silly man – he left his home phone number!! I waited a bit, guessed when he’d be out harassing some other poor schmuck, and called his house. I blocked the caller on my cell phone and it was refused by setting on his home number. So, I used a calling card and his wife answered.

I told her that I was “Mrs. so-and-so and that Mr. X had left a notice that I was required to respond within three days. This is my response. Thank you”, and hung up. That was two weeks ago.

We are in a small town in a rural area. There is no reason to worry about traffic patterns, the closest mass transit is 70 miles away. I refuse to answer race questions on ANY form. Just as refusing rights to people based on race is racism, so is the granting of special privilege and rights based on race. I certainly don’t want anyone to know our work patterns (actually, we can’t even figure it out!), and I’m not about to give out a full picture of our finances. My children haven’t attended the local joke-of-a-public-school in years.

I keep hoping I’ll be the one at home when the Census worker arrives. I’m sure that the Sheriff’s office would agree that stalking of my 12yo daughter (since she’s the only one home when they show up) would be something that any parent should be concerned with… maybe an evening in the local pokey will do the trick… gosh…I hope they show up on a Friday: Both judges in this county usually go somewhere else each weekend…

So much for the 90 day rule. We are beyond our 90 days and today we received yet ANOTHER visit from the Census Bureau. This time it was someone new. Four different census workers have come to our home at different times. I told him through the door to go away and he did.

Well I had yet another visit. Told them I’m not doing it, it’s illegal, my gate is locked for a reason(our whole property is fenced, only exit to the road is gate at the end of our long driveway), and since the survey is illegal, they have no legal standing to be there, so they are trespassing if they come on my property. Then I told them to have a good day and turned and walked back up our driveway(I was on my driveway, she was on the road). And she starts YELLING as I’m walking away, stuff like “This is America! You need to follow the rules! If you don’t like America, MOVE!” And that I need to do research.

We received our first survey in late May of 2011. We did not respond. We shortly thereafter received postcard reminder and then the second survey. We did not respond. Then in mid June the phone calls started. We did not answer the phone and haven’t to this day. We’ve let the answering machine get the calls. They started with a recorded call that says “This is a service verification. We will call you back later.” We then received the calls from live people identifying themselves as the US Census Bureau and that we needed to call them back immediately and refer to case number XXXXX. As I have read all the other accounts on this site, I have expected the front door visit. I was hoping that I would be home to answer, but unfortunately, my wife was home when “The Man” from the Census Bureau came knocking. She answered the door, the man flashed a badge at here and identified himself as being from the US Census Bureau. My wife simply stated that she did not wish to answer any of his questions and politely asked him to leave the property. He responded by telling her that he did not want to know who she was. She closed the door in his face and he left. I fully expect another visit.
I have written both of my United States Senators and my Congressman about this invasive survey. I asked my congressman to support H.R.931 that is sitting in house committee. Of course nothing will be done because of the completely dysfunctional government in Washington D.C. Hey folks in Washington! Ya looking for some budget cuts? Start with the American Communities Survey and the Census Bureau! What a complete waste of taxpayers time and dollars.

Do they have the right or capability to induce an IRS audit if we refuse to respond to this invasion?

Remember the Pledge of Allegance?
“…..and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God…”

The Republic representing a government “for the people and by the people” has been lost and it appears God being kicked out; apparently “We the people” have no say in the matter anymore – look at some of the taxes and laws imposed without our vote already.

I guess we’ll see, but BRAVO to those of us who are standing firm!

If we can’t even stop this, there’s no end to what the government will do to us.

Update…Just received my special FedEx letter threatening me with a fine if I don’t participate. This is one day after the first front door visit from my “friendly” neighborhood census worker.

My family is just starting the ACS saga. I have done some research and may
have something to contribute. First, thank you to Hayden for starting this site
and giving us all a place to share ideas and comments. Thank you to all
persons that have contributed to fighting this invasion of personal privacy. For
the record, I am not an attorney and have no aspirations to become one.

The following link takes you to a pdf document by the Census Bureau that is
instruction for the census takers that confront Americans that do not conform
to the dictate of responding to the ACS. Page 30 of the 35 page pdf clearly
states the survey is “voluntary” and that respondents “may decline to answer
any or all questions”. The link is:
2004_griffin_02.pdf I don’t know if you can directly link off this. You may have to
cut/paste or type the link.

Our plan is to return the form with only the number of occupants answered. We will
attach Hayden’s suggested letter, edited to reflect the additional attachment of the
cover page of the pdf and page 30 (A3) with the sentence highlighted. We will put
the census envelope into a plain envelope and request return receipt. We will keep
a copy of letter, pdf, and return receipt available to present if some person from the
bureau shows up un-invited.

Hope it works for us. I’ll keep you posted.

Pushing back in Reno-

I think you may have P.O.’d somebody. The PDF has been removed from the CB site. If you were wise enough to copy it, could you paste it here for us to read?

The link still works. Just did it. Try typing it in exactly as written. This site will not allow direct paste to protect the site. If it doesn’t work for you this time, I will find another way………

Came across a site where you can support HR 931 and also your tell your Congressman what you think.

Appears to be a rather interesting tool for grassroots lobbyists, if you will.


Thanks for sharing with us, Anonymous.

Kevin Hayden

Pushing Back in Reno-

Same with me; even if I paste or type this address. The web site appears to have been shutdown.
Any alternatives?

Harassed in Minnesota-
What criteria did they cite as justification for a fine?

Mr. Hayden-
First, thank you for all your inputs.
Has anyone ever been actually fined for failure to complete the forms?
If so, by whose authority?
And, can we actually make a case to defend ourselves using the 4th & 5th ammendments or citing other court supported cases?
At what point does someone need to get an attorney involved?

This is so very frustrating and WORRISOME!

Just did it again off google and it worked like it should. Make sure not to have the http:// in front. If you have a junk email address and want to expose it, I will email it to you from my junk email address……

@Pushing back,

I as well can’t get the link to work. It does go to the census bureau, but it gives a “page not found” error. What words are you using in your google search, maybe we can find it that way.

I am using the exact letters in my 0942 message, less the beginning http:// Google shows two items, one of which is the pdf. Then it loads the 35 page pdf. Don’t know what to tell you. Maybe Hayden could make it a link on this website.

I’ll do you one better; I’ve added it to the very bottom of the article as a downloable .pdf, hosted from

Cheers and keep up the good fight everyone!
Kevin Hayden

Kevin, thanks for adding the link to that pdf. I just read it, but to me all it is simply a test program that they ran back in 2004 to determine the effectiveness and response rate of the ACS if they changed it to a voluntary program. I’ll read it again, but I don’t think this is ammunition for our immediate issues as it evidently hasn’t been implemented.

Do you read it the same way or am I missing something?

I agree that the report is originated in 2003/2004. The cover page of the report clearly shows reference to 2010 census, so I am going to stick with my position on this. I don’t think they will push it beyond a second and third effort. Let’s face it, our government does really have bigger fish to fry. My answer to them will be consistent, NO! We have changed messages on our phones to the generic computer voice and never answer the door unless we are expecting someone. Glad Kevin put the link on the site. Will keep the site updated if needed. Thanks again to Kevin and all contributors.

@ Ticked and Pushing Back –

I have not even had a chance to read it, to be honest. It’s been a very hectic day for me, but I saw several of you commenting about it or not being able to read it, so I hosted it.

As to its relevancy, I have no opinion – yet.

I’ll give it a read tonight and likely modify the wording around the link URL to reflect what exactly it covers or how it may be beneficial.

Thanks for the feedback!

Kevin Hayden

Great website!

So far my experience mirrors that of others. I received two copies of the ACS survey, the post cards and got my first phone call earlier this week. I declined to answer the survey over the phone and agreed to mail the form. I attached a copy of the recommended letter (with the modifications suggested by the attorney from Missouri) to the ACS form and mailed it today. I answered very few questions.

My plan is to purchase a few “No Trespassing” signs and post them on my property this weekend. I intend to keep my camera near the door and take pictures of the ACS census worker and also pictures of their car. I will probably post the photos on to share. I might also take a video for YouTube in case I’m visited by one of the more aggressive census workers.

BTW – Here’s the correct link for the ACS PDF

Note the characters acs/ between the .gov and the www that are missing from the other links

Also, any idea how many people get follow-up visits if they mail the letter with the ACS form?

To Modoc Bob and others interested, it’s been since April 22, 2011, since I last posted, but I did finally hear from Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) regarding the progress of H.R. 931, by snail mail today. Basically he apologizes for taking so long to reply and says, “It has been referred to the House Committees on the Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees for review, and I am hopeful that we will move forward with this legislation soon”. No real answer but it’s nice to get a reply!

I’m not totally sold on 931. It just seems redundant to me. If ACS is illegal anyways, then it’s NOT mandatory and all Congress is doing is making a new law to reiterate the true legalities of ACS.

This spring I recieved the survey. I didn’t have time to fill it out and was working on filling out when my husband asked what I was doing and what I need the information for. I told him we had received the special ACS…and he told me no way were we going to fill that out. So then, a week or so later we got a postcard, then a follow up letter, and another survey was sent to us. Which we ignored. Then, we began getting phone calls starting in June, the called increased in frequency and became a twice a day occurance. My husband answered the phone day and it was THEM…he told them he would be contacting an attorney and then the calls stopped. Today, 8/8/2011, we got our first visit from a Census worker…so I expect that the Fed Ex threat letter will come tomorrow if it plays out like others on this board. I told the short, lady that I would not be answering her questions and if they needed to contact their attorneys so be it…we’re in Colorado.

So after receiving a couple of surveys in the mail and postcard reminders all going unanswered we received our first visit from the cenus rep, we were home at the time but we dont answer the door if we dont know who the person is, they must have heard we were home and stayed for 15mins knocking and yelling hello. They finally left and left us a note saying by law we had to answer the census. The lady has since returned every day of the week and even on Sunday morning. Sunday morning I had finally printed the letter and waited for her to stop knocking and as she was sitting writting another note I left the letter on the door, she took the letter and did not knock again and we thought we had finally rid ourselves of her. Tonite she came back and left a note saying someone else would be coming back. How long will they continue to visit? And has anyone in CA received a fine? I suffer from anxiety and would be a mess if I had to give a stranger all the information that they ask for on the census survey, they say of course its private information but is anything really 100% private nowadays, I think NOT. But at the sametime I dont have any extra cash for fines…..So annoyed!!! As if I dont already have enough problems to deal with in my life now….

something else to consider re: the constitutionality of this “survey” (which due to it’s coercive nature under the threat of fines is better described as an interrogation)…

besides flying in the face of Constitutional protections embodied in the fourth and fifth amendments, it would seem also to be a violation of the 14th amendment-

“Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Besides trying to make an end run around due process by demanding private personal information under duress sans any warrant, subpoena or court order, the procedure by which one is selected for this treatment-

“We randomly select about 3 million addresses each year to participate in the survey.”

-would seem to also be antithetical to the notion of equal protection and application of the law- the lawfully implemented US census applies to all citizens/households and thus meets this standard, but randomly selecting some citizens for heightened scrutiny of their personal affairs under threat of a fine does not.

Of course the matter might not be seen as cut-and-dried by the courts, but it’s worth noting that the Supreme Court tends to apply a more restrictive interpretation of this clause in matters that would burden fundamental rights.

Thank you for this valuable site. We have been hounded by the ACS for weeks. I threw out the survey, because I thought it was a scam. I never heard of the ACS, before I received one.

They called for a few weeks. I told them we wouldn’t fill out the form. They came to our door a few days ago. The “enumerator” left when I threatened to call the police. Today, an envelope came from FedEx from the Census Bureau. I refused to accept it. I’m sure they’ll come back to our door.

I’ve printed out your helpful letter. I will give it to them the next time they come by. I can’t imagine any thinking American answering the personal questions on the survey. If everyone would refuse this invasion of privacy, that would put an end to this, once and for all!

Here is another PDF from the ACS website:

In the answer to the question: “What are the penalties if I do not respond to the survey?” page 3, it states: “The Census Bureau is not a prosecuting agency. Failure to provide information is not likely to result in a fine. …” In reading other sites, it appears that there is an instance or two of a fine (from the 1960s and 1970s), but it seems rare.

My husband decided to take the census worker’s photo the next time they come to the door. As well as demand that they leave our premises. If they threaten us, stating that we will send a letter about the individual to the the Justice Department, hopefully will stop the harassment.

This ACS is beyond creepy!
When does someone leave for work? What are they stalkers? Thieves? What about the people with small children? Just tell strangers about them? Let strangers know when the kids might be home alone?
They took an “oath”? Did the ACS people have criminal background checks? Are they drug tested on a regular basis. Are they mentally evaluated frequently? What about their stair climbing ability? What if they fall down our steps when they are trespassing? Are we sued? How do we know they aren’t drunk?
Has anyone done a “survey” of how many people were victims of crime after they filled out the ACS?
I have had four mailings, two of them surveys. And numerous phone calls, only two with messages.
On one of the messages the person had so much of an accent that I wouldn’t have known what they were saying if I didn’t have caller ID and hadn’t heard a similar message on the first call.
Has anyone heard of “spoofing”? Where a number can show up on the caller ID that does not belong to the person calling? This happened here with the telemarketing charge card thing. At least four calls with the same recording. but the numbers were all from people in our town. This was reported to the people that the numbers belonged to and also to the police and the phone company. There is nothing anyone can do about it, The people whose numbers came up on the caller ID had no idea their numbers were being used.
So when someone claims to be from the ACS and the caller ID says Census Bureau, there is no way to really know who it is.
Also, the calls start early in the morning til late in the evening. Also on Sunday.
How are the workers paid? Salary? Time and a half? Double time? Does anyone know?
So what it amounts to is that we are paying to be stalked and harrassed and threatened.
Something is terribly wrong here. This too much resembles a certain period in time in the last century when no one paid attention to what was going on until it was too late.
I would imagine this web-site is quite well monitored by you know who!
Why do they want info that they already have?

Great to find this site! I’ve just had my 3rd visit from a “census” worker on 8/8/11.

Last year I answered the 2010 Census like most of you; “2 people reside here” and mailed it back. Within a two week period in 2010 I received 2 in-person visits. I told the people I was not going to answer any questions other than what I was required to under the Constitution and asked them to leave. This Spring (2011), I get a phone message left from someone claiming to be from the Census and to call them back. Naturally, I didn’t. Then last Monday this guy shows up and knocks at the door. He has a laptop and some kind of ID badge around his neck. I answer and ask “Can I help you?” He says he’s so-and-so from the Census; as soon as I hear the word Census, I say “I’m not interested.’ and start to shut the door. He then comes out with, “Well your obligated…” which is as far as I let him get. At this point my Irish temper is up and I respond, “I’m not obligated to answer any of your questions and you can go back and tell that to your boss Obama!” I then shut the door. He goes back to his truck and sitting in my driveway, proceeds to begin typing in his laptop. I’m starting to get a bit paranoid and start to think, “Hmmm, what is this guy typing in?” (probable Tea Party member, right -winger, could have lots of guns in the house, keep an eye on). So I go back out and ask, “Is there some reason why you’re still in my driveway?” He say he’s filling out paperwork. I tell him to “go fill your paperwork out somewhere else” and “to get out of my driveway.” He responds by saying, “You’re kind of a troublemaker”. I then tell him that I answered his questions last year, 2 people live here, that’s all the answeres I will provide and tell him, “Now, get out of my driveway.” Which he does.

Today, 8/13, when my wife and I returned home from a very pleasant get together with friends, we find an official US Commerce envelope stuck in our door enclosing a letter explaining the ACS with a card from the “Field Represenative” in Boston asking me to call him so he “discuss the concerns you have” about “this US Census Survey.” Needless to say, I will not be calling.

Thanks to all the posters above and their experiences and advice, I will now be calling my State and National reps about this blatant harrassment, handing copies of your letter to them if they come back, and calling the Sheriff to escort off my property.

Oh, and as a follow-up – The day after the “Census worker” came to my home, I got the official letter in the mail telling me I was one of the lucky one chosen for the ACS, and that someone would be coming to the house!

Wow , never realized there are so many paranoid people who are oppossed to are government. Guess they just want all government services stopped and then be on their own. Good luck with that?

Richard in Ohio –

Your grammar issues aside, the People have a right and a duty to be suspicious of their Federal level of Government. Our founders clearly understood the dangers associated with this style of governing and so they added numerous checks and balances to prevent it from becoming too monsterous.

Sadly, the Federal Government no longer thinks that they must abide by those checks and balances. This is partially due to apathy in the populace but also due to greed and power-grabbing. These “paranoid people” are merely putting their foot down; marking a line in the sand and finally saying, “Enough is enough!”

It’s not “paranoia” … it’s called the Constitution and Supreme Court case law. Our government can not demand private information under threat of fine and/or violence without probable cause of a crime having been committed.

Get with the times, Richard.

Thanks for commenting, regardless.

Kevin Hayden

PS – I could certainly handle government services being stopped and be on my own. In fact, that would be my preference. I don’t use government services and my ambulatory service is a private company, as it should be. Thanks.

Sorry Richard, but I emphatically agree with Mr. Hayden; I’m glad he’s on our side.

If the government tells you to jump off a cliff, will you do that?

I too would rather the government services be stopped – I’m tired of paying into something that simply perpetuates the problem and of which I receive no benefit!

This is invasion oof privacy and they are using thug tactics to get it. That doesn’t concern you?

To Richard from Ohio: just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. And yes, most of us WOULD like to have the government out of our business and “be on our own”. I’m very sorry you think the govt can take care of you better than you can yourself. SAD.

I don’t remember when I got my acs but it was in my pile for an extended period of time. Ah, I think I lost it. So far, if they’ve called, I didn’t recognize the number on the caller I’d and did not answer. So far no one has shown up at my door. Perhaps the 7 dogs and the fence around the front door are a factor.

My front door reads:
No Trespassing
No Solicitation
We uphold the Second Amendment
Are you sure you want to knock?

Thank you for this information. I am being harassed to fill out the intrusive ACS survey, which does, by the way, contain the threat of a $1,000 fine.

When I originally received the ACS I thought it was the 2010 census which I had already completed and so I threw it away – twice. Then I received numerous notices. Since August 2nd, I’ve been called 10 times and 4 times they have managed to get to my front door – I live in a gated community. Yesterday at 6:20 pm, the census worker was banging on my door so hard that it was ratttling within the door frame. Between the pounding, he rang the doorbell repeatedly. Then slip his notice through my door. 5 minutes later, he was back banging on the door and goint at the doorbell with a fury. I will not answer the questions and I will never answer the door. They want to know information about my fertility and my marriage history – they are nuts if they think I’m going to answer. They must get paid a high wage to get someone to comply – I can’t think of any other reason why someone would be so persistant. And this morning while I was at work, my cell phone was ringing as he was at the gate trying to get in again.

To Tina, hang in there you only have until the end of Nov.They are only suppose to harass you for 3 months. You can call the police and have them removed from your property. Then put signs of PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING on your gate and if they still are harassing you call the police and you can have them arrested. These people have to report to a supervisor and if they don’t get anywhere with the people they are sent out to harass then it makes them look bad an their not doing their job.
You can disconnect the door bell so it won’t ring and you can have his cell number blocked from you phone.

As for Liz, they aren’t going to fine you, if they did fine everyone who isn’t cooperative with them that would cost so much money that they couldn’t do it. They can’t actually fine you unless they take you to court and that would be costly also.

What a joy to read all the letters. I am receiving everyother day telephone calls. I have not had any visitors yet. I have contacted Barbara Boxer’s office. I was told the fine might be $100,00 if I did not respond. Best money I will be spending.

Homeland security? What ever happened to our military? Are they not homeland security? Another government waste of money.

We received the two standard issue copies of the survey in the mail during the summer. They both went in the fireplace with the rest of the “Occupant” and “Resident” junk mail. We thought they were a joke! We never thought for a second that the government would in all seriousness be requiring such outrageously personal information for ANY reason. Then we found the first notice left at our locked driveway gate on the 10th of August. It was followed up with a phone message from the same agent three days later. My husband phoned her back and told her we would not comply with the survey. Her response was, “Ok, thank you”. The same day there was a second notice left at the gate from a second agent. Two days later, we got our first letter in the mail. After two more days, we got our Fed Ex delivery from a supervisor. Next came six more phone messages from yet another agent and another letter in the mail. Now with a new message this morning, the added twist includes mention of Title 13 threat and Wednesday for a deadline to respond. There was only the one personal contact by phone with the first agent.

We are a half mile from asphalt down a rough dirt road in an unincorporated and very rural area 32 miles from the nearest Wal Mart. Maybe that is why we have not suffered more attacks in person. With the warning to respond by Wednesday, we are wondering if the end of August means we will be cycling out of their crosshairs. Does the three months BEGIN with the first mailing of the survey or does the three-month ordeal start with the subsequent harassment? Anybody know?

To Right Wing Extremist– We got our first mailing at the beginning of April with a second mailing about 2 weeks later. Then in March is when the phone calls started, we never had anyone come to the house, but we were ready for them. Posted NO TRESPASSING PRIVATE PROPERTY SIGNS and would call the sheriff if they did go ahead and trespass. We shut off the answering machine so if they did call we didn’t know it. Shut the ringer off on the phone and told family & friends to call us by cell phone.
It is suppose to only last 3 months, so if you get your mailings started in say Aug, you should be done with harassment about the end of Nov.
Good luck and it will pass

Thanks a bunch, Done! The first mailing must have been back in June, as the caller says surveys were sent the previous two months. We have always had the signage on the gate, keep it locked at all times and have instructed callers we would want to hear from to use the cells. It’s a sorry state when a convenience we pay for (our land line phone) is usurped with maddening frequency by uninvited and unwelcome users who do so at the expense of our tax dollars. It took them no time at all to get the phone number for this “Current Resident”. We sure have a big problem with being threatened with monetary sanctions for trying to protect our privacy! But, like you and the other previous posters, we refuse to be intimidated by these goons.

Got the note that they would be sending the survey last week. Today the survey showed up. In the 2000 Census I answered only the number of residents and for race I put, Appalachian American. They showed up computer in hand. I gave the same information to the guy that showed up. He read the riot act, blah, blah, blah. I refused to answer and he left. Got a letter from the IRS in 2000 requesting additional information.

I filled out the 2010 Census as outlined in the Constitution and they sent two more. I trashed each one. This ACS is going in the trash. Our county recently changed our addresses so the survey isn’t mine because my name isn’t Resident and they have the wrong street address. I cut off the landlines last year and only use cell phones. Land is posted and my two large German Shepherds will keep everyone in their car. My only concern is the IRS audit that may be initiated due to my desire of privacy.

Thanks everyone for their comments. Over the past month or two I have received the 2 surveys and postcards, and now today received a flier and card in my door (I wasn’t home for the personal visit). Have not received any phone calls at all but I do have an unlisted number so perhaps that helps.

I plan to take the advice, and send in the front cover, certified/return receipt, with only the number of people in the house and a copy of the above letter referencing the constitutional case. Alos will post a sign on the door and use a camera if necessary.

We’ll see what happens. I hope the 3 month window is correct because all the harrassment will be difficult to take.

ps. See also very interesting article on re: “Census 2010 and the Law”

I spoke too soon. Got my second copy of the ACS a couple of days ago. It followed the first one thru the shredder. When they start calling, is it usually local phone numbers? I’ve have a DC number and several “unavailables” repeatedly on my caller id. If I dont recognize the number, I don’t answer.

I’m not sure if it applies in all states, but I know that in some it is against the law for someone to leave things on your door or on your property in general. So, if there is a contact name that has been left on your property you could check with local law enforcement and see if they can be notified that this is illegal.

Got my first phone call on Saturday night. Thank God for caller ID. Didn’t answer, they left a message
to call them back. Am I better off to ignore them or call and tell them I won’t answer, anyone know?

2nd phone call and message tonight. Ignore or call back? Opinions?

To Paranoid:

Seems not to make much difference either way. My husband returned a call early on in our adventure and informed the representative who had left a message that we would not be complying with demands for answers to the survey questions. Her response was, “Ok, thank you”, and they both terminated the call at that point. It was a polite but short conversation. That was on a Saturday afternoon. The phone calls started in earnest the following Monday. I have read that those who offer the least response get bothered the least. We made no other attempt to respond or otherwise discourage their efforts. We just kept the gate locked and NEVER picked up the phone. We have had no contact since the phone message of August 29th warning us that we had until the 30th to comply.

Tonight I answered their phone call and told the guy one person lived here and that was the only question I’d be answering. He then asked me, “what?”. When I said I tot I had been clear he asked me three times if I was declining to take the survey, answered, you got it, then 2 times asked if I was refusing. I’d say that’s what I was doing. No one must have told him people are against this, he sounded totally shocked. Supervisor next, I aassume, or do they start the visits right away?

I received census forms last year in 2010… and I totally ignored them. ‘They’ called a few times, I think they actually sent someone to my door for a personal visit. if I remember correctly a notice of some sort was left at my door; of course, if I’m not expecting you, than I’m not home. 🙂

Those people can eat my dick. I will not dignify them with a response. Just like everything else that means nothing to me, I ignore it: drug laws, taxes, etc.

The only way we’re going to be free of these fascist ass clowns is by shunning them and everything they stand for. Period. End of story.

You have to have the courage of your convictions and stick to your guns, or else you’ll be bending over for these people for years to come.

I recieved two American community survey forms two weeks apart and almost fell for the you are required to fill this form out spiel. After researching the topic on the internet I decided to throw them out. A few days later the phone calls started because I listed my number on the original census form that I filled out earlier. I repeatedly told the callers that would not be amswering any of their questions and instructed them not to call anymore. The calls continued then eventually a person showed up at my door and I told him I was refusing to participate. I then received a letter trying to convince me how important the survey was, how it was required by law. and how they really hoped I’d comply. It also said that a supervisor would be coming to my residence. If the supervisor actually comes I will instruct him to get off my property. If he refuses he will be required to answer a few questons of his own on an arrest report. In our state (NY), if someone refuses an order to get off your property it’s called trespassing.

Wow. I just got this “survey” in the mail. I was horrified. Even my “hippy” wife thought it was intrusive.
How much I make, what time i get up, where I work, what my pay is, what I drive, taxes, gas bill, electricity bill, what kind of “hispanic” ethnicity I am…
I initially thought it was a scam, since it just said “resident.”

I’m not participating. Thanks for posting this letter! I will most certainly use it.
Very intrusive and honestly, offensive. I’ll fill out the census, not this.

I’m putting VERY private information on here. I mean, if whoever reads this knows where I work, what time I get up, and what I drive…
That’ll put me in danger of burglary.

PLUS, you know they’re spending millions of dollars on this survey. What a waste.
Stuff like this makes me want to vote for Ron Paul.


This survey is wrong. I don’t mind the census… this however, is scary. And to Richard from Ohio…. always fear government. They are NOT your friends. How do you think the Japanese were rounded up during WW2 ( in concentration camps BTW )? They used the Census.

This survey has FAR MORE personal questions on here than the Census.

In 2010, I was hounded by Census workers via phone calls (often twice daily) & visits, which continued although I stated that I had no intention of completing th American Community Survey.

After receiving the actual 2010 Census, I completed the number of residents (only) & returned it. I thought that was it, until it started again, in August this year. I sent the letter you suggested but that didn’t deter them. Since August, I have received 16 phone calls & 6 visits. At what point is this considered harassment which can be prosecuted?

We were called everyday for over a month at all hours of the day and as late as 8:55 pm. We didn’t pick up. We have been visited 4 times by a representative, even on Labor Day. We didn’t respond to the door. Unfortunately our daughter drove up while she was at the door. My daughter told her not to come back. Today we received a letter and pamphlets by FedEx. We had emailed our Senator and unfortunately a member of his staff forwarded our email to the census bureau and we promptly got a letter from them. Maybe that was a big red flag. I feel that we have been harassed more than a bill collector would have harassed us. Is this the kind of country we live in? We are not sure what to do next.

Update to previous entry – So far I have received :
1) a pre-survey letter,
2) the 1st survey by mail
3) the 2nd survey by mail,
4) a larger more threatening postcard,
5) a personal visit and flyer in my door (9/2/11),
6) a personal visit (9/6/11) when I answered the door by mistake and refused – telling them the survey was unconstitutional,
7) another letter by mail (9/14/11)
8) a personal visit and flyer in my door (9/15/11)
9) Lastly, I received a strange ‘Delivery Status Notification Failure’ saying my message has not been delivered to a blackberry email address I do not recognize and did not send something to…VERY Strange!

I am holding off sending anything in as it seems form other folks here that if you respond they hound you more.

I am reminded of a story by a friend of mine who emmigrated from Russia – she said the government hounded/spied on it’s people so much that neighbors would report falsehoods on other neighbors just to get the government off of their own backs. This is one of the reasons she came to the USA.
Folks, we are losing our freedom and our country at and alarming pace! I am sharing this with everyone I know and hope you are doing the same.


I sent my Census in late, and only answered the how many people were in the household. Later a census worker came and I told her I had already sent in the Census count, she replied they did not get it that is why they sent her out. I told her to go look again, as It was sent, she came back quite a few times.

Currently, I am being harassed for the American Community Survey. They sent me two and now after two census people came to my home with no success, have I received a letter from the Director of the Census, basically threatening me with a $100.00 fine.

I am going to print out this letter and mail it back. I am worried, if they apply the fine, what is your advice?

From reading the other comments, it REALLY looks as if the people who are only giving the household count are being harassed by the Census.
My email is
I would appreciate some video responses to this harassment, as I am going to be making a Youtube video of my experience, and would like to include yours.

I contacted the Rutherford Institute. They said that the Census Bureau has yet to prosecute anyone. They said to contact them if the Bureau employees call at unreasonable hours, come to your residence after dark, approach your residence from the back or sides, look in through windows, or take any other actions to invade your privacy beyond calling and coming to your front door.

We received another phone call and visit. We decided enough was enough so we answered the door. Told her that I was only going to answer the questions I had answered on the census short form. She said OK . When she tried to ask additional questions, I said no. She promised that we would not be contacted again.

So we will see if this is the end.

I was a crew leader during Census 2000. Its all very unorganized and nothing to be taken too seriously. I scored high enough on the standard test to qualify for a crew leader job, where I taught a three day class to other people who just walked in off the street, and then I supervised and collected their work for a couple months. At first, any phone calls would be coming from the actual “guy on the street” They are trained to try and get ahold of them by phone after a couple unsuccesful visits. If they can’t reach by phone, they’ll try to get info from a neighbor. Failing that, it gets turned over to the supervisors. In the end, if the Census can get ahold of the basic information of how many people live there, thats the end of the story. We were trained to not make threats, but to just try to convince people that it was Constitutionally ok to ask the basic information. As much as I can’t stand the government, the Census probably falls on the more benign and incompetent side of the spectrum. But that was 2000.

You guys are a kick. I’m so glad that 99.9999 and on percent of the American public in isn’t weird and prone toward long, stupid digressions on Madison, Jeffererson and John Jay with endless quotes from them, the constitution and your brain dead legal sounding mumbo jumbo. The just get on with life, as you can’t seem to do, and anwer the damn questions like they’ve been asked to do. Sheep? Asleep? Sure, if that’s your preference. But, you’re just talking to yourselves; you’re not getting anywhere and your a bad and stupid joke. I’m a extensive user of census data and neither I nor any of my colleagues has ever thought to look up anything about anybody. They’re not coming to get you based on what you put in the ACS questionnaire. Laughable; it’s just laughable. Have a good time, though. Oh, why don’t you bring it to court? Or are they going to come and get you for that? Or, is something wrong with the court system, if you’re so smart and educated on the constituion? You’ll lose like you’ve lost already and will lose again. Keep up you own marginalization, fellas. The rest of us have things to do.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to leave a lengthy comment on something so “stupid” and “laughable,” Tim. We appreciate your concern, but we certainly won’t miss you as we know you have more important things to do instead of standing up for the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

You better hurry along, now. I wouldn’t want you to miss doing something world changing with all of that Census data.



Thanks for the tip about the Rutherford Institute, terryo! I contacted them today.

Last night, around 6:30 PM, someone banged on my front door. I ignored it, as usual (although the Census worker had already been here, at 4 PM). As I was sitting in my kitchen, I looked over & a man was looking in my kitchen window (not visible from the street – it’s located about 60 feet from the street side property line, between my house & my neighbor’s – about 20 feet between the two houses). Naturally, I called the police.

The O’Fallon, IL Police responded, then Officer Klemco informed me that there was no problem – it was a Census worker! I pointed out that he was trespassing AND looking into my window. Officer Klemco stated that Census workers are exempt from trespassing laws AND that IL law states that if I don’t want anyone looking in my windows, I should close my blinds!

Hopefully, the Rutherford Institute will enlighten the Census Bureau & the O’Fallon Police Department.

Anyone have any other suggestions I may have for legal recourse?


This survey also offends the fifth amendment to the constitution. The government is taking personal infromation from you and not compensating you. The fifth says the government needs to give you just compensation.

Reading all the comments in this post is refreshing, and confirms that U.S. citizens have backbones.
Since 2004, a direct relationship has appeared: ” as the jobless rate increases, the invasion-of-privacy imposed by unelected government employees also increases.” Because U.S. jobs are becoming so scarce in part by mis-directed government spending, citizens off the street are willing to fill ACS job positions that require willfully turning-a-blind-eye to carry out the instructions of unelected government employees and invade the humility, personal-security and private-affairs of their fellow citizens. All ACS workers get paid for their time, why don’t citizens also get paid for their time if they so choose to fill out the survey? Fair-is-fair / a-scam-is-a-scam. ACS-workers / fellow-citzens… you can do better.
Special interest corporations many foreign, representing a small percentage of total U.S. citizenship and tax revenue, benefit from the ACS budget, not the vast majority of citizens. The $150million a year ACS budget is primarily made of middle and lower class tax dollars, who would unconditionally benefit better if it were kept in their wallets. The ACS budget should rightfully land on the plate of the United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction [ Super-Committee ] slated as a portion of their goal of debt savings over a ten-year period.
Note: current federal policy includes ACS workers and U.S. Census workers in the posting of “the jobless rate” to make it look better; another reason this budget is available to the ACS.
Closing, I think both the constitutional response and the best response to the ACS is no response.

I too was appalled at the incredible detail of the questions on the Community Survey form. I appreciate everyone’s comments–even “Tim’s” right to protest the protests of others (as if his voice is THE voice of the government and how it will use this information). Tim has been drinking the Kool-Aid apparently, but that’s his right.

I too will be responding with the “patriot letter” as I like to call it. Thanks to all, and God bless America.

A couple of weeks ago, when a ACS person came to our door once again, I gave her a copy of the info you have on this site about it not being Constitutional. I told her to file it. So far, no one has been back to my door, even though it hasn’t been three months since I was first notified. Hopefully, that did the trick and that’s the last of them.

We just received this survey this Saturday October 1st. I’m extremely uncomfortable with these questions. We are not filling it out. I’m nervous about the harassment. So our plan is no contact. I will update when the sh*t hits the fan.

I got the survey, and wasen’t gonna send it in at all and then my daughter said I should send it back so I signed it and gave my tel.# big mistake…I have taken two calls from them and didn’t answer 2 times…both times I answered they hung up on me because I like to taunt I don’t know who they are anyone could say they are census people…The poor first guy that called got so flustrated he hung up and the second one said then you are refusing to be interviewed and I said you can put anything on there that pleases you and he hung up also..oh I also told him I wanted a reporter present when I get iterviewed….I guess the next step will be people knocking on my door,,I’m waiting for that one…Since I’m an eldery lady I just might answer the door and have some more fun but I will hand whoever comes a copy of the letter with the # of people living in my household…But nothing more…..keep the faith people, this is a start…

Before I could read this information my husband wanted to fill out “his” portion just to see if the 38 min was correct. At least I had enough sense of mind just to give him a pencil instead of a pen. Then I got to the part about not defacing it and just returning it with the letter. I’m glad it was just in pencil so I erased everything but you can still see certain important things….like his name. Should I still return it with the letter or should I just ignore it? I see from above comments that it seems people maybe are more hounded if they respond vs ignore it. Suggestions? Thank you all for your above comments and insights. I have enjoyed reading them.

Reading through these complaints I would like to ask you this question. Do you think no government would be better. You are also so tuned in to making these poor census people who are only doing their job difficult. It is almost with delight that you like the repeating phone calls and continued waste of government funds that are acruing as you duck them. This is a huge country with very different needs and issues, that can be measured with reliable data. you have rights to not answer some questions, but come on, mre information is on your facebook page. America love it or leave it still goes.

The more that I read from this site the more embroiled that I become. how about being productive americans and make this country great again instead of fighting it with this garage that is promoted over this site. I’m uncomfortable, all this crap. It’s just a survey. Ask not what your cuntry can do for you, but what you can do for it. Just fill out the survey or perhaps go to Somolia where there is no government and see how you like that!

Thanks for stopping by and voicing your opinion, Nan.

I think you are mistaken. I do not take pleasure in avoiding the Census workers. Rather, it aggravates me, invades my privacy, and is a basic violation of private property rights. If my gate is closed, do not open it. If my fence says, “No trespassing,” that means everyone, including government workers with no credible reason to be disturbing me.

It’s the principle of the matter. We could sit and write about specific instances or circumstances alllll day long, Nan. It boils down to the fact that they are threatening us with force, violence, fines, or threat of jail if we do not answer their questions. I am not a fan of State intimidation.

Are you? I don’t care if the rest of the country benefits from my answers.

The rest of this country would benefit if I gave the Govt an extra $100 on my income taxes…doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.

It’s principle. It’s about standing up against something wrong, no matter how slight.

And regarding your JFK quote, when he told America to not ask what your country could do for you, that includes things such as entitlements and the receipt of Federal dollars – which are based partly upon Census figures.

THanks for stopping in and leaving not one, but two lengthy comments. I am sure that my Google ranking has ever so slightly increased, due in part to the length of time you spent on

Kevin Hayden

Two surveys and one postcard…I’m not responding! Sign the petition to stop the ACS!

I think the harassment for the ACS is aggravating my ulcer. But I’d rather my stomach be eaten by acid then to comply with this b.s.

I called the guy that left his info in my door after ignoring all the mail requests, just to politely refuse since I didn’t want to waste his time (and taxpayer money) and he threatened to put a lien on my home! Is this legal? Does anyone know if they really do that? This is my home and I work hard and pay my bills and taxes and don’t commit crime! I thought this was a free country and the government couldn’t terrorize it’s citizens?

I just got my 3rd or 4th letter (after several visits to my front door) about the ACS and how I am “Required by Law” to participate. BS. If I get to be the first case to go to court, so be it. Rolling over to government intrusion is not the answer. If the average citizen (me) doesn’t stand up, who will? Some have said “hey, it’s just a survey”. With the threat of fines for not answering? Make it voluntary, without the threats, and most folks (not me) would probably do it.

Great website you have here. I went through this ridiculous circus earlier this year. Got the postcard, then the ACS, then the 2nd ACS. Did not get any phone calls due to an unlisted phone number. At the time, I started to answer the questions on my first ACS and became furious with the info that these jerks requested. A census worked visited my house after dark at which time my son answered the door. I told her that I filled out the census but WILL NOT fill fill out the ACS. Got a letter from Philadelphia a few days later and tossed it. A supervisor approached my wife in the back yard while I was not at home and told her that we could both be fined. She told him that I refuse to complete the ACS. Whole process took the 3 months and have not heard from them since (about 6 months ago).

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are getting harassed over the phone for this. I will print the letter, and submit with the census. I found the questions much too intrusive. And just about every question is available to the government in some other agency. This is very helpful and thanks again!

Appreciate this writeup. I’ve been dealing with this headache for a little over 2 months. Didn’t respond to the letter, then the pesky lady began showing up. A visit each weekend (honestly missed the first, avoided the second, avoided the third). The first two were accompanied with letters jammed into the door repeating the necessity of my compliance.

After the 3rd visit, within days (today) I received a more formal demand to comply to the ACS, stating that fines no greater than $500 could be brought against me. Now, I’m no lawyer, but I looked up the Code that they refer to (Title 13, Section 182 and Section 225) and it didn’t appear either applied to the ACS but perhaps the 10 year Census. They were also kind enough to provide me with a somewhat blurry copy of Title 13, Chapter 7, Subchapter 11, Section 223, which pretty much just details the ‘You’ll get fined $500’.

I’m looking to fight this myself. Originally, I just didn’t want to answer the questions based on their overly involved nature, but now I’m really interested in actually fighting this practice the more I read up on it. I’ve read in a few places that there haven’t been any charges pressed against those who refuse (the Wiki on ACS suggests that they even plan for a small percentage to do just that) so I’m not TOO worried about fines, but I’d love to have a rock solid piece of literature to throw at them to cease their harassment. Your write up seems to be the ticket. Thanks for going through the effort to post this.

Hopefully others will continue to fight this overly invasive survey.

Just received the first “mandatory” ACS survey today and instantly got that creeping gut feeling I get when I’m being taken advantage of. My wife loves filling things out, but looking through the survey I quickly refused and began to Google the name of the form. Took a couple of tries, but here I am. Anyway, I’m sort of stuck between three options:

1) Filling out the parts of the survey that seem logical and necessary, not including my name and any specific information about me… and especially not my phone number; making sure to write “Willfully Abstain” in those sections… that seems pretty cut and dry to me.
2) Ignoring it completely and hoping for the best.
3) Following this website’s advice and sending a letter back.

My problem with option 3 is that it seems that those people choosing to do this option seem to get harassed the most. I have an anxiety disorder and a tendency to become physically aggressive when someone violates my rights, even if those rights aren’t legally protected… The fact that I don’t have a home phone and will not be listing any other phone number leads me to believe they will visit more than normal, and I don’t like the idea of trying to quell a storm of rage when someone who is “legally” allowed to harass me tries to extract information from me. I know that they will be just trying to do their job, but I tend not to have a logical train of thought when someone steps on my toes. Threats just make me more angry and more aggressive, not scared.

Option 2 seems more plausible, considering there will be no number listed and my wife is literally terrified of any stranger, relentless of whether he/she is there in a legitimate capacity. My concern is that they may try and harass her while she’s coming in/out and she will be both scared and willing to tell them whatever they ask just to make sure it never happens again. Yes, she has an anxiety disorder as well, but it edges more towards fear and not anger. Anyway, my concern with that is they will first harass my wife and then elicit anger from me without any ability to defend her, which is probably my greatest fear and the fastest route to a violent end in my book.

Option 3 seems like the “obedient-but-guarded citizen” route to take, but from what I’m reading this will not stop them from trying to gain more information. Of course, it does make me feel better to be able to say that I complied as far as I’m willing to comply and actually responded to more questions than I was constitutionally bound to respond to… Just to me that seems like the most non-hostile, open, and friendly response I could give to our new big government survey. Seems like it would put me in the gray area where they would realize I’ve done what I can to comply, am not trying to be difficult, and they have the information they need from me to know how to make an informed decision about the money they will be spending on their 3 million dollar toilets next year.

I need thoughts, though… Why is sending a letter refusing to fill out this survey better than just ignoring it? Principal? I get that, I do, but in light of my emotional… eccentricity, and my desire to stay out of jail for assaulting a government employee, is it particularly wise for me to ding myself on the supervisor’s radar as a difficult citizen that needs extra attention?

Actually, that perspective leads me to the conclusion that ignoring it may be the only viable option for me. Just like the attention-whore sitting up front and asking all of the questions: the less attention the room gives them the less they will speak. That seems both logical and socially sound.

I still have to consider the fact that I could just print out a copy of the answers I am willing to answer, as well as a willful abstention for the rest… That way they get a little of what they need and not any of what I don’t want them knowing… like my name, that I have an anxiety disorder that makes me avoid confrontation and smile when I’m actually angry, and that my job knows I’m undependable about time and so I leave at different times every day and they just understand because I work hard when I get there… really, there isn’t really enough room to write all that anyway.

So… again, what do you people think? Best route to take without divulging too much information or putting a big, red, flashing circle around my house?


xreply–For whatever it is worth…..I followed Hayden’s advice almost to the letter. Check my post of Aug 2. I received delivery confirmation on Aug 5. To date, we have not gotten one phone call or knock on the door. Maybe we are just lucky. I have a copy of the proof of delivery just in case someone shows up. Plan to just politely ask the person to please check their in basket and give them the copy of the proof of delivery. They can have more information when we are court ordered, and not before. Have talked to two attorney friends and they advised to make copies of government ID’s presented so we’ll know their names. Good luck. Hang in there.

Thank you Hayden!! And to XREPLY, I completely understand how you feel! I googled Refusing the ACS & found that I am not alone in refusing to be bullied with interrogative questions. I am another who becomes angry not afraid when pushed. I filled out the first part but as I read on, I too, Sent it in & thought nothing more if it.
Two weeks ago, a man drove past our NO Trespassing signs & up to the house. I opened the door as he got out of his car & asked why was he there. He said he was from the Census Bureau (he showed NO ID of ANY kind) & with an attitude of entitlement, began walking toward the house. I told him that I had already sent it in. Arrogantly he says,” No you didn’t. We just sent it out a few weeks ago.” Now, he’s called me a liar !! He continues toward the house & I told him,” I’m NOT answering anything! I have an appt & I’m late.” He said he’d come back Monday @ 2pm. I said nothing& walked away. We receive a card in the mail saying Mondays Columbus Day & he’d be here Tuesday at 2pm. I didn’t answer. He left papers crammed in the door with a note to call. In the following ten minutes, he drove through our driveway several times,setting off the alarm each time. He stops again on the 12th, I didn’t answer. No papers. Several days later, we receive a letter addressed to my husband (our names are on a door plaque) stating that “HE” had refused to answer this mans questions & if “HE” did not comply that “HE” may be fined $5,000.00 & supervisors would be making visits to the home & urged compliance. The man NEVER spoke to or even met my husband !! Who is the liar ? I got angry. I came in & googled his name. I found out that he had lien on his property for $34,000.00. He owed that kind of money to the goverment & they think I’d give him access to anything concerning us? It’s been about 10 days since we’ve heard anything else..yet. I have questions for anyone that can answer. If it;s “anonymous” as some have claimed, why does the form have a bar code, why do they need your name & how do they claim you did or didn’t send it How is it protected by the Constitution when it says it’s a “survey” I say BS. Let me ask YOU a few questions & see if YOU answer me!! I’m fighting back & if it comes to it, to court I will go!! Use a video camera if they come to the door, google their names ( you might be surprised what you find) & ask them personal, invasive questions. Such as, so I understand you went to prison for embezzling almost $40,000.00 from a local bank & now you’re a supervisor for the Census Bureau, harassing me for information (true story).

I meant to say after reading on, I too had that sick feeling in my gut that somethings not right. I did NOT fill out the complete survey. Thank you again, HAYDEN!!

Okay, I copied the letter suggested and mailed it along with all the stuff they sent me in the second letter. They had the right address but the wrong town and plus 4 zip tag. Will await the possible responses I can expect after reading a good chunk of the comments.

The harassment is unbelievable. When they come knocking they ring the doorbell, knock, rattle the door handle. Scared my kid. First thing out of the mouth was a flat lie. She claimed it was earlier than it actually was. Heck, she came at a time where I normally wouldn’t open the door. She firmly demanded entry. Heck no! I shut the door in her face. More rattling the door knob and stuff. Then she stuck the envelope through the door. It isn’t easy to do and it caused damage.

She left her name and number. Wow, don’t they teach these people anything? I now know where she lives! Maybe I should come knocking at her door.

This is government sanctioned harassment. No more land of the free. It’s now the land of “we can send strangers to your door who legally can scare your kids”


no one has the right to personal information. there is to much scamming going on for this kind of info to go to ANYONE..the government has made a mess of anything it has done so why should anyone have to give out information to them. .

My problem with the acs is it us only being sent to about 1.5 million people. They also state that the people were chosen randomly in the letter, but the acs website says that the people were chosen in a very “scientific way ” . Now a very scientific way is not random, but seems to have a specific intrusive tone to it. They also say this info will given to home builders ?? , and if that’s true hell that means everyone gas access. They are going to ensure our Privacy … Get real !!! This is the most outrageous thing I have ever seen. People we need to vote out every single government official in washingtion dc as well as all state governments. We need a totally clean slate. How dare this us commerce dept. idiot in our government even think of sending out a letter for a citizens private information with threat of harm !!! He should be told to resign immediately !!

Corrected some of my mis spellings…
My problem with the acs is it is only being sent to about 1.5 million people. They also state that the people were chosen randomly in the letter, but the acs website says that the people were chosen in a very “scientific  way ” .  Now a very  scientific way is not random, but seems to have a specific intrusive tone to it. They also say this info will given to home builders ?? , and if that’s true hell that means everyone has access. They are going to ensure our  Privacy … Get real !!!   This is the most outrageous thing I have ever seen. People we need to vote out every single government official in washingtion dc as well as all state governments. We need a totally clean slate. How dare this us commerce dept.  idiot  in our government even think of sending out a letter for a citizens private information with threat of harm !!! He should be told to resign immediately !! 

I have been chosen also. So far I’ve received two inquisitions and daily calls to my home phone. I have not responded or answered the phone (thanks to the screening). Often they leave a message, sometimes they do not. I have been assigned a “case number”. I probably should be expecting “visitors” soon. I was mostly apathetic and undecided on the next election. The ACS has moved me over to the Ron Paul camp.

Sorry to hear about being the next “chosen one,” but welcome to the Ron Paul camp!



I received this piece of trash in the mail today. Back in 2000 I received the long form Census form. I only answered the questions that are truly necessary…how many people live in this home. The rest of the questions I wrote, “none of your business.” I got a visit from a lady that lives in our community. She was there to get the rest of the answers. I politely told her that I had answered all I was going to and there was no need for her to ask me for more info. She said Ok and I never heard another word.

Now I receive this form!?! These are the same questions I refused to answer before. My plan for now is this…I will show the form to my husband and tell him of my decision to refuse to respond. My act of civil disobedience. If I get another, I will also ignore it. I will not answer the phone to numbers I don’t know and will politely say no to any house visitors.

Most of the questions on the ACS are already available …. from Tax forms, documents recorded in our County Court, and records in various agencies both state and federal.

I printed the letter, put it with the ACS packet, and will ignore it.

Great information … thanks

I got the letter with the survey in it today. Come to find out they wanted me to take it online. So i went onto the website and filled out how many people lived at my residence. When i got to the next question (cant remember what it was, i think my name) i found that if you leave it blank and click next it pop’s up with the “You didnt fill something out” error… so i said what the hell and clicked continue again… and it worked, it left it blank… so long story short, gave them how many people lived at my address and submitted the form online.

Let’s see what happens now.

When the census taker came to my place she asked if it were my perminate resident? I said no, she didn’t ask about any other place she said this was just her area, turned and walked away. I was pleased as punch sinice I do reside here and it’s a” Year Round Campground.” Your asking how ?? According to our contract when we signed, we have to leave every 60 days for 24 hrs. so that we are not a perminate resident.

Yes we own the land. We aren’t any where on any census. Yes ther are plenty of lots here…but be warned the water isn’t fit for consumption with all the farm run offs of chemicals, cow patties, ect. and not all lots have a septic tank. The owner doesn’t care & won’t invest in digging a deeper well.Only what he can charge & spend else where. They lie out their arses to sell lots & break every promise made afterwards.

I thought peace & quite, it is when 2 of the neighbors aren’t home or asleep. I Guess thats one way of beating the Corrupt Government we have & I have no problem with it . Between them & Insurances we we have lost enough pay.

Second survey arrived last week. Tonight there was a message on our phone from the Census asking us to call back. I will not be calling back and will not be filling out the second form. I’m hoping for little resistance from these workers. We shall see.

Well, i wish i found this site b4 I filled out the census by answering only one question. (indicating “4” as number in household) and mailed it back. Now i have a local census worker calling every other day, and yesterday a worker come by the house and left a card and brochure. I have been ignoring all calls!

Got my second form a week or so ago and my first phone call tonight! My heart was pounding fast but I knew I wasn’t giving in! She asked if I received the form and I said that I did. She asked if I completed them and returned them. I said I did not. She said I could complete it with her over the phone right now or some other time and I said I wasn’t going to do that. She asked me if I realized it was “mandatory”. I said “no it’s not”. She said “yes, it is”. I said “no it’s not”. This went on once or twice more until I said “are we done?” I think she said “yes” and I said “goodbye” and hung up. I don’t have caller ID so I can’t tell when they call so any advice for what to do next time? I printed out some pages from this link so I’ll have them close at hand. I could read some of it to her or just use it for reference while I talk to her. Or once I find out it’s the Census Bureau should I just hang up? I bet the in person visits will be even funner. Yipee!! Can’t wait to see big government up close and personal. 🙂


What a great comment. Thanks, Kathy. I love your enthusiasm! The in-person visits ARE much more fun!

Cheers and keep us updated!


I was one of the lucky few to get the chosen for the ACS. I refuse to fill this out!I never replied and got another one. I did nothing. Later, a census woker came to my house and I wasn’t home. My wife was and didn’t answer the door. They came again and respectfully said I was not going to participate. She asked why and I told her the questions violate my privacy, etc. This went back and forth. I was always respectful and said I know she has a job to do and this was nothing person, etc. A told her I am aware of the penalties of refusing to do so and that she would need to do what she had to do. The only question I did answer is that this was my permanate address and that I will not be moving anytime soon.

I fully expect another vistior in the future. How far has this been taken legally?
Has any ever really been fined for this? I am willing to fight this to the end.

Got two surveys in the mail, than a phone call asking if they got the correct phone number, I said I wasn’t going to answer that. She said that she would put that down as my answer and give it to the supervisor. I than starting researching Title 13 Section 141, 193, and 221 of the U.S. Code, than I found your web site. Thanks a million. I am tired of our Politicians trying to make this a Socialist state.

I now can count myself as another American you must justify his right to privacy. I have received the 2 “mandatory” forms in the mail and received a Sunday visit from my local field rep, too bad I was not home. The very Next day the field rep decided to show up at my house when my wife was t home alone. She did not give him any information other than you will need to speak with my husband who will be home sometime after 7pm. We went to to run an errand missed our rep again! He left another card and note stating he would be returning to my home the next day or following one. I did some quick research and call him from an unpublished call center number ( not mine :)) . I would not give him my name, only the address he had on file. I let him know I would prefer that he not return to my property again. He then tried to get the survey completed over the phone. I explained that I would not be filling out any survey as I did not believe in the legality of it., I Told him I would choose to my right to stand on the 4th, 5th and 9th amendments, I then wished him a good day and end our phone call….. I wonder will he still show up? I advised my wife if he come on the property request that he leave , or call the local Sheriff office and have him escorted off the property. I’ll post more when we see what happens in round three……

Several weeks ago I received my ACS in the mail. It was addressed to “resident” so it immediately went into the trash with the rest of the junk mail. A little while later came the threatening letter and the second survey. Deposited in the same account. About a week ago there was a card left on my door asking me to call the field rep for my area. I did not. On Monday, another card was left on my door suggesting that if I had any questions about the ACS I could call one of the listed numbers. I had no questions. Tonight I had my first face-to-face encounter.

The lady knocked on my door at around 7:58 PM (did not think they were supposed to make house calls after dark?). I decided to face the issue directly. After a couple pleasantries, she stated that surveys had been mailed to me. I said, “yes mam.” She continued, “have you returned them?” I said, “no, mam.” She asked if I was going to return them. I said, “no mam.” She asked, “do you know according to the law you have to return the survey?” to which I replied, “I know that the U.S. constitution only permits you to do a headcount so I will tell you that there are two legal, U.S. citizens at this address.”

At this point she said she could work with that, flipped open her laptop and asked for my name. I told her, “that information is non-essential.” She said she would enter the info as male at my address. Then she asked if the other person was male or female. Again, “that information is non-essential.” She must have figured out she wasn’t going to get much information and asked me if I were going to answer any more questions. I said, “no mam.” She didn’t press the issue but asked me to say that I was refusing to answer more questions. I told her that I would refuse to answer any more questions. She informed me that her supervisor may want to follow up with me in the future. I said, “yes mam” and she left.

We’ll see what happens and I will post if there is more to report.

I received all the notices File 13,visits 2or 3 didnt answer door, and a few phone calls hung up.My wife answered the phone and told them 2 people lived here. Never heard another thing.

I got all the notices and 2 visits from the census woker. I told him I was not participating. His supervsior came out and left some propaganda at my door along with a card to call. I called back with an anonymous number and repeated that I will not be participating. He asked me if I was aware of the fine up to $5,000. I answered yes. He said that my “compliance” date is up at the end of the month. We shall see…

****has anyone ever heard of this fine actually being issued?***

No one has ever been fined. This is according to my own research, the ACLU, and the Census Bureau.

Cheers and good luck!


Unbelievable Government intrusion.
The census lady just left my property. I live about 7 miles back from the main highway (which is 21 miles from any main town) all dirt road and washes to my property. My nearest neighbor is 0.5 miles from me.
The Census knocked on my door. Which means the census disregarded my NO TRESPASSING sign and drove on to my property and up to my house. I live on 40 acres mind you. When i answered the door she flashed her ID and started to introduce the Survey she was here to conduct. She asked if I got the letter she left on my gate, “It must have blown away” I said. I asked her if this was Census, she said it was the community survey. I told her that there was 2 adults that lived here and that is all I was going to provide. She was persistent and kept trying to get me to invite her in for a survey. I told her that I will not answer anymore questions. She said I could use a fictitious name, I stated to her “that would be fraud, are you asking me to commit fraud to conduct your survey?” she said nothing in response. She then said that you can refuse to answer the questions I just need to ask them, she said she had a job to do and I was required by law to take the survey, so I told her that I refuse to answer all the questions no need to ask them. I asked her what law requires me to provide other information and she stated the Constitution requires me to. I asked her to show me her law because I know the constitution and there is no law requiring me to tell you my date of birth or name, and she looked through her bag of tricks and found she had nothing to show me the law with, guess she forgot it.. She then insisted it was to help my community and she stated and I quote” Its clear you don’t give a rats ass about your community, but..” I exploded. How dare you come on my property and insult me. I am a minister and I help my community and we help ourselves. I told her to leave my property and she refused. I told her I would call the sherrif to remove her, she said go ahead. Then she told me, and again I quote” you obviously dont know your scripture, it tells you to obey the law.” Well I was done, I refuse to entertain this women anymore. I gave a final plea for her to leave my property. She then drove off my property and sat right outside my gate for 15 minutes before driving off.

Now this experience brought me to find this site while looking for the government complaint line. (LMAO… government complaint line.)

The angry me says “…..$!@& ^$#% @^$%*…”
But I am a man of moral and ethical principles. “The Constitution is the law. and it is very clear and my loyalty is to it, and I will not bend. Its called Integrity.
I have every bit of mind to hold someone accountable for the intrusion of the federal government onto my property, and the insulting comments of the federal government towards me.

I am mad as hell.

I support your initiative Hayden. and thanks for the supporting information.

We have had 2 copies sent, numerous phone calls, some with requests to call back…which we did not. Someone came two weeks ago, to which I politely responded we do not have to fill it out and would not sit down and fill it out with him. One came again today, I guess, b/c he/she took the letter I printed from your site off the door on which I had written “4”. We were outside in the back, but no one came around. My daughter said she saw he/she put something in our mailbox!!! She just now came in with a FedEx pkg from them that was on the driveway in the dirt…guess it got blown off the table where the FedEx person put it. I would attach the letter to the form, but my husband started filling it out before we realized what we were doing and info we were putting on there. I hope this will suffice and they will leave us alone!!

why don’t you come up with a form letter for people to send to their representative and senator to the US Congress? when we’re looking for ways to save money, a zero budget for the census bureau for the nine of ten years without a census would fix this incursion into private lives pretty quickly. God bless you!

Just received my second ACS addresses to “resident of” and my address. Also got a postcard in between the two surveys. I may use the template cover letter (above) and return their latest attempt, or may do nothing and wait……………..just for fun.

Found this site while doing a search on resisting the ACS. Thank God for the internet. If not for the net and alternative media, our current fascist-in-chief would have won 80/20 in 2008

I read somewhere in recent weeks about a US Senator or Congressman who tried to submit a
bill to restrict the ACS in 2009, I believe. It got nowhere fast. Do you know who this is? I’d like to
urge him or her to pursue it again, as well as my own representatives.

My journey with the ACS started in mid-Sept. with the announcement letter. I received 2 copies of the
survey, one at the end of Sept. and one at the end of Oct. Since Nov. 2 I’ve had 7 phone calls. In mid-Nov.
I found your web site and used your template letter to return my unanswered survey. I told the 4th caller
that I would be mailing the survey on a certain Monday and that she could stop calling now. Her
response was that they “had to keep calling until they received the form.” The 5th and 6th calls were on
a Sat. and Sun. on the same weekend. I told both that I mailed the form and the date it was mailed.
Here again today the 7th call. I told her also when I mailed the form and was told that they hadn’t
received it yet. I said it wasn’t my problem and to ask the people in IN (the return address on my
survey) to look for it. So far, no personal visits. But, I did receive the long form Census in 2000 and
completed only the questions asked on the short form. 2-3 months later, with no phone calls or
warning, 2 women showed up at my BACK door knocking furiously. I gave them the same response
about invasion of privacy, etc. and they said they would go if I answered one more question, so I
told them how many toilets we had in the house. The nerve!!! This time – absolutely no additional

Thanks for this most-informative and helpful website!

Thank you for this information. I am sharing it with anyone who will listen or needs to know. So far, I’ve received phone calls (on my unpublished cell phone). Not sure how they got that number….some random selection they said. Then I get the American Community Survey in the mail. I did not reply. Now a second arrived in the mail. I will follow your advice and I thank you for helping to ease my worry about how I should respond. I must protect my right to privacy and it really bugs (being polite) me when the government tries to stick its ugly nose in it. God bless you, and God bless America.

I had not received a buffer letter informing me that I was going to be receiving a survey from the ACS. It all just showed up together . The survey , the buffer letter as well as a colorful pamphlet with a guide. I seen the block where it said ” your response is required by law” and felt a sting of ” no it’s not” run through my brain. As I browsed the survey, I knew I had to crack my knuckles and begin my research for my official response. Thank you for the well laid out information . I have duly noted the many key parts.

I have received my first ACS in the mail yesterday. There is no way I am filling out all of those questions. I didn’t even fill out all of the questions on the regular census and I am definately not filling out all of this one. Got to say that my wife is kinda worried about what will happen, but I am not filling it out.

I received my “buffer letter” late last week and almost tossed it in the trash because it was addressed to “resident of”. I decided to search online a bit first and am so glad I found this site. The ACS form arrived yesterday and I was stunned by the intrusive nature of the questions – a total invasion of privacy. There is no way I will answer them. I tend to be pretty high compliance but this is simply beyond the pale. I am a little nervous about the potential consequences but it is time to take a stand before all of our rights are surrendered to this out of control government. I will respond with the letter above and post again as events unfold. Thanks for this valuable site.

Since October, I’ve received 2 surveys plus a card. Today was my 1st phone call. Tomorrow I will return the survey blank with the cover letter. Here’s hoping they lay off & stop wasting taxpayer resources.

The count is up to 5 additional pieces of mail, a personal visit (did not answer door) & 5 phone calls. Most recent call asked me to call a 215 area code number: Philadelphia. I see all this harassment as a HUGE waste of taxpayer funds. Standing Firm In My Refusal to Reply to the American Community Survey!

In February we got our (hopefully) final call. I said the magic word, “REFUSE”, as in, “I refuse to answer any questions.” That seems to have ended the harassment. Now I’m waiting for notification of our IRS Audit, or similar backlash. Grr!

We received our first form to fill out on October 5th. We received a second one maybe 3 to 4 weeks after that. All of November up until Thanksgiving we were called by the CB at least 3 to 4 times a day. We never answered the phone and never called their messages back.
Today December 3rd we got home to find a note in the door from a CB worker saying they will be coming back.
I am nervous about the face to face visits. I will only answer how many people live in our house and nothing else.
I have two little ones and am home by myself a lot. So really wonder how this will go down. If we are inside I just plan on not answering the door. If we are outside I will only answer how many people live here.

Got a letter last week and the big form today. Thank goodness this site is here. The questions are too intrusive. I answered 2 for the number of people that live here then wrote “refuse” on all the other ones. Put it in the return envelope, sealed it and sent it back. I expect to be left alone, I will post if they start bugging me.

By the way, what does my name, if I have a toilet, how many rooms in my house, have to do with my number of elected officials?

Received the buffer letter, then got the survey. Very intrusive questions. I read the Title 13, United States Code (U.S.C.), Sections 141 and 193 that they reference as their “law” that requires us to fill out the form. It does not state that we are required by law to fill out this survey. The only information I could find that we are required by law to give to the census bureau is the number of people that live here. I already gave that info in the 2010 census. I will give that same info to this survey so I am not violating any laws. I will post again here if they don’t accept it and start to harass me.

Thank you for this site, and God Bless this Republic!

I just did one of these in June and then about a week ago, they sent me the buffer letter and then I got the survey in the mail a few days ago. I am so angry at the questions. Whose business is it what race I am, what my ethnicity is, how much money I get in a month. I’m not comfortable giving out any of that info to anyone. And I’m angry I have to do this again when I sent it in June. And their new letter says I was “randomly” picked for this again. Honestly, I wish I could just call them up and tell them to go screw off. I’m physically ill, disabled and in alot of pain. I’m not up for making waves and fighting them. But they don’t belong bugging us with this crap. It’s a creepy racist survey that is far too intrusive.

Anyone up there hear me spinning in my grave? Use your COMMON SENSE America!

I received the card without the surveys the other day. I have received no surveys yet but I called the number on the card and they told me that they couldn’t send out another survey but could conduct the survey over the phone. I do not want to do this survey. I have not had anyone come to the door yet but I keep getting an 800 phone call that when I answer, no one responds on the other end although I repeatedly say hello. I would like to know how many people are complying with this survey and how many people are as angry and feeling as invaded and threatened as I do.

Just had my SECOND PERSONAL VISIT from the same man. This after two surveys, numerous phone calls, and several threatening letters. . . you get the picture. Each time I politely refuse to answer on privacy grounds. This is insane! My tax dollars are paying for personal visits, mail, and phone calls that are bordering on harassment. Thanks for the letter template. I’ll keep it handy in case I have to defend myself against “The Fine”!

Got the buffer letter and survey a couple of months ago. I read through it and thought there is no way I am giving this level of information to anyone. I threw the form away. A couple of weeks ago, I came home to find a pamphlet and card from a CB taker. I called her. She wanted to come by when I was home to talk to me about the survey. I told her that I would not respond to it that I’ve already been the victim of identity theft and I no longer give out any personal information unless it’s absolutely necessary. I asked her if I could be punished under the law and she said “no”. But that if I didn’t comply at least partially a supervisor would come out (whatever). She came by a few days ago when I wasn’t home. Spoke to my daughter who told her nothing. She came by again this evening around 6pm. I told her again to stop bothering me and that I would not be responding. She again said that a supervisor would be contacting me. (again, whatever). I’m really glad to find this website because when they come back, I will simply tell the how many people live in my home and nothing more.

I received my form in October and the phone calls are coming now full force. I’m glad I found this website (thanks Hayden!). I am going to return the form with a letter as recommended using the template. But first I wanted to ask if anyone has signed their own name rather than “A citizen of the United States of America”?

Also is the ACS form itself available for download (so far I have not found it) or am I going to have to scan it? I plan on a mass distribution to my friends (none have ever heard of it) and possibly a Facebook post!

Dennis. You can find the survey on line at Poke around under documents. It is there. I signed the survey and letter as “resident” just as it was addressed to me. Haven’t heard a thing since sending it in with the cover letter in August. Hope it works for you.

I too have had the 2 surveys, perhaps phone calls (I don’t pay attention to 800 numbers), and a visit from a field officer. He knocked but we didn’t hear him, and he left a brochure and a request to call.
I’m not a teabagger nor a libertarian, and have participated in the census with no qualms, but this survey is outrageous. I read it in disbelief. Not only do I not have the time to sit and fill it out, but every fiber of my conscience tells me not to share this level of personal information. I would even go so far as to fill out most of it without my name, but they seem to want all or nothing. So it’s nothing.
Thanks to the author of the website! I will print out the cover letter and send it in with the survey. Thank God I live in Vermont with sane and progressive representation to whom I may turn if threatened with a fine. And I hope everyone keeps posting updates.

We just purchased this place Oct 28 as a weekender only home and this past weekend the pamphlet and the letter regarding the ACS was left with the CB reps business card and a hand writtern note stating she needs to hear from us right away as this is a mandatory census and your federal deadline is here and to please call so she can return and or take care of by phone. Since this is not our permanent address it will be interesting to hear what she has to say when I call her. The form letter states the address was chosen and not me personally. Interesting since I received the same survey at my permanent residence maybe last year and after researching and many phone calls from them I finally answered and said the Constitution doesn’t require me to fill this out and hung up and never heard back….makes me wonder are they going about this a new way???? Will let you know the response. Also this property is marked no trespassing and she did it anyway…..AMAZING!

Thanks Reno,

I looked at that survey and it is the 2005 version which is a bit different than the one I received. However when I searched for “ACS questionnaire” rather than “ACS form” I found the current one at

What is it with this ACS – Husband has some debt, does anyone else who received this ACS have the same thing? Am wondering how they randomly choose people & if so, why dont they go to the neighbors or someone else if you refuse to take it? They stand at the door & will not leave – isn’t this loitering or harrasment!!! Do they know that the collection of data by someone who lies is not really accurate data??? I was informed fine is $100, by my attorney son. Also this is confidential to your name but can use this by your address as information – it is public access! Am angry & feel we should have a right to refuse. Census B needs to choose people willing to take survey so it is an accurate census, after all isn’t this the point?.

I got both mailings and practically 2 times daily since November I get phone calls from the census bureau leaving messages or hanging up when I don’t answer. My issue……..first of all at first I had no issue with the mailing and started answering the form. Then, I started feeling “bad” about the questions asked and my feeling that these questions are too personal. So I quit! Most of the information they are asking the government already has and can look up on my tax forms. My other comment, how interesting that the government has the money and manpower to spend on this when they already have this information. I give it up each year so I can pay my taxes! I looked up my responsibilty as a citizen and other than my taxes which takes me forever to fill out, the regular census, which I cooperated with and now this……forget it! Plus, who has the time. I find this a waste of money and not fair especially since I am the only one in my neighborhood or family that has received this. Thanks for the heads up I will send your letter and see what happens.

I have received the community survey – two copies. Have had two phone calls and a letter. On the second phone call I refused to answer. They asked me if I was refusing to complete the survey and I said yes. They hung up. What will happen to me now? I am a bit worried…

They just called me and tried to take the survey over the phone. I told them only the number of people who resided at our house, and that that was all the information I would reveal.

After listening as to “why it was so important to help my community” and variations thereon as to why I should answer the other questions, and me steadfastly telling the woman on the phone that she needed to cite or mail me the sections of the Constitution that stated I had to provide the information she wanted, she told me that she was putting me down as a “refusal.”

I think I’m going to write in “Putin” in the next election, because if we don’t get Ron Paul, it won’t matter.

So, we had a visit yesterday. It was the second one and we were home. I gave her the print out that was provided up above on this website. I told her we would not be filling it out, but will answer how many people live here. She asked if I would answer the race question, I said no. She asked if I would give my name and the names of everyone living here, I told her no. She then said I didn’t have to give my real name, I could just make up one. I explained to her that she was wrong, it is stated that you will be penalized for giving false information. She said “really, they tell us in training to tell people they can give a fake name”. You can’t lie on a government document. So, then I said Merry Christmas and goodbye. It went fine. I’m hoping that we are done with this. I did say to her at one point that our household is not answering these question so why don’t they just ask someone else, since it’s random you know. She looked at me very strange and had nothing to say to that. 🙂

I had never heard of the ACS until I received one myself. I initially thought it was a standard census form since it was sent by the CB. I began completing the first ACS we received, until I was infuriated by so many of the questions asked. I plan to have my spouse complete the second ACS we received so that she understands why we are declining to respond to the upcoming phone calls and personal visits.

You need to respond to these questions first-hand before you can fully comprehend their invasive nature. Don’t be quick to judge if you haven’t tried to complete the ACS yourself.

I have a family and have been a technology business owner for the past 10+ years. I read stories about misused, lost and stolen information in private and government sectors on a daily basis. I value our privacy and refuse to contribute this private information to some “confidential” ACS database. Even if the CB did have a right to this information, they could never guarantee the confidentiality of this information.

After I filled out and mailed in the acs with only my name and the number of persons living at my address, I recieved my secound call. I asked the person calling what her last name was, she answered then I asked what her address was and how many persons lived in her home. She replied that since she was a sworn federal employee she did not have to give me that info, I replied that If that is the case, I also was a sworn publis employee as I am a veteran and that I did not have to give her my info., as it was a direct violation of my consttutional rights. She said she would put me down as a “refusal” and she said goodbye. I contacted my Congressman’s office and was told that he coud not reccomend thaI I break the law but stated that as far as they know no one has yet 2 be prosecuted. I stated that a lot of people are smoking pot in my state in direct violation of federal law with so called prescriptions and I resented that my congressman would put me in that category, as I have always been a law abiding costituent. I stated that I am no longer a law abiding constitruent as I would never comply with this Tyrrany.

these people have actualy went to the city, found out my name,contacted my landlord trying to get my phone number.I have recieved all of there propaganda,yet they have only been to my house one time. I am home most all weekends,and you would think they would put a bit more effort into contacting me.I am not avoiding them as i have no problem explaining to them why i will not participate in there bogus illegal information gathering.I will not however go out of my way to contact them,and am mentally prepared to see them in court if that be the case…the government has overstepped there authority and we the people should not be frightened to fight back…give me liberty or give me death!

Larry, thanks for keeping us updated. Please keep it up. After two surveys, I am trying to endure the phone calls that are closing in on 60 or so with no information. ACS is excessively intrusive and government waste at it’s best.

Hayden, thanks for posting the info. I’ve been to other websites and it’s the same guys. Everyone has had it with this government. I got my ACS a few weeks ago and said no way. Called they and gave them the ACS # off the form and she knew my address. Like it was a coup for her. Big deal. I’m not scared and I’m not hiding. They are the traitors. I wonder what other ideas the “planners” have for us. You think maybe this will help with S. 1867? and the little thing about “indefinite detention”? Do I need help bathing? Is this to know if my house could be taken with little resistance? This is not good and I told them so. If you want the Constitution to say it, you have to get it amended. This is real simple. Not hard. The Constitution is an easy read once you learn some of the old english phrases (Corruption of Blood, my favorite). It says what it says and it doesn’t say I have to tell how much I paid for homeowner’s insurance or my interest/dividend earned for the year. If you want to know how much I made, go ask the IRS and while you’re there find out how much Oswald reported. Now, that might be worth something. I will tell I am ME. ONE. It’s Christmas now. I bet January will be fun. I keep you posted.

I have always been leery of posting a comment on any site, and never have — that is until today.

I, too, have received two copies of the ACS in the mail in recent months addressed to “Resident”. I ignored both of them, despite the ominous warning “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW”. I have since had four visits from an agent. The latest being this morning at 10 a.m. (We had just spent an exhausting night Christmas eve wrapping the final presents, and Christmas day with family. We wanted to sleep in this morning, only to be woken by the intrusive and persistent ringing of our door bell three times — Talk about being invasive!! I looked out our bedroom window, and recognizing the car in the driveway, I did not answer the door.)

After the first visit, I read the questions on the survey. At the second visit, I politely told the agent that I found the questions to be intrusive and that I was not going to answer them. The third visit I ignored. This fourth visit was most unnerving. The note left on my door reads as follows:

“Mr. **********: Your case will be returned to H.Q. for further action on 12/28/11. Fines for deliberate non-compliance can be severe. Please call me to avoid this result. Thanks!”

I am so outraged by all this, that I have been moved to respond and to take action (as evidenced by this my first post ever).

I have just spent the past five hours on the internet researching this matter and found quite a bit of interesting material (including this site).


1. “Despite decades of denials, government records confirm that the U.S. Census Bureau provided the U.S. Secret Service with names and addresses of Japanese-Americans during World War II.” Source: Scientific American by JR Minkel March 30, 2007

2. “Washington DC, Jul. 30 (UPI) — The U.S. Census Bureau has given the Department of Homeland Security detailed demographic data on Arab-Americans, the New York Times said Friday.” Source: July 30, 2004

Despite these two cited history lessons, the U.S. Census Bureau continues to use lying as a means to extract information from American citizens (as well as using harassment, intimidation and threats of fines). The following is taken directly from the “Handbook For Local Officials” from the U.S. Census Bureau issued December, 2004 (page 6):

“What if I am asked about the American Community Survey?


2. Do I have to answer all of these questions? Yes. You should answer all of the questions. The survey is part of the census, and answering it is required by law (Title 13, U.S. Code). Give your best estimate for items that ask for detailed amounts. Your answers are anonymous.”

Given that the first question asked on the survey for each person is their name, how can the U.S. Census Bureau claim that my answers are anonymous.

I found the following which may be of some help:


On March 3, 2011, Congressman Ted Poe (TX) introduced H.R. 931 to the House of Representatives. H.R. 931 would allow most of the questions on the American Community Survey to be optional. If H.R. 931 became law, the only questions that would be mandatory would be questions on your name, date of response, contact information, and number of people living at the same address (similar to the information asked on the original census in 1790).

I am thankful for the suggestion on how to respond to the survey, as contained within this site, and I will act accordingly.

I will be contacting my U.S. representative in congress and ask him/her to support Rep. Poe’s proposal. I would ask all readers to do the same. You may reach your U.S. representative by calling the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or toll-free at 866-220-0044.

I made a copy of your letter and included it with the ACS. The only thing marked was number of people living at this address. Thanks very much for helping to protect our freedom.

If you really want to have some fun, when the federal goon knocks at your door, open it with your 100+ pound German Shepherd by your side who is straining at the leash just to get outside. (H is really very gentle, just LOVES to be outside.) He didn’t stick around and hasn’t come back.

OK, just got my 2nd copy of the ACS. I’m enclosing a copy of the “letter” and mark one as James did. I’m post later with phone and body count. If I answer the phone or door I’m not going to ID myself. I’ll just say a friend and I’ll tell him. Let’s see how many trips they are willing to make. I’m told I will be fined. OK, so fine me. Why the threats? Rings hollow. I won’t pay it. Are they going to place a lien against me with the IRS? If so why, don’t they simple ask the IRS what I made last year instead of asking me? Maybe the ACS is BS and Census knows it. We’ll see.

I just received this form today. I wonder if the people that fill out the original form a certain way are being targeted. When I filled out the original census the first time around, I filled out my race as American. I sent it in, and still a census worker showed up at my door. I was aggravated to have go through the questionairre again, but I did.

So I went through the census form yet again…when census lady asked my race, I stated American. The census lady didn’t like my answer. She asked my race again…and I said, “I am an American…that is my race…please put that in blank appropriately.” She was definitely frustrated with my short and quick responses, but I don’t like this Orwellian crap.

My 2nd copy came today. I do as James did. Here’s a problem I don’t understand. I say I won’t fill it out. They say I’ll be fined. I say OK fine me. As I read other replies here, I find people being harassed by multiple phone calls and visits. Why? Just fine me. I won’t pay it. And I’ll see you in court or I’ll have a lien against my house, whatever. Why the harassment?

I believe the survey is a DANGEROUS invasion of privacy. Look, for example, at their ‘medical/health’ questions. As is well known, anyone who calls us and asks those questions MUST be HIPAA certified. Are they?? Even the simple “When was the last time xxx was pregnant?” is a violation of HIPAA. THEY have no right to ask any of the medical questions on this survey which makes the whole document illegal under federal law.
We should not allow the government to intrude into our private affairs. If they want to know how much money we make they can call the IRS. The only question I will be answering, if any, will be the number of individuals living in my home. But I already answered it on the real census last year!

A friend of mine told me that he received such survey some years ago: he decided not to fight and just filled it out. But then, one year later, he received such survey again! That time he ignored it, and when census guys in a while called him, he asked why he is bothered again. You know what they said: ‘We do have your last year’s information, now we need to see your changes.’ He asked, ‘And the next time will you send me this form again??’ ‘We cannot guarantee we wouldn’t’, they said.
So, when they grab a victim, they don’t let him go!

I’m glad there is a place like this for people to share their thoughts about this outrageous and intrusive survey. Mine hasn’t come yet, got just a notice that it would come shortly.

Interesting, a friend of mine told me that he did receive such survey some years ago, and he decided not to fight and just filled it out. He hoped– as he completed his ‘civil duty’, they would forget about him forever. But it was not to be! One year later, he received such survey again! That time he ignored it, and when census guys in a while called him, he told them that he had done it once and why they bothered him again. You know what they said? ‘We do have your last year’s information, but now we need to see your changes.’ He asked, ‘And the next time will you send me this form again??’ ‘We cannot guarantee we wouldn’t’, they said.

So, when they grab a victim, they don’t let him go! Do they target the same people? That’s horrible!

Do we live in a free country??

I am being stalked by the “volunteer” from the Census Bureau. I have had at least 15 visits and they have come to my door at all hours. I live in a restricted access community with clearly posted “No Trespassing” signs posted on the gate. Does anyone know if they are legally allowed to enter this property by following in cars or sneaking in on foot? Last night, a new “volunteer” visited my home. They were told that the door would not be opened and she said, “well, you have opened the door in the past, why won’t you do it now”. I wonder what kind of detailed notes the first “volunteer” left for the next waive of assault? Then she said, “I can wait here as long as it takes for you to open the door”. This sounds like harassment to me. If this was a neighbor, or a random stranger I would call the police. Can I call the police on them for trespassing or harassment?

I am being stalked by a “volunteer” from the ABS. Does anyone really believe these people do this for free? My home has been visited about 15 times. Yesterday a new “volunteer” arrived at the door. She was told the door would not be opened. She responded “well you have opened it before, why won’t you open it now?” I’m wondering what kind of detailed information my previous stalker passed on to the new “volunteer”. She then stated that she “would wait out side as long as it takes.” I am on my fifth document left on my door. I live in a restricted access community and a “No Trespassing” sign is clearly posted on the fence. These people are sneaking in on foot or tailgating a car to get inside the fence. If a neighbor or stranger was at my door continually, I would call the police. I wonder if I can call for trespassing and harassment on these people; and will the police come out for this problem? I feel like a prisoner in my own home, afraid to use my front door!

I just received this ACS and it refers to title 13, US Code, Sections 141and 193. Title 13, as changed by title 18 imposes a penalty for not responding.

So, I got this letter, than a lady from US Census Bureau shows up at my house and left her card, then I got two more letters and the lady showed up one more time. She called me several times reminding me that the survey is mandatory and I will get fined if I don’t do it before my deadline!
I’m sorry, but there is so much identity theft out there, I don’t want her in my house, she a cheezy little business card, how do I know she is not taking video, or notes or electronically stealing information from me. I don’t just talk to strangers or let them in my house. What are they thinking! I will know at midnight that is my deadline.


When you write a letter to your Senator / Representative for support of the known Bill to make participation in ACS voluntary (Bill H.R. 3131 ), please remember that the Bill got now a NEW NUMBER:

Bill H.R. 931, “To make participation in the American Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain basic questions”, Sponsor: Rep Poe, Ted [TX-2] (introduced 3/3/2011),

There is a website gathering signatures for an ONLINE PETITION to Congress to fight this survey:

“Stop the American Community Survey!”

The more people sign, the better chances for all of us to be heard!

I have been harassed also. I put a lock on my gate and don’t answer the phone, I have 1 month left before they move on to another victim .I love all of the information on this site. Another site that has also been very helpful is called notoacs, {Just say no to american community survey} Reading about other peoples experiences with this has empowered me to fight back. Both of these websites are great. Thank you Truth is treason for being here.

Thanks for providing all this great information. I started filling out the survey, then called my parents for advice. My dad immediately thought I was being scammed. Everyone is right, the ACS is way too intrusive. I will use the draft letter to mail in. I am wondering if anyone that has refused to answer the survey has actually received any sort of monetary fine? Or any other types of threats?

Thank you.

There has not been a single reported case of being fined, penalized, or otherwise having received any sort of official reaction for refusing to fill the survey out.


Kevin Hayden

How is that legal? It’s an idle threat?

Same here, Julie. I received the survey a couple of months ago, received a letter, then a postcard. Then, 2/29/12 I received my first door knocking census taker. Because I was still sleeping with my white noise fan on, I noticed a business card with ‘Please call me’ written on it taped to my front door. Hmmm….. nah.

When will he be back? Two people live in this household. That is all I am required to give them, correct? Supposed fine is 100 bucks still?

Now I just got a survey from the USDA stating that it is “Required by Law”. Does not site which law or title though.
I’m not even going to respond, just like i didn’t with the Census Survey I was being harassed to take. They are taking this to a new level of harassment!

It’s a new year and the big push is on. I also received this “Survey” in 2010/. I provided my name address and a referral to find any further information on the regular 2010 Census form. Now with the new year I have received some calls and recently been informed that my “case” will be referred to a “supervisor”.

I can only remind you all that your Liberties and Freedom are yours only so long as you are willing to protect and defend them. Perhaps we can help each other in maintaining our resolve to resist this invasion of our privacy and attack on our civil rights as United States Citizens.

I have received about 3 or 4 letters left at the house. Then yesterday I got an OVERNIGHT DELIVERY package from FedEx from them!!! How much money are they spending on this!

I have had the letter shown above ready to give them, but I don’t think they are even knocking on the door. One of the envelopes I got about a week ago looked to have been opened by someone else and then put by my door. Must have been delivered to the wrong house.

I’m just going to mail the letter to the Denver main office (I’m in Colorado Springs). Looks like they are getting pretty serious now if they are using overnight delivery. I’ll have another copy of it here in case they stop by.

I threw the first survey away, not knowing of this site. When I got the 2nd, I googled the consequences and found this site. I printed the letter and placed it in the survey and mailed it. Now the census bureau is calling. Last msg was, please give us a call at an 887 number in reference to case# ( Something ). Guess I need to get a lawyer now. This is Bullshit!

Hey Tom, I went and called the number and told them we have 2 people residing in our home. That was all the information I’m required to give them. Using Kevin’s advice, I memorized most of what Kevin gave us. They left me alone. However, be prepared the person I spoke with was real nasty. I gave it right back to her. Those calls are recorded so jot down the time you called, just watch Ps and Q’s but don’t take no crap either. The rep said she was going to fine me its some time, haven’t heard anything from them. Stand firm on your rights and the reason the survey was generated in the first place. Hope this helps, definetly understand the frustration. Ironically, we pay to have this done to us through taxes. So sad. Toni

We have been harassed by phone calls 7 days a week from 8 AM to 9PM. While out of town we returned to find a letter from American Community Survey stuffed in our door asking for us to call a local guy. I appreciate this site and the information provided. This is an outrageous intrusion on our privacy. I’m not ready to have the government’s foot in my door asking when I go to work, what I drive, how many toilets I have.

Hello Again Kevin:
It has been sometime since I wrote to you regarding the Census. I thought this would tickle your fancy so if you don’t mind I’d love to share it with you. I did however get the Census Dept to leave me alone. With much appreciated advice from this web site. We participate in Farmers Markets. Today I received another Census. 2012 National Agricultural Classification Survey. YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW. The (NACS) is required by law. If you do not reply, you may be personally visited or you may receive a telephone call. I have to Feb. 3, 2012 to respond. So now I will modify a copy of your letter and send it along with this census. What do they think of when they send these rediculous forms out. If we comply, these agencies will continue to infringe upon our rights and privacy. Toni


I’ll have to do a bit of research on this NACS. Quite interesting and thanks for updating us, Toni!

And I agree. As long as people continue to willfully obey, the masses’ rights will continue to be infringed without question.

Sad state of affairs.

Kevin Hayden

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Kevin for this information. I only wish I had seen your site before I partially filled out the surveys. My husband and I sent them in and we have been harassed by telephone TEN times now. Last night I took the phone from my husband and of course, they cited title 13. I told them I would seek legal advice before I would answer any more of their questions. I will follow the link now to sign the petition online.

As I was reluctantly, and finally, filling out the ACS, I reached the question of how much child support I receive. Why? Also, why do they need to know how many times I have been married and the year of that marriage? And why does the government need to know if I am physically able to walk down my hall? LAUGHABLE! At the child support question I decided that I wasn’t completing it!!!

I am curious how they are getting peoples’ phone numbers? I use a prepaid service (StraightTalk – wonderful and cheap!) so there is not acct to link to me.

If they would like to drop by, they will be sorry. I will tell them to hang on and I will jump in to some revealing lingerie, heels, mess up my hair, pop open a beer, then invite them in. (Too bad I quit smoking 4 yrs ago-hence the weight gain :(-but maybe I should have a pack handy to light up for them?) I am 48 yrs old, 5’4″ and 180 lbs so it won’t be pretty. I will shout back towards my bedroom, “Hang on, babe! I’ll be back in jus-a-minute!” Sounds like fun…I hope a ‘volunteer’ will visit…just to see him (I hope) or her squirm!

But, how do they get your phone number???? Scarey!

Would love to know what you find out Kevin. Please keep me posted. The form has about 5 questions on the front page. If you answer no to any of them they will update thier records. I personally feel by doing that you feed the enemy. That gives them a right-away to persue any other questions they feel like obtaining. Just not willing to submit to thier demands I guess. Should we? Toni

I’ve had the census worker constantly harassing me they called and called and called and finally got through I refused to answer the questions and he went into threat mode re: fine and the fact it was law. I ended up hanging up on him since he became extremely rude. They’ve left numerous notes and business cards on our door. He got my wife twice but she told him I was not home (truth) and they I wasn’t going to answer the questions. He said he’d be back every night till I was here. I called today told him I refuse to answer and said I’d only answer how many people live in the household which he stated was useless information for him. He said he would come by my house tonite and again I told him I would refused and if he showed up I’d call the police. He told him he’d inform his supervisor and that he’d probably drop by.. How can I get them to leave me alone. They’re starting to scare my kids.

Every time they call inform them you are recording the conversation. Every time they appear at the door inform them you are videotaping them. Armed with either I would recommend you go to your Congressman and/or Senator and demand they intervene, noting the distress inflicted on your children.

I need more help now that I called them and refused yesterday and explained everything I’ve received a fed ex letter explaining all the same BS and that a representative will be showing up to the house. They won’t stop HELP PLEASE!!!

My next-door neighbor received this survey in Dec. 2011. She did not respond. Then Census workers started coming from Jan. 7 and kept coming almost every night for 10 days. One time 5 people came. They were very aggressive to knock her door and windows. They also started knocking other doors of this apartment. (No one answers, though.) The neighbor was stressed out and decided to move to a motel. Also, she and I went police 3 days ago and asked him if hey could stop the workers’ harassment. The officer said they would and told us to call them. Last night, I called the police as soon as the workers started knocking our doors. Different police man came and asked the workers to leave. BUT, the police man came to me and said that the workers were doing what they were supposed to do. We have to follow their request. I said him he did not understand what this survey was and how the workers were harassing us. BUT he said just tell them to leave because this was not an emergency. My neighbor decided to move. Why do we have to suffer for this? I was happy to immigrate to the US for its possibilities and freedom. But now, this is like a communism country!

Being harassed for the ACS! They went to my job!! They don’t have my correct address. Will that get me out of it! Stalking me now.

I found your article by googling the survey. Do you know if there is any correlation between filling out the survey and being audited by the IRS? I’m just curious… This survey is WAY too intrusive, especially since I have a child with a disability…It’s none of their business I feel…

Just got my second request for the ACS…..LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Good luck, John!

Kevin Hayden

We also received our ACS in December 2010. I ignored it until the second copy came in the mail the week after Christmas. Upon opening and review, I was extremely concerned about the type of information requested and overall the general intrusiveness of the whole document. My husband and I decided not to participate. The phone calls began in early January, and we have begun to keep a log, including name, time, phone number and state of origin of the calls. All the calls come from either Indiana or Arizona and do not have a company name or identify the U.S. Census on the caller i.d. The calls have become increasingly more rude and I have noted a tone of hostility in the voices of the personnel. We have been completely polite with the callers and at the beginning of each call we have informed the caller that we have decided we will not participate in this survey. I have written e-mails to our state senators (Massachusetts) and to our local congressman but have not heard a response from any of their offices. My husband and I are not radicals. We pay taxes, we vote and we have participated in the 2010 Census as required. We will not be participating in the survey, and I encourage everyone who has received it to hold firm in their convictions.

I just cut and pasted the cover letter recommended. After reading all the blogs above re: harassment I’m wondering if there the possibility of a class action suit?

I would think there is a darn good basis for one.

To think that taxpayer dollars are wasted on this harassment and intrusion of privacy.

Just before reading your blog (well-written and thorough) I phoned the “helpline” number on the reminder postcard. Once I finally was allowed to speak to a human, she told me that I could answer any question I found “too personal or offensive” with an “R” (as in, refuse to answer). I too plan to print and include your form letter. Thank you for your work on this.

I’m being harassed to complete the UN-American Community Survey too. To be honest, I didn’t even open the letters I received from the Census Dept because I completed the 2010 fully (granted, I put down “Human” when they asked for my race, and “American” when they asked for my ethnicity, etc, etc…but still…I answered it fully and honestly…).

Then I started getting the nasty notes left in my mailbox by a Census worker. I ignored those too. Then one night, sitting at home, my phone rang. It was a local number so I answered it. And lo-and-behold, it was the creepy Census worker calling from his HOME phone number. He informed me that he had dropped by my house the day before and shown his badge to my roommate. By this time, I was pretty sick of all of this. I asked him how he got my phone number. He said that my CELL PHONE NUMBER is public record and he obtained it from City Hall. I figured he got access to it through the city’s utilities department or something…somewhere, somehow, I put my phone number on a form that was filed in City Hall, and Mr. Creepy swooped in and swiped it.

Anyway, I was tired of this so I decided to be EXTREMELY cooperative (in my opinion) and answer questions that the government already knows about me (I’m a veteran, so it has the goods on me). He had my name and phone number of course. I (stupidly) gave him my birthdate. Then he wanted to know how many people I have living with me. I told him I have two roommates. Then, he wanted all of THEIR information. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be really upset if one of my roommates gave out private info about me to someone else, so I told him I couldn’t provide him with anything else about them. He tried telling me he needed this info. I told him, “Look, I KNOW I don’t have to provide you with ANY of this information aside from how many people I live with.” The guy admitted to me that this was true, but that it would be so “beneficial” to me to provide this. He made up fake birthdays for my roommates and then he went back to questions about me. I think the only other info I gave him about myself was that I was a veteran. Everything else I said, “I don’t feel comfortable disclosing that information.” He started getting frustrated with me and dropped hints that he didn’t think “they” would accept that as an excuse. After my lack of answers, he moved back on to my roommates. I tried doing the same thing there, and finally he got fed up and said that he was just going to mark me as “non-compliant” and that I should expect a call from the legal department in Colorado.

Today I got a call from a weird number and didn’t answer it. I got a voicemail stating that I should call the phone number left to me in the message. I just deleted it. I’m going to try to keep dodging their calls, and if I DO happen to hear from one of them again, I’m just going to request the form (telling them I refuse to answer any more questions over the phone) and take the advice of this site and return it with the cover letter.

I feel seriously harassed and threatened by this. I, too, have wondered if those of us refusing to comply are going to be audited by the IRS. I pretty much guarantee that we’re going to go on some “watchlist” somewhere (if we aren’t already on one—I, as a veteran, am I’m sure…). Oh well and so be it.

By the way, has anyone else wondered why, all of a sudden, this survey is going out to 250,000 Americans every month? Gotta wonder if it’s for the creation and preservation of those “jobs” Obama has pulled out of his hat…just sayin’.

The collection of “statistics” is a useful function to the American People. The US Census Bureau crossed the line from “statistic gathering” to “intelligence gathering” when it began collecting “Personally Identifiable Information (PII)”. Power to “interrogate” law abiding citizens can only be granted by a Constitutional Amendment and the vote of the people. Unless the US Supreme court reviews and upholds those statutes, no one should provide any type of PII to anyone. The Supreme Court should rule that the American Community Survey is illegal and instruct the Commerce Dept to eliminate all PII from its databases. Just as mail-in ballots avoid PII, the methods for “statistics gathering” should be no less stringent.

I have combined an adaptation of Hayden’s excellent refusal cover letter, excerpts from citizen’s testimonials regarding harassment, a copy of the ACS I found online and mailed it to the Editorial Directors of the nation’s 25 largest news agencies. I have also purchased 50 bumper stickers that say: ‘Google “REFUSAL American Community Survey” as a down payment on my children’s liberty.

Homeland security and emigration control are important issues; however, the people working them cannot be allowed to trample upon our Constitution. We all know that it was just this type of information gathering that allowed the German government to carry out it’s atrocities in 1935. Although it’s hard to imagine that happening here, there are other abuses that are easy to imagine such as phone, home, and work place harassment.

The only legality the whole census is based on is the act of finding the number of humans living in an address. “Statistics” is not a valid function of government, certainly not one authorized by the defining document, the Constitution. Right there is a good “line” to stop at.

I see no evidence that justice will now or anytime in the near future flow from the Supreme Court. They are the unaccountable branch of government, put in place by other creatures of government, and they continually sell us down the river by conceding our lack of rights, bit by bit. Begging one’s fraudulent masters is hardly the best way to maintain freedom, since you are begging the one who is intent on harming you.

So let the games begin. Got the opening salvo back in the fall, the reminders in December, and now I’m in the unlucky category of being harrassed by a CB contractor. A call at 4:15pm, another ACS form left, and then the doorbell rung at 9pm– the guy must have “piggybacked” into my secure-access building. This is trespass under the County law.

In addition to a flagrant misuse of Title 13, the Privacy Act notice for the ACS documents a *completely* inadequate program for the protection/administration for PII information (Personal Identifiable Information). There is NO Security Classification for all this information, and in the notice (Federal Register, Vol. 71, No. 125, 6/29/2006, pp. 37039-40) they also ADMIT that the database containing this information is searchable by NAME and ADDRESS. My understanding (and I work with secured PII data in another area) is the databases MUST NOT have this data at the top, but should be converted to a system number that does NOT directly identify individuals.

And I’m not even an attorney. They aren’t gearing up prosecutions for this because a) $100 fine is the only penalty authorized under Title 13;and b) they will lose BIG if this gets into court. I can’t understand how or why this got by Commerce and Census Bureau Solicitors. GAO has also been critical of the ACS, and they haven’t done a D@mn thing to revise the survey (except for adding a line for SSN numbers– HA!).

I will continue ignoring them and I know after 29 more days, they will go away. An informed electorate/citizens are their worst nightmare, and I will continue to live as a U.S. citizen with full rights and priviledges, which include not submitting to intrusive and dangerous requests from any Federal, State, or county agency.

10 years ago, I declined to answer the questions on this form and was eventually harassed and stalked via phone and knocks at the door. They would also sit out in a car for long periods of time waiting to see if I might leave the house, retrieve my mail, etc. Over the phone I repeatedly told them that I declined to answer the questions, other than the fact that I – one resident – lived at this address. The Census worker then went to my neighbor’s homes to try to get information about me. I was appalled. I had to call a police officer friend I know who called the infamous “Supervisor” phone number at the Census Bureau and the harassment finally stopped. Fast forward to now, 10 years later and once again I am “randomly selected” to answer this survey? Like I believe that garbage? I am sending back my form, filled out only with a date and the number of people living at the residence, along with a copy of the provided-by-the-web-site letter. I am fully prepared to not answer any phone calls that I do not recognize, not answer the door (I never answer it to strangers anyway) and drop all my window blinds for what…90 days? My previous experience with this was frightening and I am not looking forward to it again, but at least now I know what to expect…that said – this survey is a complete invasion of privacy and my rights. Taking a stand on this is a matter of principle.

Oh, hey, talk about timely!! The Rutherford Institute, a civil-rights non-profit out of Virginia, has sent a shot across the bow of Commerce Secretary Bryson. Here’s the cite with a pdf copy of the correspondence:

It will be interesting to see if there is any response.

I WAS audited by the IRS for the first time toward the end of 2011 and low and behold, I recieved an ACS a couple of weeks ago! Randomly picked by address, yeah right!

Don’t want to raise the question of a bigger risk, but does anybody know the resolution of this case:

Apparently the CB has indeed gone after somebody for a lot of fine money.

I’m just starting to get the calls. I normally don’t answer anyway, letting the machine do it. They’ve left one message, but the machine has taken another half-dozen hang-ups, probably CB as well.

If you read the story, the CB folk were simply trying out threats to make Mr. Bolton reply. He has not be served any papers, and it seems there would have been follow up if there had been anything filed. CB has NO enforcement authority– that’s DOJ’s area, and they aren’t interested.

Very interesting that the CB ‘supervisor’ was ENCOURAGING people to put false info on the forms. *That* is a big no-no. Just don’t even play.

There are still no *documented* instances of prosecution. The $5k stuff is a load of BS. Title 13 has never been amended, its the CB trying to tie in a fine from a completely different statute. Title 13, as of 2011, still caps noncompliance at $100– by Congress. *That* is just one of the reasons they haven’t prosecuted anyone (since 1996– this is a Clinton II idea here people). So they’re going for *persecution.* The other reasons involved having lots of light shining on this little project. The more you look, the worse it gets.

Was audited after a run in with a census worker over the phone. Made it clear that I did not like Obama or the intrusive questioning, that was in 2010. Got a notice a year later that I’d been audited for the 2009 return (I’m sure they also checked the 2010 return). I find it odd ’cause I only made just over 30, 000 and filed a simple 1040A..which is consistent with past years.

I’ve always felt it’s connected to the census worker.

Thank you so much for the research and post. I was concerned that the survey was even from the government and when I went to look up Title 13, I found your information.

I copied and pasted your letter and I appreciate your making it so easy to respond to the survey. I really do believe that all the information that the survey was asking for is above and beyond what the government (or anybody else for that matter) needs to know.

You are appreciated!

Thanks for the great info! I tossed the two mailings and have no listed phone number, so they have jumped right into the visits. Second home (invasion?) visit came tonight, and since I knew he was coming I posted your letter outside my door. In turn, he slid a business card in my door that states,”Your information is incorrect. Constitutionality has been affirmed by the Supreme Court..” What constitutionality is he referring to?

I suppose he’ll be back again…

Quick follow up. Doing some more research tonight, it appears that Big Brother is thinking about possibly adding even more questions to the 2013 survey including things like :
New question topics—computer and Internet usage and parental place of birth
New versions of existing question topics—veteran status, period of military service, food stamps, property income and wages

The link to the full text of the Federal Register notice can be found on the Operations and Administration of the ACS page:


He doesn’t know. That case does stand as precedent, and CB doesn’t want this getting into court. Really, they don’t. The ACS has NEVER been through a judicial process– that is how they can still lie about the fines and the “mandatory” information.

My CB stalker looked up my LinkedIn profile, and (I should have deleted all infor when the doorbell started ringing last week) now knows where I work. So scrub your public accounts.

They are sneaky, under-handed, nosy bastards. NO you can’t have my info. Your data is NOT SECURE. Period.

Waste of taxpayers $$$ Docs that I’ve received:

1. Pre-Survey letter
2. ACS Survey #1
3. Reminder post card #1 (Reminding me that I can be fined as well)
4. ACS Survey #2
5. Postcard #2 is larger than the first and green in color. (Reminding me to send it in or reps will be at my door)

When I get to meet one of these reps, they will be greeted with me, my pistol at my side, a video camera in their face, a personal copy of the Constitution in book form and all the docs ive been sent.

I will let them know that I do not consent to this invasion of privacy and that if they do not leave the premises with the documents they sent me, the cops will be called for harassment…

If they tell me ill be fined, I will DARE THEM to fine me….. fuckin do it…

Hahaha, good luck!

Keep us posted!


Kevin Hayden

Ironically, I’m teaching a Constitution class this year in our Homeschooling Co-op and I’m going to use this whole experience to educate our kids on government overreach. We’re going through the Bill of Rights lately and this is SUCH a learning opportunity! What would our Founding Fathers think of how big our government has grown?

I’m going to show them the form I got, tell them about the phone calls I’ve received, and then photograph and/or film any census workers that come to my door. They don’t know who they’re messing with–I’ve learned my Constitutional rights…

It’s up to us to turn back the clock on the growth of government. With a $15 trillion debt we’re going to have to cut back on some things. I’d say this survey is a good start.

God bless all you old-fashioned Americans!

I was outraged at the audacity of snoopiness into my personal life when I read the first one I got. Now, the 2nd one is using a legally threatening tone to coax me into submission. WTH happened to home of the free? The government is making a power grab and the sheep go blindly. This is outrageous and they will get away with it. Apathy is going to let our freedom’s die!

HM, we homeschool, too. Don’t you know those founders of ‘public education’ are turning over in their graves? Students here in Oklahoma attend 180 days, 7.5 hrs/day and get free transportation to and from school. I don’t think that is what was originally intended. I could rant about this for hours. (Buy that cake mix and turn in the proof of purchase for ‘Box Tops for Education’? How ridiculous!)

This survey is wasting so much money! I am closing my curtains and not answering my front door. A worker left a card on my door the other day. I may answer the door; depends on my mood at the instant of the knocking. Will only give # of people in household. They may pursue fining me, if they wish.

All this prove one thing to me our beloved government has got so large & out of control that the right hand has no idea what the left is do. They are using US to try to tie all our information together so they can have us all by the nose hairs. Many of the questions they ask are public information. The size our land, just Google our address and bingo you can see an view of our property as well as the house. Our cars are all have current tabs, look up how many cars we have. If I have been married more than once, the means there had to be a divorce. We pay taxes on our wages so they already know how much we make, we make our our income tax, so they know all our investments. Our social security numbers are all listed, that means they know when & were we borne. IF you take a bus and buy bus passes, they are subsidized by the feds, all the passes have a bar code they they tell what time you leave in the morning, where you go and what time get off work in the evening & how many days a week you work. If you have kids and claim them on your taxes they already know how many kids you have. They know if you pay for day care. I would guess that even know what kid of T.P. we use and how much. There are bar codes on every single thing we buy. That information is all collected to re-stock stores and who is to say who else gets that information. They are just trying to force us to pull all this information together. This is so scary for our children. Keep on educating and more important teach them to THINK.

I’m currently living as an expat in China for my work, and I am rarely at my home in the United States. I recently had my mail delivered to me by a colleague and found the ACS as part of it. After some grumbling, I sat down and started to fill it out. Then my grumbling became indignation and anger. What a crock! They do not need all this personally identifiable information. This is nothing but an invasion of my privacy as a United States citizen. Ironic that here I am living in China, and essentially left alone by the Chinese government, and I stand to be harassed by the U.S. government. Before pointing a finger at China for civil liberties issues, maybe we should clean up our own act first. I will not be sending back the ACS. Ridiculous.

ACS taker would not stop harassment. It is true they send
1. Pre-survey
2. Actual survey form
3. Post survey reminder
No repeat of survey form. Who is going to fill these kind of form who is clear form of privacy intrusion. It is a very good information for those burglars.
4. Survey people come and visit your house, day and night several time including 7pm at night
5. Multiple phone call following, esp for those who doesn’t speak english, at random time day and night and as late as 8pm. Never left a message if got connected to voicemail.
6. Threat letter comes through fedex “overnight delivery” (imagine what kind of waste taxpayer are doing??).
7. Another survey person comes from Census bureau. Same person over and over again. Leaving another threat letter at the end

Unlikely this is over…. Same census person, so called government worker, but only doing harassment to poor citizen. Is this called the great United States of America?? How would it looks to non-resident who just come and visiting, it clearly brought the image of the US down.

Stop ACS harassment!!

Lawful resident of the U.S

no such census employee is more annoying than this one:

Debbie L Elkinton
Age: 64
Phone number:
office: 800-728-4748
home: 913-856-7209
cell: 913-221-7486 (sprint)

address (home)
29175 W 199th St
Gardner, KS 66030-9104
Age: 60-64
Associated: Eldon L Elkinton, Julie M Elkinton

All these above information are publicly available on the internet.

Hahaha. Well played.

Oh great, probably the one I will get when they receive mine in them mail with only the number of people in my house.

Debbie L Elkinton just started coming by my house 3/3/2012. She stopped by that Saturday continuously pounding on my door for several minutes. She then came by again the next day Sunday. However I was in the back room and have no doorbell so I can’t hear it unless im in the front. When I was reading this I had her card in my hand and noticed your warning about her. I now updated her card she gave me with the info you provided since it lacks her home number and her personal cell number. She lives very close to me apparently from the address you provided above. Most likely I’ll find her waiting outside my house after work today… sigh…. Oh well let the games begin! Thank you for the info on this site and also for the info on Debbie. I’ll be sure to be prepared for her.

This is a follow-up to my January 27th post. Since then, we have recevied two personal visits and two more letters. My refusal to participate has now resulted in our being “bumped” up to need to speak to supervisor status. She called tonight. I firmly and politely refused to participate and asked (again) that the calls cease. We will see how much longer this will continue. My letters to my “Republican” Senator Scott Brown here in Massachusetts resulted in a useless e-mail reply stating how “important” and “necessary” the information collected is and to what good use the government puts it to. I find that highly amusing, given the sorry state of things currently. My “Democrat” Senator John Kerry never replied at all. I suppose that speaks to his character on its own, without further comment. We will continue in our refusal and I will be teaching my son a lesson in civil disobedience when Ms. Eileen Moore, Supervisor, ACS Census, comes to my door by having him video record our conversation and I think I may post it for all to see.

I too, immediately wrote my congressmen. The results are on my blog. I was shocked by their responses. I am not an activist. I am an ex military nurse and was shocked by the survey and the responses by my congress people gave scared me even worse (Texas: Coryn and Hutcheson).

I have not sent the form letter yet, but intend to send the letter next week when I get back from a meditative weekend. I have spent much time in prayer and meditation. Kindness and tolerance is very important to me as is staying calm and mindful of the good orderly direction which emotionalism does not give. It has been a difficult decision.This survey is not about finding those that don’t belong here. It is about spending funds that we do not have to get information we already have. It is about abuse of law and representation. It is about violation of the constitutional rights. It is flat out WRONG. There is just no other word for it.

I am linking to this page. It is the only place I am finding information concerning this atrocity.
My heart and soul are indicating that I swore to the constitution…to fight all enemies foreign and domestic.

I will stand for what is right and true. Even if others do not.I am grateful to this site for at least giving me an option. I can not express my gratitude sufficiatly.

Thank you for your words, Mack. I checked out your blog and it is most certainly looks to be a great place in which you can rant and get your thoughts out! That’s sort of why I started THIS website, but then it took on a life of its own as a news and information outlet rather than just a place for me to scream and rant in.

But, I find it soothing and mostly relaxing to type and write, regardless of the topic.

And keep up the good fight. You seem to be winning several of them.

Kevin Hayden

Good luck, and stay the course!

These auto-emails full of nonsense that I keep reading about make me sick. They also confirm how little our overlords feel about us lowly citizens.

Let us know how it turned out!

Mr. Hayden,
I appreciate what you are doing by sharing your apparent knowledge re: constitutional law as it relates to the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of the American Community Survey. I, like many who have blogged here have followed your advice and mailed your form letter. I like many have begun to get the many phone calls (which I have ignored or since I have caller ID, just hang up on. However, I am concerned about how severe some of the harassment is for a number of your adherents and I am concerned how far it might get for me as I have a wife and 2 children. I did not see that you responded to “Greepers” cry for help as the harassment was getting so bad for him.
This could get quite serious for a number of us if we continue to down this path that you are advocating.
Personally I would like to know if there is any bona fide legal challenge to this Survey going through the court system. If so, who is the group and/or attorney who might be challenging this AND is it in the form of a Class action suit (if a class action suit could be brought against a branch of government) and can we sign on?
With all due respect, I for one would greatly appreciate answers to these questions from you.

Good morning Kevin,

While I try to respond or help everyone who posts here, I’ve noticed that many times, fellow commenters address certain concerns that are brought up or relate their own experiences for some of the newer readers. Sometimes I miss a few as there are close to 400 comments now.

As for continuing down this path –
My advice is for you to merely fall back on the fortitude that prompted you to ask questions in the first place. The plethora of Supreme Court cases that uphold one’s privacy are almost endless and there has not been a single case – to date – involving the Census bringing someone to court for refusal. Furthermore, I believe your fellow readers could assist a bit better than I could when it comes to potential lawsuits or challenges that are currently in the works. Many of the commenters are armed with the latest information. While I try to stay abreast of any major changes or actions, to be quite honest, I have not been heavily involved in Census issues for quite some time now.

Many of these comments refer to the American Community Survey, which I did not receive this year or last. When this was first publicized, it was referring to the 2010 Census. Obviously, the privacy laws that apply to the Constitutional Census most certainly apply to the purely administrative American Community survey, and go above and beyond in protecting American citizens from intrusions and violations of their private information (persons, papers, and effects…).

I can’t quite tell you exactly what to expect. With the diverse discussions that have happened here, and the descriptions as to just how harassing some of these workers are, I can only give you general advice. What worked for me will likely not work for you, as I began to find it amusing and almost laughable each time workers knocked on my door. But – I didn’t have kids or a spouse to be concerned about, either. Being a former police officer, I also am not as concerned with strangers at my door or putting them in their place if need be. We are all different, but I would suggest that if a worker physically harasses you at your home by knocking, continually leaving material in your door or on your porch, I would file a complaint with your local police or sheriff’s department.

The very first time that one calls you or comes to your house, tell them in no uncertain terms that you are refusing to participate in this administrative survey, that you opt-out due to privacy concerns, or whatever you feel conveys the message. Get Constitutional with them if you feel the need, however it might be easiest to say as little as possible and end the conversation. Furthermore, clearly advise them that any continued visits will be considered trespassing and that local law enforcement will be called immediately.

If you have a lengthy driveway or dirt road, perhaps a gate, I would certainly post a sign declaring that trespassing is unlawful. For those in apartments or have small front yards, it’s a bit harder to prove that someone was intentionally encroaching onto your property with the intent to harass or inconvenience you. When they have to walk 100 yds to your front door, it’s a bit easier to show intent. These workers do not have any legal authority to enter your property. They are not meter readers for the utility company. They are not using old logging trails and easements to traverse your property. They are not police officers armed with a search or arrest warrant. They have no lawful right to remain upon your land if instructed to leave.

My opinion is to get local law enforcement involved because I don’t KNOW, as I said, of any cases being put together in order to stop the harassment and irresponsible behavior by some of these Survey workers.

Then again, some people have reported that they received a few phone calls, to which they did not answer, and that was the extent of the harassment. Like all functions of government, you can never count on it to be consistent!

Please let us – let ME – know if we can be of any assistance. Keep everyone else updated on this page, as there are many, many more wondering these same things but have yet to comment or write about them. Be confident that you do have the law on your side; both Supreme Court case law and the United States Constitution. As I stated earlier, draw on your initial gut reaction and confidence to give you strength, patience, and the proper temperament to endure the lovely “honor” of being chosen to participate in this wonderfully intrusive survey.

Kevin Hayden

Hey Kevin,
Check out the Rutherford Institute. They are on the right side of this issue. For whatever it is worth, we received the ACS in August 2011 and returned it with
Hayden’s cover letter which we signed as ‘Resident’. We also did return the
full survey with only the number of residents indicated, nothing else. To date, we
have received no follow-up communications by mail, phone, or in person. From
the sound of the other posts I think we were just lucky. Stick with your guns,
figuratively speaking of course. Like most government workers they would
probably do something else rather than work………..

“…figuratively speaking of course.” Hahaha. No comment!

– Hayden

Kevin and all–

This harrassment has motivated me to begin my own blog. Currently, I’m focusing on the ACS, but will eventually have other commentary.

I am extremely concerned about the Jan. 31 DHS “lexicon” and how your current letter may be interpreted. You are correct, but let’s not get anyone on DHS’s radar if we don’t need to. (And I’m convinced CB & DHS will be discussing ACS resistance, DHS could make the harrassment much worse.) I am drafting some language focused on the statutory and regulatory problems with this set up, in addition to doing additional background research and analysis.

My stalker sounded very sad on the last voicemail. I’m more than halfway through the cycle (at least, I hope so), and my non-engagement has so far been successful. I hope my story will help others in this situation.

Mr. Hayden,

I appreciate your sincere reply. I continually receive phone calls on almost a daily basis. As I stated previously, I either hang up or ignore the message. The only issue is that my wife is getting frustrated and concerned. I hope that someone can bring this issue to some individual who can do something about it.

I looked up the personal info on my last census visitor and delivered a head count to his home 80 mins away at 4am. I beat the shit out of his door and when he answered I tossed it in his face and told him to never bother me again.

Help, I am being harrassed by the Census Bureau. I have already answered all of their questions about a month ago and now they starting calling me again, My boyfriend asked them why they are doing this since I already had told them everything they wanted to know. They told him that they felt my answers were not totally honest. I am in shock that they would even say something short of calling me a liar. I answered every question truthfully. When they called me again last night they started asking me the same questions over again. I told them I have already answered these questions and they told me they will call me as many times as it takes to get their Census. What the hell does this mean? That my answers did not fit what they wanted to hear? It is like they want me to lie about my answers. These people are crazy! I told them who do they think they are the Gestapo? That is when the guy cut me off and hung up. My boyfriend is pissed they started calling tonight too but the answering machine picked up the call. He wants to call a lawyer to get these people to stop harrassing us. What do we do????

Well, I’m no lawyer, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to contact one if you have a friend in the business or something. I’m not sure many lawyers are up for tackling the Census Bureau without a large retainer fee in their pocket.

Police reports for harassment are free, though. ((if that sort of law is on the books in your area, that is))

Unfortunately, I am starting to believe that lawsuits are the ONLY way to stop this nonsense. If any lawyers stumble across this comment or article, please chime in and give us your opinion on the merits.

One thing to understand, in your quest for, “Why are they doing this?” –

The Census, and especially the American Community Survey, creates jobs. If you want to call it a job, that is. But by doing this, and sending them back out 4 or 5 times, calling people who had either answered or refused, keeps hundreds of thousands of people employed. It’s politics, as usual.

Good luck and let us know what happens, Marissa.

– Hayden

Hi Kevin & all,
This is just a follow up from two weeks ago. Field Representative visits have ceased, though I have now been twice hit up by a “Senior” Field Representative, and another threatening mailing. Posting your form letter did nothing, and returning the blank packet with the letter enclosed (indicating the number of residents that live here) did nothing. It just keeps moving up the chain of command. From what I’ve gathered from here and elsewhere though, I believe this signifies that it’s getting towards the end of my cycle. I can handle 6 more days if I must.

Nevertheless, the main reason for my post today is to share some interesting reading material I found. I presume you all know the old saying, “Information is power?” Well, what more powerful information is there than an American Community Survey, US Census Bureau, Field Representative’s Manual? Gotta love Google and non-copyrighted government materials! There’s all kinds of helpful info about their processes, but what’s most pertinent to us is the information on refusal & non-interviews in chapters 7 & 8. Happy reading! Link:

They called me nearly every day including nights and weekends in October then…it all just stopped. Left real nice friendly messages like it “you are reguired by law to respond” and “you may be fined” etc etc etc. The federal agents may have stopped by the house when I was away. Dont know if they appreciated the leftover tagerts with all the .357 center hits or the empty bullet casings left laying around or not but I’d bet they didn’t like my 1st National Confederate flag! (No, wait…they woudn’t know what that was.)

Unclear when harassment with stop. Census worker has been coming 5-6 times per day, leaving mail, sending fedex certified letters. I am just so amused how much $$$$ have been wasted to accommodate these process and increase the rate of unemployment It is really a waste of tax $$$$, would you rather to see your $$$$ wasted like this???

I have a great idea if those GOONS start banging at your windows….line up the entire family (including the kids, grandparents and pets); as soon as the knocking begins, quickly open the blinds (or shade or drapes), form a neat row and MOON them!!

Well, if the “cycle” estimates are correct, I should be done with this harrassment as of today. I got two supervisor letters in addition to a couple more attempted visits (the front desk is on to them & doesn’t let them past anymore).

I can see how CB can escalate for single-family homes– for secured condos/apmts its much more difficult to snoop around & actively harrass people.

I read a mind-blowing GAO letter to a Congressman from 04 that just blew my mind. In one sentence GAO admitted CB didn’t have statutory authority to do what they are doing with the ACS. In the VERY NEXT SENTENCE, they then said that CB had legal authority to do the ACS. W. T. F. So they are on very shaky ground, and the high-level mucktymucks have to know it. In all the background I’ve read, including reports from statistians on making the ACS “mandatory” I’ve seen absolutely ZERO discussion about the actual content of the survey and how people might consider it completely offensive. Just stunning.

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Received the “survey” yesterday, started to fill it in and decided to check the internet and came across this site. Good information. I checked with my congressman’s local office this morning and referenced HR 931. Was informed by office staff that this bill had quite a number of sponsors, but was brought up last session, never voted on (this is my assumption) and was not carried over to the next session. I finally caught an early post that it is now HR 3131. I told the staffer that I found the required information intrusive and it was none of the government business other than what I was constitutionally required to give. I asked her if she had seen the document, answer was no, but had heard from others. I plan on copy the aforementioned cover letter and then answering only the number of people living at this address as “pushing back in Reno” noted in his comments. See you all in the gulag.

Confirmed: The U.S. Census Bureau Gave Up Names of Japanese-Americans in WW II

Government documents show that the agency handed over names and addresses to the Secret Service

Got the first postcard advising that we would receive survey in early Feb and then a note saying that we needed to get it done (but no survey). Then the survey arrived having been originally misdelivered. Got a second survey a couple of weeks ago. First phone call last night. Just read the field worker’s manual, and found it interesting that they talk about finalizing and transmitting a case as a refusal, vs. turning it over for prosecution, etc. Nervous about dealing with the harrassment, but don’t want to answer the questions. I did email Neal Boortz with the field guide link; figured he would find it interesting. Will update with how our situation proceeds. We have a 12 year old son, so that is my only concern. Thanks for being here.

We have just received this survey and have no intention of filling it in. My husband and I are both in our sixties and are up for any aggravation from these people. Wish us luck !!!

What about Article 16 of the law? How does that affect your decision to not fill out the census? Or how about the statistics act of 1999? I ask because a friend told me that’s how their forcing people to fill this out.

I’ve also heard that they have formally pressed charges on a few families. Have any of you heard of this?

It came to my attention that thus survey is entitled American Census Survey, and not US Census Survey. My suspicions are confirmed after going to the website: There a former field supervisor with the US Census wrote the following:
after reading some of the other posts on this page i feel the need to repost my reply at the top of this page for all to see:

just recieved the same call tonight and have not called back, but i can tell you as a former census field supervisor that no census will ask for any financial information and they will not push if you refuse anything…you are allowed to refuse information even on the original census form and there are provisions in place on how to handle those forms without any more grief to you, so if they ask for any info having to do with your finances or your home other than verifying your address then it is a scam and needs to be reported

I would not fill out the form, and report it to the Attorney General’s Office.

I just spent 15 minutes on my front porch doing the same thing I did with these clowns by not sending in the ACS, refused to give them a bunch of info that is NOT constitutionally required. She kept telling me it “is the law” “title 13” “you have to” “your identification is closely protected” “it’s used for good”, bla bla bla. Guess what she got? A bunch of refusal to answer and my “name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, telephone number, relationship, housing tenure, and the same for residents of my home”. Somehow the same answers I gave on the “short form” + my refusals on the other “long form” questions = ACS completed to them. Then, she has the audacity to say I’m closed minded. Smug non-thinking self-righteous self-serving bureaucrats. They can all kiss my ass. I kept explaining the constitution and she somehow thought that title 13 trumps the constitution. Although it was a fun distraction speaking with someone like this, next time, they get a simple letter…and maybe a stick drawn finger ..|.., Hey ACS…suck it!


Nice! They DO tend to be smug, self-righteous, uneducated government employees… don’t they?


Well, almost made it without them finding anything other than my “name.” (Which they still have WRONG, btw– HA!) Unfortunately, my neighbor’s elderly mother thought she was talking to a “postman or something” and before I could stop her told my CB stalker how many people lived in my place, that we look “white” and an approximate age range for me (also wrong). After I screamed at him to stop, he tried to act like nothing was wrong, and then she got the idea and he left. She was upset about it (I was a lot more upset, but I get it– she’s visiting from another country and thinks we’re all ok here in the States). Finally showed the ACS to her daughter– who was APPALLED. (“I thought this was a free country!” says the naturalized citizen. “Me too.” says the born citizen.)

That was day 30 of the personal harrassment cycle.

Since then, no phone calls, but a different CB stalker has shown up three times (that I’m aware of). Tried to question a different neighbor, who shut the door in his face.

So I hope they’re done. All they got was NOTHING– it isn’t accurate, and so its useless. Next time, I’m gonna put a sign on my door announcing that “These premises are protected by GLOCK”

I feel for people who have snoopy neighbors willing to give them up to ANYONE. I feel for people who don’t have the ability to either screen visitors or prevent people from coming on their property.

This need to END.

Funny just as I was typing this comment I got another call from the Census folks.. That makes it about 10 so far and one door bell ring at 8:00am. I just found this web site, used the template letter above, filled out only the number of people in the household and mailed the letter and ACS form (with all but the one entry blank) in. I hope that makes the calls and visits go away.

Thanks for this site and the letter, really appreciate knowing I am not alone in thinking the ACS is unconstitutional.

Good to hear about another fighter! Sorry that you’ve had to endure the nonsense, but keep up the good fight, Clarissa!

You are most CERTAINLY not alone!



Anymore info on the USDA 2012 National Agricultural Classification Survey? I received my second one about a week ago but my wife’s name is first this time, then mine. It has a due date of Feb. 3rd. In bold letters “Response is required by law.” There is a face letter describing all the reasons why it is important to complete the survey and a reminder in the second paragraph and in bold letters ‘required by federal law’. It also says my response will be kept ‘confidential’. Says I have within 10 days to complete and return. Hasn’t happened yet! Now what? Does this letter in your report hold true for the USDA survey? I am retired law enforcement and by state law all my personal info including addresses, phone numbers, etc. are confidential for obvious reasons. This includes my wife and children! So… where do I go next?

I received two in the mail, which I did not return. Last night I got a call from GSA telling me I was required to fill it out. I told her not according to the US Constitution. I was then informed that they would be sending me a 20 page something-er-other to fill out instead. I told them I would send it back, empty with an opt out form. Sure hope I can find an opt out form because it not I’ll have to make something up…

In Australia, all you have to do is let them know there will be NO-ONE at your residence on the night of the survey, and they will NOT leave a form at your house. You just tell them you fill it in elsewhere.

If They call and or show up in the state you live in record them.
Let them know you are recording the conversations when they call .
Answer the door with a video camera and if they sit in front of your house
record it . DRIVES THEM CRAZY .
This state that I live in as long as you say to them that you are recording . It is legal .

I got two of these forms about a month apart. Did an internet search and learned that
nobody has been prosecuted for noncompliance so I tossed them in the stove and never
heard anything more from the census bureau.

Have gotten two calls, but they got the machine on one and when the 2nd ask if this was the ______ residence, the Mrs told them no and hung up. I have read about the “90 day cycle” but is it generally 90 days after teh first phone call they quit trying to contact you?
The first call to my machine was a week ago, when should I expect to start having to answer the door in the nude with a shotgun in one hand and a camcorder in the other? (Yeah, I WILL do that)

Received two surveys and ignored them. Now the harassment has started. Census worker has been to the house at least five times that we know of since March 1. Sometimes sits in the car out front, waiting for someone to arrive or leave. So far, have avoided him. He has also contacted all of the immediate neighbors and the president of the homeowner’s association trying to track us down. I called our Congressman’s office and they said we need to comply and there is nothing he could do to help us. This is crazy. When will the stalking stop?

The 5th Amendment is the answer. Get the Census Taker to admit that incorrectly completing the questions could be a crime. Use your right to take the 5th and REMAIN SILENT. You can chat with your local police, in advance, to see if they understand private property rights and will enforce trespassing laws. You also have the right to file a private criminal complaint against the Census Taker for trespassing and harassment. TELL the Census Taker that you are video and audio recording them. Video the Census Taker’s car and license plate for identification. Do NOT video a cop as this will make him angry. On EACH call, TELL the Census Taker that you are recording the telephone call. REPEATEDLY assert your 5th Amendment right and then SHUT UP and REMAIN SILENT. Call the police only if you have already confirmed, in advance, that they will enforce your right to have a trespasser get off of your property. Always be polite but firm and then be SILENT.

I asked the arrogant “Census Taker” if people refused to provide all that personal information. He said that it was a crime to refuse. I asked if it was a crime to answer with incorrect, erroneous or incomplete information, and he declared that it certainly was a crime. So I informed him that I was claiming my 5th Amendment right and remaining silent.

He was stunned and then said the law requires me to answer, the law outweighs the 5th Amendment, and that I have no 5th Amendment right. I replied that he had stated it was a crime to answer incorrectly and so even if I made an innocent error I could be committing a crime and thus I would remain silent. He demanded that I answer and I demanded that he leave.

Since then I had to videotape his return visits and call the police. The discussion with the police was interesting. Ultimately the police agreed that even the police can’t compel information from someone who has taken the 5th and so neither could the Census Taker. The Census Taker made a big mistake by arguing with and being rude to the cop. The cop didn’t like the belligerent attitude and told the Census Taker to get off of my property or be arrested for trespassing. The Census taker had to retreat.

That’s halarious! HEHE.

An attorney might take a case against the Census creep for exceeding their authority, trespassing, window peeking, making threats and upsetting the kids. Only use a contingency fee and never pay an attorney up-front or you will kiss your money goodbye.

Your Congressman is worthless. Congress is the source of these problems. If you read about Congress you will see that they have no concern for you or your family, they disregard the Constitution, are for sale to the next lobbyist, are exempt from the laws they pass for the rest of us, and waste lots of taxpayer money. You mean nothing to your Congressman. They only want you to submit as that is how they get their power. Stop voting the same people back into office again and again!

The letter describing all the reasons why it is important to complete the survey, is why it is important and helpful to the government. So they can use the information against you. It is never helpful to you!

I would not send them any letter or reply at all. Anything you say can and will be used against you. I like William’s idea to just use your right to the 5th amendment and be silent. Most people just can’t shut up. Here is why you want to take the 5th: YouTube and search 5th amendment.

As Marissa says (Feb 22, 2012 ), – Even if you do tell them everything, it will only be used against you. Your answers give them a reason to continue to call and hound you because they don’t feel you were totally honest! So don’t tell them anything! If you make an honest mistake on an answer you might be accused of causing a crime. Best to say nothing in such circumstances.

As VVV says (Mar 02, 2012) the US Census Bureau did in fact provide the names and addresses of Japanese Americans so they could be put in prison camps during World War 2. Similar agencies in Germany helped Hitler exterminate his opponents. The Census is the government, so certainly they are going to share your private information. How are you going to stop them once they have the information? If you are dumb enough to give it to them then you already lost. When does the government ever obey the law? When does the government give you any information? All the government information is secret and you aren’t allowed to know.

As ERIN says (Mar 12, 2012) you should video record them, but some state laws require informing them that you are audio recording too. So to be safe, inform them that you are video and audio recording their visit. Inform them if you record their phone calls.

William (Mar 13, 2012) is right. There is no sense in trying to talk to these Census bullies. Take the 5th and then be silent. You forfeit your 5th amendment right if you keep talking! So be quiet, shut-up and simply repeat that you have taken the 5th and the right to be silent. Don’t blab on, as what you say can and will be used against you. There is no point in arguing with these scum as you are not going to change their mind. So tell them that you have taken the 5th and that the conversation is now over, then hang-up the phone or close the door.

There is a nice group or community of people here, which could fight other issues too. With all the websites and blogs it seems that no one has yet organized the people into a coherent force to oppose injustice. We all must work together. I hope to see a group develop somewhere soon.

Yes, I wish we could get a group developed. I am ‘hiding’ in my own house. Today, alone, the senior field rep has been here THREE times so far. Next time I think I will audio/video and take the 5th then close the door, as mentioned. 🙁

I have to agree with the rest of you who advocate silence. Again, AS STATED IN THEIR OWN HANDBOOK in sections 7 & 8:, one of the options they have for people who refuse to answer is to mark the address as a “Silent Refusal.” There is nothing , anywhere, indicating prosecution for non-compliance besides in the propaganda that they peddle to you. If refusing to participate was such an illegal activity, they would have a process outlined in their own training manual on how to handle us “deviants.” As for me, it’s been three and a half weeks since my last contact from one of these ACS goons. I have heard nothing more. Moreover, why haven’t I been prosecuted for refusing to answer these questions? It’s because the whole thing is a farce…a bold faced lie…a ploy to pump the public for information. They’ll try their damnedest to get you to crack, but ignoring them works.

And voluntary ACS participation would be more costly? What a huge waste of $$…. And our deficit is how much.

I wonder when they are going to stop coming to my door.

Well, they didn’t come to my door today , but….. At 7:10pm rec’d a call and voicemail. 🙁 who gave them my prepaid phone number? She was trying to get me to confirm everything – surveys in mail, letters reg. mail, Fed-X letters, Mr. Beltower visits, his supervisor visits. I told her I had given a written statement (THANKS HAYDEN!!) to Mr. B and asked if she had that noted. ‘No.’

‘It was given to him, 2 people live in this house, and I continue to take the 5th fto every single question on the survey.’ She tried to talk me into answering many, saying the ones I thought too personal, I could refuse to answer. It’s important for the community……blah, blah, blah. It was apparent she was reading from her manual.

“2 people live in this house. On every question I take the 5th. Cease and desist (sounds impressive? LoL!), including home visits and calls to this number, or it will be harrassment and trespassing. I am now ending this conversation” I hope I am done with these dipsh!ts!

ho-hum. The supervisor guy from a couple of days ago appeared today! Told him (her supervisor), as Ms Coker was told last night, I take the 5th on all of the questions. He tried to talk me in to answering at least some questions so he wouldn’t have to show I refused. Huh? as I chuckled in disbelief…. “Well, so exactly how many questions would it take for it to show me as in compliance? ” Good grief. Restated taking the 5th Amendment to answer each and every question other than 2 people reside in this house. He threw the $5,000 fine that will result from not answering his questions. I told him to stop coming to my house and stop calling – trespassing and harrassing. He used his finger to pound on his binder and said that I could call the police and he “will just show them my orders and they would allow me to walk across my property to pound on my door.” WTH? I am so tired of these bullies! (BTW, anyone heard of people actually being fined yet? Hope not. I don’t want to fight them – ? – on that eventually, too!)

Today is March 15, 2012 and once again I am receiving phone calls from those claiming to be the United States Census Bureau (Called ID confirms). They’ve called approximately twenty times in the past two weeks (I was traveling).
They told me this survey is mandatory and that I must confirm my address to my telephone number. I told them I filled out the form in 2010 and stop calling me. They said they’re just going to keep calling back because it is a mandatory survey. Does anyone know what gives? Besides shutting down my landline, is there anyway to stop them?

I found this article on World Net Daily which also seems to indicate that the Census Bureau does not prosecute people for not filling out the American Community Survey.

Being harassed by Census Bureau because I didn’t answer personal questions on ACS. First the threatening mailing, then the reminder. Then I filled out the basic stuff, headcount, ages, etc. Asked year of house and electric bill costs and I became offended they would ask such things. Skimmed through to see it only got worse and more personal. Sent it in with only basic info. Received a call. Asked that lady where in the Constitution it stated I had to tell her what year my house was built. She stammered and asked if I was a refusal. I said yes. Got another call, voicemail, asking me to return their call regarding case # whatever it was. Called again wanting answers, she again threatened it is “required by law”, I said “no it’s not” she said “yes it is” I said “no it’s not” she said “I’m not going to argue with you”, and I hung up on her. If they come to my door, I’m calling the cops. This is harassment. It isn’t even census year. Please, vote for presidents and senators and representatives who stand for SMALL GOVERNMENT or this will only get worse.

Thank you so much for this info — I’ve lost count of how many personal visits — maybe up to six or seven now? — but am now up to the supervisor level. My landlord has agreed to not tell these people anything but has been harassed, as his office is below my unit and he is generally around during the day.

I worked for the “real” census in 2010 and the operation is a clusterf*** — from selecting only the smartest applicants, then training them as if they have the intelligence of a doorknob to refusing me further work because I was unavailable to be retrained for FOUR MORE DAYS so I could count “regular” people instead of the transient hotel population, with the same damn form.

The direct result of my ACS experience: I’m voting in the heavily Democratic City of Chicago today, and will be pulling a Republican ballot, JUST to vote for Ron Paul.

Was also threatened by a rep from the Census Bureau about 2-3 months ago. Wish I had found this site sooner, but so glad to have this bookmarked now! Gotta love dummies that flash a badge and think they can scare you into submission.

We have just had our second letter and are standing strong on this one……we will not fold !!!

I know my rights. Refused to fill out the form went straight in the trash. Next they came a calling and I told them to get lost. Next came another census because I’m a business owner wanting to know all about income/employees etc etc. Again the cycle started up. Once a month they come a calling. First I told the person to simply F…..K Off. There’s no way in hell the government is going fillet my life and then come back down the road and tax /screw me some more.
Now they send a very nice lady. She is resigned to the fact that she isn’t going to get anything so we talk about the weather, have a laugh and that’s that.
They will take an 8 month break and start up again for 4 more visits in 2013. Bring it on. Send your worst. There’s a shit storm waiting just inside. Oh just a note about myself. I am Welsh born and bred. I became a legal American citizen 10 years ago. (Sworn in at Mount Rushmore no less). Anyway we Brit’s really hate the government in all it’s many monstrous forms. No matter where I live I will always fight these blood sucking bastards on just about every level.

Well said……we are currently being terrorized!!! Fight the good fight

We had at least ten visits from two different census people in a three week period. Thank goodness we were out of town the last week. They kept bugging the neighbors too and left notes on top of notes on the door. The last note said “today is the final day to complete your survey”. That was a week ago, haven’t heard anything since. Hoping they don’t come back. The harassment is ridiculous.

Hi Hayden,
I just received the ACS and want to inform everyone that they need to call or contact the Rutherford Law Institute asap. They have started action and posted the following (see below) a few days ago.

If there is any hope of legal action against the ACS the Institute needs everyone to let them know. This is a serious issue in which bullying and harassment has now become standard practice. I am your average English teacher and can’t believe the terrible questions they ask me. Please everyone call and sign up with them today!

Here is a brief part of their info:

On The Front Lines
Rutherford Institute Issues Final Warning to Census Bureau Over Forcing Americans to Complete Highly Invasive Surveys Unrelated to Census

March 22, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC — John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute, has issued a stern warning to the Census Bureau that Institute attorneys are prepared to challenge the American Community Survey (ACS) as an unconstitutional overreach by the agency on behalf of a large number of clients who object to being forced under penalty of law to complete the highly intrusive and expansive questionnaire. Whitehead’s warning comes in response to a letter by Census Bureau Director Robert Groves, in which the agency head justified the ACS as providing information “that can be useful to private industry, and private entities”—a justification, noted Whitehead, that will not pacify the countless individuals who have voiced their objections to the intrusive questionnaire, as well as the harassing tactics of Census Bureau workers.

“There is no way that those who founded this country would have authorized the federal government to incessantly or perpetually demand, under penalty of law, such detailed information from the American people,” said Whitehead. “Indeed, the American Community Survey contains some of the most detailed and intrusive questions ever put forth in a census questionnaire, concerning matters that the government simply has no business knowing, including a person’s job, income, physical and emotional health, family status, place of residence and intimate personal and private habits.”

Unlike the traditional census, which collects data every ten years, the American Community Survey (ACS) is sent to about 3 million homes per year at a reported cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Moreover, while the traditional census is limited to ascertaining the number of persons living in each dwelling, their ages and ethnicities, the ownership of the dwelling and telephone numbers, the ACS is overly expansive, asking questions relating to respondents’ bathing habits, home utility costs, fertility, marital history, work commute, mortgage, and health insurance, among others.

I received the ACS survey initially in Dec. 2010 and then postcards reminding me about it, a second copy, and eventually a FedEx. There was no way I was going to answer the personal questions and after researching the outrageous ACS on the internet, I chose not to respond at all. After the first call from the ACS sometime in Feb. 2011 (no one was home), I contacted my family & friends and told them that I would no longer pick up the phone, that all calls would go to voicemail. Then I received several more phone calls from the ACS and I did nothing. Then I had a personal visit by an agent who left yet another copy and a hand writen note asking me to contact her (I was at work). I responded to her note with a note that asked her to tell me what article in the US Constitution required me to fill out such personal information and left it at my front door. I then left for a 3 week vacation in May 2011. When I returned, the packet with both notes was still inside my screen door and I was getting ACS calls. I was tired of the waste of $ and so I called her and left a message stating that I participated in the 2010 Census and would not participate in the ACS without being shown specifically where in our Constitution it is required. After my call, I have not been contacted in the past 10 months. I just refused to respond period!! Maybe the agent with my case was not as persistent as others.
I also wrote my Representatives and Senators and just got their automatic responses. Good luck to us all!!

Have not been able to read the latest comments for the last week — they appear all jumbled over each other and with a black background. All of them after Cyndi on Mr 16 at 7:14 PM.

Is this my computer or the website? Would love to see what others have written. Thanks again for the information…they are STILL trying to find me; can’t wait till the siege is over.

Received postcards around Xmas telling me the survey was coming. Assumed it was a scam. Could NOT believe it was for real. Received the first survey and just ignored it.
The second one arrived and out of guilt, I started to fill it out…but just could NOT with all the private info they wanted. (My birthday??? Really? how is that relevant??? and if it’s “anonymous” why are they asking for my name?) Found this site and others and it really gave me the confidence to feel that I could fight it.
The phone calls started and I followed the advice of “Lazarus” I read on another blog…be firm, but polite, and don’t let them think for a second that you will “cave”.
I told “Rachel” that there was NO way I would fill it out…that I had been a victim of identity theft and would NOT give out any information and just to save everyone from wasting any more time, to put me down as a “refusal”. I thought that would be it…but no. The second one who called a week later was snippy and I said all the same things to her. She said I could just skip the questions I didn’t like…I told her I didn’t like any of them. She said “I will mark you down as a “refusal”. I said, great…then are we all done here? She said,” No…now I will refer it to the Justice Department” !!! I said “are you threatening me?” She said “no, that’s just our protocol…have a nice day” and hung up really quickly. Two weeks later I received a letter that said they understood that I had some fears about my information staying confidential, but that it is very secure…blah blah blah and please reconsider and send it in. It’s been 4-6 weeks now…no more calls…for SURE it has been more than their 90 day cycle…so I think that I made it. I cannot imagine what the rest of you are going thru with all these home visits. Lots of talk these days of “stand your ground”, and now that we can see what their manual advises, anything that goes beyond that, I believe we can call them on it….chapter and verse.

We received the postcards around New Year’s, and the Census guys finally stopped harassing us after March 20th, so you should be okay too. Hope so.

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What is this “90 day cycle” you people speak of? I received my packet before Christmas, got the phone calls for about a month and a half – up until about 1 – 2 weeks ago, and received my first visit today, from a Maria Trujillo. She seemed shocked when I treated her like a salesperson and told her I wasn’t interested just before shutting the door in her face while she was attempting to tell me “it’s not about whether you are interested or not”. I guess the real fun is just starting. Thank you for this website Kevin, I’m sure I would be a little freaked out right now (or worse – giving in?) if not for reading everyone’s stories.

I can’t find anything (other than what is written on here) about the 90-day cycle either. I’m curious to know where this info came from.

This is another website I was following. “Cathy” talks of there being 30 days of paper correspondence, 30 days of phone calls, 30 days of visits and then they close your case and are on to their next victims. Give or take….90 days.

Still receiving visits as of 4/14, that makes 120 days of harassment so far.

Well i just got my visit tonight. A Mrs. Kubovec knocked on my door tonight. I told her i had no interest in doing this Census and i had already done my duty and filled out the first real Census. She smiled and told me that we needed to do this one for schools, money, and roads. I stopped her there and stated i had no interest nor the time to do this census. I was told she would be back in a week to do it if i don’t contact her this week. She said something about a fine if i did not do the census. I asked her what the fine was she said The fine was $250,000 dollars and 5 years in prison. I was shocked and asked her to repeat it in case i heard it wrong. Nope i heard her right the first time. What the hell? 250 thousand and 5 years in prison?

This tops all the posts. We also have gone through the two mailings and constant phone calls. Then while gone the past few days they must have gone to our home and again left phone messages. THEN SOMEWAY they “found” old oldest married bank manager son’s cell and called him to ask where we were and why we have not returned their calls. He had no idea what they were talking about and hung up on them. They tried to call back but he will not answer his cell. He is 39 years old, married for ten years, two children and not lived in our home for 14 years. WOW the power or gull of this group!

OMG – our government has run amuck!!!!
On March 25th, our local newspaper had a headline “Census data’s flow could slow” – second headlline “Bill to guard privacy troubles policymakers”. The article mentions HR 931 (by US Rep Ted Poe – R-Texas) currently referred to the House of Rep. Subcommittee on the Constitution (see🙂 – it would END MANDATORY PARTICIPATION in the American Community Survey. Basically the article says that our local policymakers in Vancouver Washington think this bill would make the data unreliable and they use that data to “plan for the future, equitably distribute services and measure progress on a variety of benchmarks”. Making the ACS unreliable would cause local Governments to do a sample survey themselves and that would be very expensive according to this article. Claims are that the current response rate is 97% – 98% and if they make it optional the response rate would decrease by at least 20%. In order to keep participation rates the same, Congress would have to invest $66.5 million per year to make home visits to unresponsive survey residents in order to persuade them to respond according to Census Bureau director, Robert Graves. “The American Community Survey is our only tool for tracking a wide range of demographic statistics in Clark County on a consistent basis…”….according to Scott Bailey, regional ecomonist for the state Employment Security Department.
Sorry this is so dry, but we need to CONTACT OUR REPRESENTATIVES and tell them we support HR 931!!! This article was nothing more than trying to justify an obtrusive government survey. I would like to know specifically what questions they need to ask that are not already in the 10 year census – it is just BS!! And then the Census director mentioning the cost “to persude them” – so that’s what they call harrassment!
Hayden – is there any way you could draft a letter we could send to our Reps about the need for HR 931 and perhaps even send out a petition?

We need to get these bums defunded. I’m contacting my congresspeople and senators, also Paul Ryan.

Please do the same.

Good news! Rutherford Institute has issued a stern warning to the Census Bureau regarding ACS.
Thanks God, we have a serious organization that migh be able to protect us from this outrageous servey! Many thanks to those brave Rutherford people!

i find it ironic that every institution now is required to give you a privacy notification that your information will be protected and kept confidential yet the ACS continues to Invade our privacy in such an invasive way. Its a shame.
are these the jobs that are said to be created by the administration? what a lie.

thank you for all your feedback.
lets take a stand together to preserve the freedom and justice upon which this country was founded.

Tremendous issues here. I’m very satisfied to look your article. Thank you so much and I am taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

The following in itself can keep anyone off your property by presenting them with the signed trespass notice. Basically from what I am reading below that all you have to do is tell the person there trespassing and present them with the below.

This has to do with the Bill Of Rights Of The United States Constitution Amendment#4

You can get this in PDF format just by searching the following phrase:

when can a public official trespass upon private property?

This is to put you on notice that the Owner or Tenant of this property requires that all Public Officials abide by the provisions of the Supreme Law of
the Land
of the
Bill of Rights
Amendment Two:”the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”
Amendment Four:”the right of the people to be secure in their person, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated:

We’ve received a handful of letters along with 2 copies of the forms and 3 personal visits. I now have personal information on my Census stalker such as home address, number of children and the fact that it was 1 year ago on 4/12/2012 that she buried her husband. I hope for her sake she doesn’t push me too far.

Thanks for all of the helpful information. When we received the ACS, we thought it was a scam and could not believe our government would 1) ask for such personal information; and 2) waste so much time and money on this survey. Your website was most helpful in understanding what the ACS is and what to do. We are returning our survey to them with “Refusal” written on it along with a copy of your cover letter. I sure hope that ends it for us.

Going on month 4 here. I was expecting someone yest. and the knock was timid (instead of the aggressive Ring and try to break the door down MO they’ve used) so I opened it. Her name is Lillie. I told her it was nice to meet her but that I would be shutting the door now. She then started giggeling the door handle and stuffing things threw the door again. I waited until she was about done. Opened it and handed it back to her. She did it a total of 3 times. The last time she stuffed a hand written note stating my fine was now up to $5000. She went to my neighbors and they laughed at her (all military). She was so rattled she then backed over my trash cans on the curb. My neighbors came over and informed me of what she had just done and checked out the cans for me. They were very upset with her and wanted to call the police. She sat there for 30 minutes blocking my driveway and watching us. I walked out with her last note and placed it in the trash can that she was sitting by.

I have been “hiding” for the last 4 months. I’m done. I am a US citizen and will no longer stay cooped up in my own home. We as a community made ourselves known and I feel very grateful for that fact. The Constitution is alive on THIS block. A wonderful lesson through all of this I think.

I am needing help with this also. I do not know what they are calling it but last fall a woman shows up at my house and leaves form stating she is from census bureau. I was not home. Then I get a phone call telling me she is returning. That she does. I see census bureau tag hanging from her neck and it looks legit. She asked basic questions about how long i have lived there, blah, blah, blah. I am not liking this at all. I asked her what this was about and she said all this info would end up on President Obama’s desk concerning unemployment in the usa. It still does not hit right with me. I am told I will get a call each month by worker asking questions and this will last almost one year. I got first call and answered questions. Next month worker calls and even asks about interest I get from iras and other info about my private life I do not like and I told him so. It was then I decided after listening to him and his telling me i had to answer the questions that I decided I would not go through this again. They called again two days ago. I said I did not like this and that info was still the same and would not be changing. She became rude and said are you not going to answer the questions and I said absolutely not after the previous invasion of my personal life by the census bureau. The woman called again yesterday and I am already sick and can barely talk and she begins asking questions again. I said nothing has changed and I will not answer any more of their questions. Are you refusing I was asked and I said I will not go through this invasion of my privacy again. I know it was census bureau because it was on caller id. How much of this do we have to take. I resent our government doing this and how is it helping our president to learn about unemployment situations in this nation??? They can arrest me if they want but they will get no other info from me.

Wish I would of saw this website before I complete that survey. I felt like I had been raped. You know what I mean. Such an invasion.

3rd visit from census worker Maria Trujillo today. She left many forms outside the door, including one that read “shall be fined not more than $1,000” (last weeks note stated “up to $250,000). She also left a hand written note – “just so you know I have to close out this case next week. You may be fined.” I sure am going to miss her. I’m thinking of answering the door next week and telling her I will fill it out and have it ready for her next week just to drag this out a little longer.


Get her a cheap bouquet of flowers or something! A “We’ll Miss You!” card?


Please watch The Pros & Cons of Making the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Voluntary

I partially completed the ACS form and sent it in. After a month or so another form arrived. Threw that one out. Then the calls started. About 40 calls total. Shortly after that the personal visits started. But what happened on the last visit really pissed me off. We’re having dinner at about 7:30 pm on a Saturday night. The door bell rings and then a loud knock at the door. We didn’t answer because we were eating dinner. Then I see a woman standing in my BACK yard staring into our very private REAR patio. She was had walked approximately 100 feet from the public sidewalk and between two houses into my BACK yard!!! I confronted her, asked her who she was and why she was trespassing on my property. She only told me she was from the US Census Bureau and gave me no other info.While I was physically escorting her off my property I told her she had made a conscious decision to trespass on my property, had violated my 4 th Amendment rights and invaded my privacy. I then told her to get the %&*^ off my property and don’t even think of returning. In her haste to leave she dropped a business card with her name on it. I am writing a letter of complaint about her to the US Census via certified mail but am also seriously considering hiring an attorney to go after them for this one. Ringing my doorbell is one thing but peeping in on us in our very private BACK yard is a flagrant violation of the 4th amendment.

We have just had our third phone call as of yesterday. The 2nd phone call I took and was told twice that I am breaking the law, my reply was “so be it” My Husband and I are both in our 60s and find all this very stressful, but we will continue to NOT answer any of the questions. It would be interesting to know where everyone is from and where these forms are being sent, we are in East Tennessee

I just received my first form in the mail. I feel just as angry about as everyone above, and my gut is telling me this is all wrong. I’m angered that my refusal to fill out such a form may cause me and my spouse hours or days of frustration and stress. I noticed that you first posted in march. I really do not want to have anything to do with this survey. Do you feel like it was worth opting out with all the harassment you’ve experienced from these people? I’m afraid I may not be able to exhibit the type of patience with these people as some of the above had. Should I just send it back with all lies??

Listen to your gut. It was worth it for me.

Cherry as we await our first visit I can assure you that we are vigilante and will not fill this form out.

Cherry we will continue to fight this rubbish even though we are finding it stressful. We have to be strong


I received the form recently. Today, I was about to fill the form, but as soon as I saw the question regarding toilet, I sense something wrong. Even as a immigrant from a country with less human rights, I have never seen any government survey that is so personal and intrusive. So I googled it and found your site. I think your analysis and response is inspirational and empowering I wonder if you or anyone who is visiting this site is willing to start a petition in It’s a petition site which has lot of success stories. I am not confident on starting such petition but I will certainly be the first the sign and spread the words.

I (we) got the survey yesterday. I am grateful for the info in the article and how to fight this. I will be returning the form with the suggested cover letter and feeling more like a patriot than ever.

I have read the BLOG here with great interest, as I have just received the ACS and am incensed by its invasive character. I checked out the sections of the US Code referenced by Kevin, and I found his interpretation, particularly of the Title 18 Sections to be very illuminating. However, his conclusion that the $5,000 fine is bogus may not be correct. If you check out the Title 18 Chapter 227 Subchapter A – General Provisions Section 3551 which preceeds 3559 and 3571 amongst others, it states: “Except as otherwise specifically provided, a defendant who has been found guilty of an offense described in ANY Federal statute…….shall be sentenced in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, etc.” To me, that means that Title 18 does apply to Title 13. Even more concerning, when you look at Section 3571, it not only says that an infraction (defined as an offense garnering a jail sentence of 5 days or less or none) is subject to a $5,000 fine, it also goes on to say “If a law setting forth an offense specified no fine or a fine that is lower than the fine otherwise applicable under this section and such law, by specific, reference, exempts the offense from the applicability of the fine otherwise applicable under this section, the defendant may not be fined more than the maount specified in the law setting forth the offense.” It took me awhile to figure out the flow of that sentence. It means that because Title 13 does not specifically mention an exemption from Title 18, then Title 18 overrides! So, what seems to remain is the fact that the Department of Justice probably couldn’t be bothered – I hope. I’m going to take that risk, because we’ve got to stand for our right to privacy. So much of it has already been eroded just by the very nature of modern daily life. Not only that, but the Constitution trumps all Statutory law as far as I can ascertain.

Forgot to mention that all their envelopes and business cards they leave wedged on your door between the door and the frame are at eye level and none of the envelopes are ever sealed. They leave it open. I think I will place a small trash can with all the business cards and envelopes they have left in front of my door. I will place a sign saying please leave all Census related material below for recycling, Thank You. I will also leave my own check in form with an application for the Census workers, name, birth dates, address, phone numbers, salary, etc, with a sign in form and time and date they came to my place. I hope they send me the Fedex envelope people are talking about, I will never pick it up. Last, I think I will also put a sign on my door saying “CENSUS BUREAU PLEASE FINE ME $5000 AND LET ME BE THE POSTER CHILD AS THE FIRST PERSON EVER FINED FOR REFUSING THE CENSUS. I WILL CONTACT THE ACLU (the enemey of my enemy is my friend) AND SET UP A DONATION FUND FOR PEOPLE TO HELP ME PAY THE FINE. THANK YOU”.

This is amazing!! Just received my survey form with a cover letter from Robert Groves the Director. It states: The U. S. Census Bureau chose your address, not you personally, as part of a randomly selected sample. So why in hell, might one ask, does the very first question ask my name? If the purpose of the survey is to glean information about the residents of a certain community. What difference does it make who that resident is? I am tempted to return the Form with all the correct info except enter “Resident” in answer to the first question. After all, that is to whom the Survey was addressed. God help us defend ourselves against this intrusive, overreaching Government.

Thank you for this information. We have been getting non-stop phone calls and now a census worker has started showing up at our door. This has really affected our family, we will be posting the letter on our door!

Just answer the survey and it will stop u really are silly

Mike Weinz is a weenie. Just fun to say that and I make no apology. Mike it’s OK to be gutless and a sycophant, inmate of the collectivist state…. but it does expose you as such to put your ignorance or cowardice in writing. Isn’t it wonderful, this First Amendment Right…. or will you capitulate to the negation of that right and all other rights and Constitutionally mandated limits on the Central government. It brings to mind Stockholm Syndrome and those who ingratiate themselves to their captors. Of course Mike, you can “just fill out the form”, just hand over your guns, just get in the bus to the Japanese internment camps… But some of us respect the genius of our nations philosophy and supreme law. Apparently you do not. Weenie…LOL!

“Just answer the survey and it will stop u really are silly”

O my god.. This is not silly! this is a fin joke. soooo pissed off about it..
Its my info and the hell you say, I need to give out no info. Chinese water torture Chinese water torture Chinese water torture Chinese water torture Chinese water torture!

Typical liberal response

This is so not difficult….. Listen carefully….. Don’t listen to this moron that stated,”just fill it out!” No that that is out of the way….. You don’t have to answer any of it and this is why……

The fine that they are threatening to impose for not answering all the questions is exactly that. If you answer your name and how many people live at your house, you are still breakin the law. Therefore…… Ask the agent if there is a fine for not answering all the questions, is they give you any answer other than yes, they are lying to you. Tell them you read the law and there is a fine and that you reserve the right not to incriminate yourself in future proceedings, therefore you will say nothing, and politely close the door! They cannot argue with you….. But they will try.

The federal government cannot keep your information safe! They cannot keep their own information safe…. Just ask private Bradley Manning. Your information is worth more to them than it they believe it is to you…. Because once they have it…. It can be sold to Walmart corp, meanwhile Walmart corp, doesn’t have to spend any time or resources doing their own market research.

Just because these people in government are breaking the law doesn’t mean you are required to give up your private information….. The government has the tools to legally get your information….. But if you’ll notice they are not using it! Subpoenas can be used to get the information….. But you withholding your information is not grounds to issue one! Even if it was….. Just look at CONGRESS vs. ERIC HOLDER….. They subpoenaed documents he had…. And Eric refused to give them still…. And nothing happened to him! And that was congress that issued it! Not some local flunky census worker, that has no power of indictment!

Do what you want! But ive already explained to my congressman as to why I’m not answering any of the questions. In 2010….. Every doorstep in America got GPS located. With this information they are asking for they have the potential to cross refference gun ownership, racial profiling, and just about anything else. In 1943 they used the census information to create internment camps to hold American-Japanese citizens. Information collected legally by they census, but hyjacked by the secret service… They temporarily changed the law kinda like they have done with the patriot act.

Protect your rights people! If your privacy isn’t worth to you 100 dollars that they have no ability to prosecute you on….. Then what is your privacy worth?!

They cannot protect your information….. But you can, and you should. If you think giving your information is good for society….. Then you are agreeing with these people…..

“We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.”
– Hillary Clinton
Sounds just like:

“The unity of a nation’s spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual; and that the higher interests involved in the life of the whole must here set the limits and lay down the duties of the interests of the individual.”
– Adolf Hitler

Welcome to the new America! Where govt breaks the law, threatens you over laws they have no ability to enforce, but by threatening you and you giving the Info freely….. Means the govt isn’t breaking the law! This is why they do this! If you give it up freely then they have done nothing wrong!

If you don’t believe me….. I refused to fill it out as well as 10s of thousands of others. And nobody every has been charged or fined over this! Ever! The last thing they want is for someone to upset their bullying and information gathering because of lawsuits and media! There is a reason you never heard of this before it showed up on your doorstep!

Don’t give them your personal information….. It violates the 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10th amendments as well as hippa laws. If you wanna give it to them….. Go ahead! Nobody else is doing it happily! And many just outright refuse! Your not alone! 26% that get it, don’t return it! Thats 50000 people a month that refuse to answer it! So…. Good luck on your decision! I’m not answering it!

I found after someone slammed my vehicle, causing me permanent disabilities, the lawyers defending the guilty driver found every bit of information on me, such as this, twisted it to incredible lies. It was used against me. There are now lies in my medical records, to the point it took me years to find a doctor that was intelligent and honest enough to get past what was written. All this to save the insurance from paying the medical bills incurred from the accident. They succeeded. This form is claiming to help the community. When I was hurt, the Community did nothing to help me. I was the mother of a Severe Asthmatic Son. With my loss’s, income, health, my son died. Should I mention when my son was 10 he was abducted and raped by a repeat offender. Yes, Our Community let him out of jail twice. He is in jail now for 70 years, but my son’s health was altered through the trauma, and has now passed on. Until you have experienced the trauma caused by the community, you would not have a clue. You call this silly out of ignorance.

Thanks so much for the research and letter. I did add the following: “There are 4 occupants at this address. This is the only information we will provide.” And I changed the signature to “Adult Occupant” Got the green postcard yesterday and my husband who is learning Russian thought of putting a go-jump-in-the-lake reply in Russian but that would just mean some russian speaking fellow will show up so there’s not much point in that.

I think it stopped now (no harassment for last 15 days… but this is how it had to go down. please read my latest update @

Thank you again for this site. it has been so valuable during the ordeal.


The census person showed up at my door on Friday May 4, 2012 and my daughter who is almost 9 answered it.I told him that I was refusing to answer the survey and the a$$hole had the audacity to say in front of my kids I could be arrested! Now my kids are afraid mommy is going to jail. My husband came home and told him to leave immediately. I got me a lawyer on retainer this morning.

Looks like anyone who didn’t give them what they wanted the first time around, magically got picked for the second survey, The American Community Survey. Did you know they told me that this is going to be a yearly survey? I’m sorry, but with obama signing executive order 13575, do they really think I’m going to answer any of their surveys? Didn’t work out so well for the guy who came to our house looking for it! And when he left with nothing, we got a certified letter from them threatening us with a fine! All I can say is BRING IT ON!! They want a fight, by gosh, I’m ready! I’m glad there’s a website that will help anyone and everyone who wants to put a stop to BIG government intruding in your life!

I agree with you re who is selected to complete the ACS. On the Census form originally received I answered only those question which are legally required and under race/ethnicity I checked “Other” and inserted: American. If somehow it could be proven the government sent these elongated forms in retaliation to those inadequately responding on the short form it would serve as grounds for a class action suit.

U are stupid listen to the people contacting u go to their website reason and than do the survey ur pride wont take u anywhere ur stupidity is just ruining ur life.

Dear Mike:

Hitler needed a good survey like this one to do what he did to the poor Jewish people.

The U. S. SS needed a good survey to identify where all the Japanese-Americans were in WWII.

I would think you would be appalled at such a thing as this. But then again the Japs and the Jews filled out their surveys like good law abiding citizens didn,t they? How much did their government love them???? 🙁

The more information the Gov. has about you the more vulnerable you are. You think the government loves you? Open your eyes and look around you!! They’re just trying to find out who they can sodimize and how many ways they can do it.

Mike must be a bureaucratic hireling. Just refuse the tyranny and criminality Mike, old boy and join us!

Key indicators of Trolls or AKA Troll sighting.

Biggest indicator is grade school grammar and common misspellings of 3rd person pronouns and conjunctions.
Additional indicators include play ground type name calling and statements like “oh yeah?”. While this is typically indicative of someone needing a nap or their parents basement is to small to support a much more than the trundle bed said troll had in grade school but sometimes name calling can be justified with evidence.
lastly and usually a big indicators include computer mediated language or or internet slang. usually LOL or OMG and URaH8r as examples. When preceded by the juvenile name calling it is with certainty that said poster is a troll.
Although we all care for the planet and all of the beings on it, Trolls have no bag nor season limit. They procreate via response or feeding. Best to ignore and when given the opportunity. Kill it with facts.

Just received my “survey” and when I saw those useless questions — starting wondering if this was legitimate — and Googled my concern. Found this site and Voila! LOVED IT. One question I have – if on the DO NOT CALL LIST — why can’t they be fined too if they call? If I get called, I will say no one by that name lives here. Or that this is not the address of this phone #. Thanks for the letter, I have it all printed out if someone comes to my door — and the Public Servant Questionnaire for the surveyor if they show up. GOOD STUFF PEOPLE!

We received the long form of the census in 2010 at our old address. I ignored several phone calls from the census bureau trying to obtain the information. Finally my husband spoke with a census worker over the phone who spoke poor English and basically told her very politely that the info she was requesting was not the govt’s business. A census worker showed up at my new home and I told her I had answered all I was required to answer at my old address. That was then end of that episode.
So we then get the ACS about 6 wks ago. Upon failing to complete it (I tore it up and tossed it), we got a 2nd survey which went the way of the 1st. I got 2 phone calls and told both census workers that the ACS is unconstitutional and I was not going to answer any questions. I was marked “REFUSED” on their paperwork. We then got a letter telling us we needed to comply. And then the guys started coming to the door and leaving their little “Please call me! It’s urgent!” notes. We did not go to the door the 1st 3 visits and the guy went to my neighbor’s house to ask about us. He did not even show an ID and my neighbor was realy suspicious esp since this was at 7:30 PM. We live in a gated community and the census worker was following people in to gain access. Finally my husband, ever the patient man, answered the door. He listened to the spiel and told the guy we were not answering any questions. I was listening just inside the door. This census guy had the audacity to claim that soldiers are dying and somehow that means we should complete the survey! I blew my top and stepped out the door telling the guy how shameful he was to use the death of our troops to try and guilt us into filling out this unconstitutional, 4th Amendment violating piece of garbage. I asked him how it would help build highways to know how many toilets I have! He, of course like all of them, stated this is MANDAtTORY and we “could be fined”. I told him NO one has been fined. He said we would be receiving something via Fed Ex which has not arrived yet.
This is an absolute outrage that people are being bullied, threatened and coerced into filling out information that I wouldn’t give to my family members! It is time we resisted this kind of govt intrusion into our lives.

If the Census worker gained illegal entry into a gated community I would request the Homeowners/Community Association notify the federal government. These types of government workers are not entitled to illegally enter anymore than anyone else.

I have now received 4 calls from the census bureau folks. I followed the guidelines in How To Legally Refuse–send the letter and unanswered questionairre back. I’m sure the home visits will be next. I have let my attorney know that I might be needing him. I told the last census person that the House had voted last week to shut them down and he said that is not going to happen–It’s the Law. We are losing our country rapidly!!

On another site it was suggested you contact your Congressman or Senator and ask them to intervene. Apparently, this venue resolves the issue and terminates future contact.

I wouldn’t count on contact with your legislators helping. I contacted my Republican Congressman and his office said there was nothing they could do for me. I needed to comply with the survey. I didn’t even bother contacting my Democratic Senators. The best thing is just try and avoid/ignore the Census Bureau. They will eventually go away.

Kathleen, I did contact my congressman and was told to go directly to the US Census and deal with them directly, they offered zero assistance.

We ignored the first ACS and have just received our second. Reading these comments are making me slightly sick to my stomach. I guess it will be necessary to don our armor and plunge into the battle. We are NOT going to give this information to these people.

This is a follow-up to the adventures with my Census stalker. She and the Census bureau are now well aware of the consequences of trespassing on my property again. To review, I did and still do have the home address of my Census stalker. You should have seen the look on her face when a letter warning her to stay off my property was delivered. Priceless. She gets the picture now. Be free my fellow Americans.

I received the ACS in Sept. 2011. Ignored the original and the second copy. Received several phone
calls at various times of the day. Then I found this discussion forum and used the sample letter above.
The next time I was called I told them I’d just recently returned the survey. I then mailed the letter with the
unanswered survey and haven’t heard back from them since then (7 months). I also wrote to my Rep.
two state Senators. Only one had a staffer call to discuss it. I read them the letter and and quoted ICC
vs. Brimson. It ended with the staffer saying they would investigate the language on the ACS to see if
it could be regarded as a subpoena. Haven’t heard back from them yet. Subpoena, heck! Anything
addressed to resident can’t possibly be regarded as a subpoena. My advice is to print the sample letter,
sign it “An American Citizen” and send it back with the unanswered survey. That should stop all calls and

Wow u must be super smart proud of you. jajaja u are an idiot thinking you are better for not helping your country your government to gather statistics. idiot

We prefer those who sling insults to at least master the English language or understand what they’re talking about, first.


Yay U GO Hayden :))

They be triyin to put usall back in chains. It’s none of their business how many cans I had to collect last week in order to eat.

Hello Mike, Pissed Tom here again. I see you are using the hip abbreviated language of youth… that stands to reason. Sorry if I have been harsh on you, young man… calling you a Weenie and coward and sycophantic. Obviously you are just a youngster and from your statement of “helping your country your government to gather statistics, idiot” , you must have been steeped in the socialist/collectivist, the government is our ‘friend’ and “Father” brainwashing. Ah, youth… been there my friend and, thank God, grew to be able to think for myself… you should give it a try. Here’s lesson #1 Mike… it’s a quote from George Washington, He was a founding father and our very first President… “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”. Mike all the people here are trying to do is contain the “fire” & “force” of government and doing this by putting their wealth and physical freedom on the line to stand up for what they believe is a fundamental principle, clearly codified in our Constitution.

I am willing to bet you, Mike, you have some ‘line drawn in the sand’ of you mind and heart that if your government stepped beyond, and encroached upon a ‘right’ you hold dear, you would be as incensed as these good folks. Yes if it was a clear violation and threat to you, you would be a powerful advocate of ‘Civil Disobedience’. Please stay and insult us more if it makes you feel happy. This just might be the place that plants the Liberty seed in the deep, recesses of you mind and heart; the seed of awareness of human sovereignty and civic responsibility to protect and defend our precious, hard won Rights. We will not hold your former ignorance against you!

I have now received 5 phone calls. I did send the ACS back unanswered with the “letter” they really don’t care–just continue to call at different times. Today I had a notice of registered mail that the postman tired to delive to me but I was not at home. I think it is probably from them also. Has anyone gotten registered mail from the census goons? I dont plan to pick it up.

Yes, I received a letter delivered from the Kansas City office today through Fed Ex! I didn’t respond to the two surveys that were sent in the mail because I refuse to give them the information. A field agent showed up on Saturday (6/2)as we were leaving. I don’t know why I gave her my cell phone number but she called me 3 times on Tuesday (6/5), stopped by when I wasn’t home on Wednesday (6/6), and then stopped by again Saturday (6/9) as we sat in our house and refused to answer the door. My kids know what she looks like and what her car looks like and are nervous anytime the doorbell rings.

The letter was dated June 8th so they are being pretty agressive trying to get these answers from us. I’ve just drafted a letter to them with the sample from the website and will be mailing it off tomorrow.

They need to leave us alone!!

The harassment has just begun for us. We have received 5 phone calls. The last call I attempted to complete the survey. I provided my name and began answering the questions with “I decline to answer”. That did not go over well. The ACS worker got her supervisor on the phone. I informed her that I would answer the questions but was told that my answers were not sufficient and the census would not be complete. I stated that if theft would not accept my answers than not to waste my time and I hung up. Got another phone call tonite, priceless!

I have gotten two of the surveys so far and am sending one back with the letter template above. This is the most wasteful of tax payer’s money that I have ever seen and will not answer any of the questions. WOW what nerve.

wonderful information…thank you for your research. I wish that everyone who receives this survey would do a little research before just giving in to some of the bullies in Washington.

We have received two surveys and I have burned both.
No calls or visits yet. Got my camcorder on ready though
Along with my pocket constitution.

“The U. S. Census Bureau chose your address, not you personally, as part of a randomly selected sample.”

Absolute horse-puckey. I’ve been targeted twice within a three year span. Same address.

Thank you for this site. I received the ACS a few months ago. Fed up with government intrusions, I Googled and found this site. Then I copied and pasted the letter to “Big Brother” and printed it. I sent the letter along with the ACS back with only the date and the number of occupants in my home. I have been receiving calls non-stop for the last month or so. Sometimes two a day. I haven’t been home to receive any yet. No workers have come to my home yet… YET.

My guts have been twisted up anticipating that “this is how it’s gonna go down”. Reading some of your outstanding comments, I have drawn strength from all of you to see this through. Big Brother wants a fight? Let’s give him one. I stand with all of you.

I wish you all well. And I wish you all peace from this intrusive government.

God Bless all of you, and God Bless America.
Please give us the country that our fore-fathers intended us to inherit.

In Brotherhood,
A Citizen of the United States of America

Thank you, Jon!

And thank you to everyone else that comes here to share and help their fellow Americans.

It has been awe-inspiring to witness.



I wanted to send an update to everyone… When I wrote my last comment at the end of May, the Census Bureau was blowing up my phone at least three to five days a week. About two weeks after the post, all calls stopped. I had a copy of the letter printed and posted by the front door, just in case, with explicit instructions to my wife to give it to them and answer no questions in the event I was not home. Never had any visitors.

I urge all of you to stand by your principles and stay strong. I wish you all success in your personal endeavor to maintain privacy from our over-reaching government. God bless you all and God bless America.

A citizen of the United States of America


I am going to implement Kevin’s letter and also when the worker arrives I am going to compel him/her to fill out PUBLIC SERVANT QUESTIONAIRE before I will agree to answer any questions. It can be found here. .

After he/she fills it out completely to my satisfaction I will politely hand him/her a copy of Kevin’s letter and inform him/her I have no intentions of answering any questions on that form but thank you very much and good day. If they insist or get nasty or threatning the camcorder will immediately be turned on. In fact after some slight thought I think I will bring out the camcorder from the gate go. Ha Ha

I saw a post on another sight where the person wrote he declined to answer the questions but the worker gave him oral sex and then he complied. Tell me where will they stop with their underhanded dirty tactics to bully me into submission?

Amazing ending to your great post…. Ok, I personally think our contemporary, non-constitutionally complying, government sucks, But would have meant that only as pejorative slang. Now we find it literally sucks… LOL. Humor is a great tension reliever!

Well…I started receiving calls this week a day after we received our letter which was on Tuesday of this past week stating that the survey would be arriving shortly, well here it is Friday and we got the dreaded Survey. Times like these I really do wish I lived in TX!! “Annie, git your gun”!

I work at home and am on my property for most of the day. I am reading all of your posts on how to deal with these bozo’s. What I am fearful of is that I live in Rhode Island and it’s pure liberal mania here. I doubt that my police will do anything to help me when the dreaded time(s) does come to pass. However, I feel much better reading all of your posts and gaining so much insight on how to fight back against these intrusive maggots.

Thank you for all of your valuable insight and will use the letter. God speed to all of you, you wonderful Freedom Fighters, we can’t let them get us down! We must continue to shed light on the darkness they try to impose on us. Please wake me up out of this nightmare!

I have now received two registered letter notices–have not bothered to go to the post office and pick them up because I know they have to be a continuation of the census bureau harassment, please post if you have gotten something and let us all know what’s coming next.

I recieved a green correspondence card in the mail today saying they might send a census worker to visit me and that the information is “very important to my commumity and my country”. B. S. I have a sign that plainly reads NO TRESPASSING. Dont know if that will help but its worth a try.

Our small business (4 employees) has to date (6-7-12) received three mailed copies of the multi-page form requesting detailed financial information that the form says should only take a few hours(!) to fill out. The 3rd copy came registered (I signed before realizing what it was). All went into the circular file. Now the phone calls have started – three in the past couple of weeks.

Interestingly the last call was from some outside service contracted by Commerce to harass people. They took down that we REFUSED the information. I told her we’d provide it if a federal judge signed a search warrant or subpoena. If any person has the chutzpah to visit our office, I’m ready with a video camera and a sincere promise to make them a YouTube star.

A Colorado Patriot

Oh, one more thing…
This Wikipedia reference
mentions that no one has been prosecuted for refusing to comply with these intrusive and unconstitutional forms (OK, the adjectives are mine). Commerce says it is not an enforcement agency.
I submit these are bureaucrats and cowards. They don’t want bad PR and if they meet with PRINCIPLED refusal, they will give up and crawl back into their cubicles.

What a great site. After receiving my ACS survey, I decided to have some fun. Being a 49 yr old menopausal female in flyover country, I quickly lost my train of thought–got PO’d and threw it in the burn barrell. Dittos for the second. Now the phone calls have started, thank God for caller ID. I’m just waiting for someone to try to come to my house (google maps takes them across a cow path with a washed out bridge LOL) My “NO TRESSPASSING” sign are posted, I just hope I’m home if they actually show up, maybe I’ll sick the goose on them. Thanks for the info, and yes I’ll be “taking the 5th”

They started bugging us about 2 months ago. Post card saying it was on the way
then we got the 1st survey. After reading it we were all creeped out with the questions. Then the 2nd one showed up with even more papers in the packet.
A friend of mine know a MI state rep and he said not to send it in and tell them
not to come to the house because they would then be trespassing . After the 3rd call I bravely answered the phone. I told the lady I wasn’t going to send it in and that I had sent the 2010 census and there was no reason for all the personal information. After all this she then tells me why the need the information and what they use it for. She then asks me if I would like to do the survey over the phone!!! Are you kidding me? I repeated it all over again MAM, I said I”M NOT DOING IT!! She then says she will mark me down as REFUSED. Thinking its all over and 4 days later I got another paper in the mail. Dear resident we hope you will give us your very personal and private information and trust us no one else
with see it!! I guess its not over yet. My sons have mail ordered quite a bit of ammunition in the last year. I have wonder if this raised a red flag with BIG BROTHER and started this mess.

Do they know your name when they call? What if you just had a prepaid cell phone? If it is addressed to “resident” then why do they call?? makes no sense to me.
Well I got one and I am not filling it out. I will use what is posted on here. I feel I have been targeted because I am a tea party member and use my address to send letters to congress etc.
Please post again to let me know how you made out!!

My experience is much the same as everyone else. I did not respond to the first survey I received. I returned the second survey with only name, address and number of residents. I have received 3 phone calls. The first two they left messages on our voice mail. Unfortunately, the third call I actually answered. The caller spoke english poorly and was difficult to understand. Again, I only confirmed our address and the number of residents. I refused to answer any of the other questions. I said I didn’t understand why I was being required to provide information that is either personal or that the Federal Government already has (IRS-income, occupation, etc). She read her script to me. I replied, “So, you’re telling me that as a free U.S. citizen, I don’t have the right to refuse giving out my personal information.” Again, script reading. We ended finally by me stating that I refused to answer any questions other than to confirm the info that I gave originally.

In the last 10 months I recieved four surveys, none of which I completed. On June 1, 2012 a man showed up at my door and told me I had to take the survey. I told him that it was none of their business, they wanted health information, and told him to leave. On Wednesday, June 6, I recieved a letter to resident from Fedex. Today someone else showed up at my door and argued with me about the survey. She told me I could give her a made up name I didn’t have to use my own. I told her NO that I would not comply and she gave me her business card and said I had to call her supervisor to get them to stop coming. I will call from work tomorrow as I am not going to use my home phone or cell for them to start harassing me on those. I told her this is a big waste of tax dollars and she just said she was trying to do her job. Is this one of the jobs Obama is bragging about “creating”? I will post again if they come back.

10 months wow! I was hoping to be done with this real soon! I’m glad I can read about all the people who are going through this also.

Feel free to sign up at, this is where you can spoof your caller id of the telephone you are calling from.

I signed up to collect judgments, so if I ever call them I will display the number of a disconnected telephone number, the number that if you call gets a This number is NOT in service, please check the listing and try again.

Hello, everyone

I enjoyed reading this piece as it gives me a bit of empowerment and now know that I’m not alone in this turmoil. It is quite scary and a challenge when you have to face the monstrosity that it is the US Government. But what’s the worse that can happen? Can they make me disappear? Hmmm, I’ve heard of things happening like that in other countries. But not in the US, oh no no no.

Today was the second time I spoke with an ACS employee after so many ignored phone calls. I made the mistake of sending the survey with my household’s names and age, leaving everything else blank. Now they call to complete the survey to which I tell them is an intrusion of my family’s privacy.

During our discussion, I told the lady that no one in my family gives any type of information through the phone, let alone a government agency. She said it was safe and that my information would not be shared by any other government agencies or third parties.

I tell her that the only way I would give some information is if they send someone with a badge and perhaps I’ll think about answering the questions. She said, “We will not send anyone over because your survey is partially complete.” She also needed my permission to access my information.

She started to hang up and tag me as “refused” when I turned the tables on her and asked, “how would you like it if someone threaten you with something if you don’t give your personal information? Scary isn’t it? Sounds like something you would see in the movies or read about in history books with dictators and all that good stuff.” She said, “Sir, I will not discuss any further matter with you, I’ll just note that you refuse to comply, have a good day.”

I feel lonely and powerless, because I live in a community where it seems everyone is complacent with whatever the government mandates. Not to mention how people around here revere the president and other elected officials as gods.

What to do now?


I just sent out my survey. I only put the date and the number of occupants along with the cover letter. It’s time to wait and see what happens. Reading through some of the comments it seems I’ve got a fight ahead of me. It’s sad it ha to come to this in our supposed modern and free society, but it wouldn’t be the first time American’s have had to fight for these rights.

Make sure you post what happens. I am going to do the same thing tomorrow.!!! I feel like I am being targeted. Hopefully the fine is only 100.!!!!!!!!


From what I’ve read they can charge you $100.00- $500.00 per unanswered question. $100 if it’s just unanswered and up to $500.00 if It’s answered wrong. If you must send the document in, it is better to put “Decline to answer” as your answers.
That being said, they (everyone knows who “they” is) don’t think they can win in court the way the law is written now. Note the word ‘now’. So they have not been pressing charges. Reason being that the dept. of commerce must petition the dept. of justice to bring criminal charges. And lots of organizations and lawyers and civil rights groups are waiting to challenge this law in court. So more power to you. If they charge you there will be a whole lot of people behind you. The last thing they want is for this dark instrument of bureaucratic deceit to be brought into the bright light of justice, or any other light for that matter. I have never seen one iota about this survey on the mainstream media.

I have been sent two ACS so far. We don’t answer phone calls when we don’t know who is calling so we can’t be harassed that way. Now we have received 2 notices at our door after been paid visits from a representative. Amazing they spelt census “censos” which really gives one confidence in a note to us.. I copied the template letter and have it posted by our front door. In reading I saw the House voted to get rid of the ACS recently. The Senate will be another story .

This web page is a godsend!
We were first contacted sometime in February or March 2012 to answer the Census. I was only willing to tell the woman census taker that 2 adults were residing in our home. I explained to her, that is all I am required to divulge. We live in a very remote area and this loon had driven up to our house 5 separate times.
About 6 weeks ago, they started calling our house, sometimes 2 or 3 calls in one day. They even called on Sunday evenings. The message was always the same, “please contact the Census Bureau.”. No one ever left the long form, but I am assuming that that is why I am being harassed.
I am so grateful for the info that Kevin Hayden has provided. It gave me the needed information to write a great letter about my constitutional rights.
Hope this puts an end to the harassment.

I have ignored all correspondence. No visits or calls since my last post. Maybe the No Trespassing sign is working. Will let yall know if I get a visit. And show you the video. 🙂

Just found this site. Got 2 surveys that I shredded then the calls started on June 1. After 2 weeks I got the bright idea of having their number forwarded to my fax machine…hahaha. Once they got an ear full of fax noise they started calling from a new number and thus I had that one also forwarded. Now I don’t hear their calls unless I am in the office. It is now June 23 and they still are calling. One thing I did notice on the shredded survey was I did not see a deadline when it has to be filled out by? Has anyone else noticed this or did I miss it? As far as I am concerned if there is not a deadline then I can tell them I will get to it when I have time and right now I am too busy working my butt off to pay for all the money they are stupidly spending. Not sure if I will answer the door when they come calling or not.

Visit 3 to our door today. Comes out to once a week. To bad we are not home. More wasted literature left. One of the sheets said they would like to have this done by June 26th. That is not going to happen. Please tell me it will stop!

They do eventually go away. We ignored phone calls that began when we did not send in the survey, but after finding this blog happily took a call and told them we were not going to fill out the survey or give any information over the phone, and that I would be most glad to provide them with the name and phone number of my attorney who represents me in this (no, I do not have one but they did not know that). Anyway, they did not want that information. Next they made a couple of house calls; not home for the first, the housekeeper was there for the second. Then all of a sudden no more calls, no more house visits. Guess we fell through the cracks. This all in about a 30-day period.

I have received my “third request” from the US Dept of Commerce Economics and statistics Adm US Census Bureau….. It states clearly that it is “required by law” under Title 13 of the US Code. It says that i can be fined if i don’t….. The survey is requesting specific dollar amounts of income derived from various “government” payments for medicare and workers’ compensation billings. The cover letter is from Mark E. Wallace, Chief, Service Sector Statistics Division….

Nowhere can i find any specific “fines” described for non-compliance with the filling out of the “2011 Annual Services Report”…… I’ve received two phone calls from the Census Bureau….

I guess I am unaware of whether or not I am actually obligated to fill in their survey…. I closed my private practice last year and am inclined to settle in for the long haul with the Census Bureau folks…. any suggestions would be appreciated…


Based on my experience your calls will go on for a month. As you can read above I eventually had them forwarded to my fax machine. I expect them to start beating on my door soon. I got rid of my forms. I looked and did not find a deadline to fill out. Did you find one? If they did not include a deadline, to me that is an easy out. Besides not being constitutional, just tell them you will when you get around to it..haha.

Well the phone calls have now stopped. I have not received a reply on this but did anyone find a deadline on the survey stating when it had to be filled out by???

Waiting on the house calls..haha

As of today still no knock on the door or anything left. I probably just jinxed me!

July 22 and still no knock on the door!

Don’t look up too suddenly, but I think that
there is a drone now circling around high
above your house.

July 30 and no knock or drone. Wouldn’t they ordinarily hit me by now? Maybe we will get lucky and no pursuit!?

August 16th and no knocks on the door!!!!

Visit 4 on June 26th. To bad…not home again. An envelope came same day from fedx with more wasted material. If indeed we come across each others paths I am going to pull out cell phone and use camcorder. Is there a motion sensored sprinkler out there that goes on automatically with movement?

I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused. Should I provide the ‘number of residents’ in the cover letter? Or should I provide that on the front of the actual form ( You (Kevin) say that you reveal the number of residents in the home in the COVER LETTER, but I don’t see that in the template letter you’ve provided us to use. ??

Note: I also plan on providing the date in the date field. I figured that’s harmless enough.

Thank you Kevin (et al) for what you are doing! Keep it up.

Well folks, she’s coming back tomorrow, glad I found this site, I never actually received the form (my physical address is different from my mailing address)! I found some leaflet at my door two weeks ago, and she showed up last Wednesday, walking all around the outside of the house yelling “HELLOOOO”! I went outside, asked who the heck she was, and did she not notice the three NO TRESPASSING signs, she said she did, but that this ACS survey is required by law! I guess that trumps ‘private property rights’! I told her we sent in the Census in 2010, as required, with the number of occupants (head count). She said that every sixth occupancy gets the ACS Survey randomly! I told her we never got the forms, she replied that it was too late for that now and proceeded to open up her laptop to start entering any info I might give her…..I told her that I will not be giving any info to her to put into a laptop, as I don’t know ‘where’ or what ‘site’ she might be logged into. She refused to give me the form, so I said, well, (1) occupant resides here, NOW GO!
Now, with info in hand, I will just copy and paste this form letter, put in in an envelope, put my address on the outside of it, and mark it’s return address as resident, and hand it to her, if she refuses it, I will send it to the Census Bureau (registered), NOT to ACS!

This is great. Thank you all for the info. I have recieved 2 census forms and 2 cards informing me that “it’s the law”. My house is 1/4 mile off the road in the middle of nowhere. I have NO TRESSPASSING signs everywhere. I was pissed before I knew what these “sureveys” were about. I can’t wait to see if someone shows up here, I have 5 dogs and one is never happy to see visitors. It’s also hot here and I run around in my underware most of the time, I won’t be dressing up for them. Yep, I’m a hermit, that’s all they need to know.

Thanks agiain everyone!!!!

I noticed that everyone seems to be getting calls. How are they getting the phone numbers in the first place?

omg…never thought of that…we’ve received two of the letters (packet with questionaire). I didn’t respond. Now the phone calls have started. Never thought about how they got my phone number. Both times have been Sat. morning. This morning was the 2nd call. I had told her previously that I would only answer no. of people in this home. I told her I needed more time to research the legality. Got a letter in the mail yesterday with a copy of title 13…then a call this morning. I told her I was busy…they are going to call me back on Monday. Are they getting ‘overtime’ to do this on the weekend? anyway, going to print this out so I have it on hand Monday morning…

I’ve ignoring the census for months now! I went on a vacation and wouldn’t you
know it they showed up July 3 and my Government trusting son let her in to my house and answered quite a few of the questions. I’M NOT HAPPY WITH HIM AT
ALL!! I’m sure they will call me back for the rest of the info. They can kiss my @$$!!

I worked for the 2010 Census. We were trained extensively. It appears that most of the census workers did not understand and do not know the law. We are not allowed to violate No Tresspassing signs without obtaining permission from the owner first. Homeowners should call the Sheriff on violators. We are required to attempt contact until the resident gives refusal. We are not allowed to make threats. After refusal, we are to attempt to get the information from a neighbor. The minimum amount of info is the number of occupants. If a neighbor cannot provide this number, the census worker is told to make an estimate. The best thing for paranoid people to do is complete the form with only the info you wish to share, then write refused on everything else. We are not allowed to ask the neighbors for info once you have responded (even with partial refusal).

That’s a stand-up thing you did there.

Dear Census Worker:

The 2010 census is not the same as the American Community Survey. Have you not received one?? It is a blatant intrusion on everyone’s privacy. I hope enough people are intelligent enough to nip this travesty of our rights in the bud. But alas, the american people put these pirannas in office in the first place. We are now reaping what was sown. Is it too late for us?

Well, i see I am not alone…got two forms and did not complete or return, then the calls, then the note on the door and tonight they had the audacity to call one of my neighbors to hand deliver a note to me that the U.S. census bureau is trying to reach me and to call this number. I am outraged!

The mailings began in April of this year. 3 postcards, a preview brochure with instructions then 2 survey forms sent 6 weeks apart. I didn’t respond and then the phone calls came, 8 in all (that I counted) I never answered them as i have caller ID. Then 2 semi-educational / threatening letters trying to “compel” me to return the completed form. Then a visit by a census worker (I was not at home) She left a nice note. Then a stern FedEx letter. This is when I printed off the sample letter from your website and tailored it to my situation. No names, just our address and how many people reside here. Today (just moments ago) the very kind middle aged woman knocked on my door and tried to gently persuade me to answer her questions. I insisted (kindly) 3 times that I refused to do so. I told her that I had sent the survey back to the Census Bureau with my letter of protest and that I was not angry with her, but I absolutely refuse to answer the questions in this survey and cited the constitution of the U.S. as my source. She was visibly disappointed (possibly because she has a quota to keep and may have a nasty supervisor to answer to). I said that I know she must do her job and to proceed with whatever “next steps” were at her disposal. She kindly let me know that the Dept of Commerce is not an enforcement agency and that any fines or penalties are not pursued by their office. (I’m not sure if this means I’ll be hearing from another branch of the government). In the end she was very kind and without aggression. I was pleased that this worker seemed to be doing her job without malice towards me. Can anyone tell me what might be next in the process for me?
Thanks so much for this website. It has been extremely informative and helpful to me.

I received one last visit from a Census worker about one week after my last visit. This gentleman was from CA (that’s what his card said) and he was sent with the last possible hope of persuading me to comply with the survey. I very politely declined. He stated that the report on me was that I was very kind and polite but also very firm in my objection. He said that he was the last person that would be visiting me. I have not heard from the Census Bureau since.

I received my wonderful ACS in late May early June (with Barry in office time seems to run together & also seems so much longer than the only over three years & seven months it has been) & have not filled it out. The visits started two weeks ago, the first was Sunday, 08 July 2012 & she showed-up yesterday & today; two of those visits she left the same information about how it had to be filled-out & her card, today she just sat in her car for a while after the door was not answered (if she wants to sit in her car in the humid Georgia seat, fine with me because I have AC on the inside). Then she managed to get my unlisted phone number & called last night but did not leave a message (thank God for Caller I.D.).

Tonight I am going to post the letter on our front door & send a copy to the appropriate address, & ask my Godfather what the laws are in Georgia about harassment & private property rights.

I’m curious, just how many of us only filled-out the required decade census & only with the required information needed – I filled it out with number of people in the house & my citizenship as American.

You should contact your phone company and do the following, change your number make sure it is non published and use a initial other than your first name along with your last name when callers ask for directory assistance with the address omitted. Do not authorize giving them permission for other carriers to obtain that information and have the telco place a block on collect and third party billed calls. Then place a password on your account and have them write in their notes no information without password.

If the census calls you on the new number, you can then take the phone company to court for violating your CPNI usage records. By law, they cannot obtain that information without a subpoena. It is very important that the omit the address when someone calls 411 to ask for your number. Telcos still operate like I need a listing in Houston, Tx last name Doe first name John, operator will say I have a John Doe on 123 Main Street you want that one, followed by “At the Customers Request the number is Non Published and is not a part of our Records” You want the operator to say we have a J Doe with no address, you want that one followed by “At the Customers Request the number is Non Published and is not a part of our Records” see the error you made?

Looks like I have the same story as everyone else. Postcard in the mail telling a short survey was being mailed to my address. Then the survey. shredded the first and also the second one they sent. Then the phone calls of one to four a day. Luckily I have caller ID and did not answer any of them. Then they stopped. I thought I was rid of them. First visit came on July 5th. No one home and they left a nice letter on why I should fill out this invasive survey. Shredded that letter and never called the guy. Last week he showed up again. As I was out working in my yard I had to acknowledge him. I asked what he wanted and who he was. He said he was from the Census Bureau. I told him I had already filled out my census form a long time ago and sent it in. He said he had a survey for me to take. I told him I was not interested multiple times. Finally he left. He never told me what the survey was or offered to show any ID. I thought that would be the end of it.
Sunday morning July 22nd another census person came to my door. I was in the shower so I never answered the door. He left another envelope this time stating I had to take the survey and the deadline was Monday or they would turn this over to the Justice Department. I copied the template that is enclosed and left it on my front door in the envelope that he left. We will see where it goes from here. Great information and I glad I am not the only one refusing to fill this piece of garage out. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” I am also a Vietnam Vet and have fought for the Liberties that we have.

Looks like I have the same story as everyone else. Postcard in the mail telling a short survey was being mailed to my address. Then the survey. shredded the first and also the second one they sent. Then the phone calls of one to four a day. Luckily I have caller ID and did not answer any of them. Then they stopped. I thought I was rid of them. First visit came on July 5th. No one home and they left a nice letter on why I should fill out this invasive survey. Shredded that letter and never called the guy. Last week he showed up again. As I was out working in my yard I had to acknowledge him. I asked what he wanted and who he was. He said he was from the Census Bureau. I told him I had already filled out my census form a long time ago and sent it in. He said he had a survey for me to take. I told him I was not interested multiple times. Finally he left. He never told me what the survey was or offered to show any ID. I thought that would be the end of it.
Sunday morning July 22nd another census person came to my door. I was in the shower so I never answered the door. He left another envelope this time stating I had to take the survey and the deadline was Monday or they would turn this over to the Justice Department. I copied the template that is enclosed and left it on my front door in the envelope that he left. We will see where it goes from here. Great information and I am glad I am not the only one refusing to fill this piece of garage out. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” I am also a Vietnam Vet and have fought for the Liberties that we have.

Let me first say thank you for serving to Craig (& any other military men & women or family members); Dad is/was a Marine in Vietnam (he is now serving as a Marine Guard up in heaven).

I received my letter today, though it was mailed-out on the seventeenth, so I am sure another visit or more will be coming this week or next week. Saturday I left her card hanging in our door knocker & noticed this morning it was missing, so may be she came by yesterday & got a clue, though I doubt it since these people do not seem to recognize we have the Constitution & the Supreme Court on OUR SIDE!

Though the Senate will probably kill it, at-least the House recognizes the ACS is just plain wrong which I am going to include in my letter that will hang to my door (though folded so no-one else will be able to read it).

While we do not know each other, I am comforted to know that I have fellow Patriots fighting this good fight too!

I just received my ACS in the mail yesterday. I am always suspicious of ANYONE requesting such personal information, but since the letter attached said that my response was required by law I decided to start filling it out. As I got further into the survey I became more and more uncomfortable with the information that was being requested. I really did not want to the fill this out and send it in. I got through the personal information for my husband and decided to google for information about the ACS and what my potential punishment would be if i refused to send it in. Luckily, I found this website and all of the comments. I have ripped out the staples and put this survey through my shredder. With the website information and the comments left by other concerned citizens, I feel empowered and moved to some “civil disobedience.”

I have copied your cover letter into a word document and will be saving this website for reference should I be harassed by any census/government workers. Good luck everybody!

We also started to fill out the forms and then felt very uncomfortable and shredded. I made a phone call to ACS and said we did not want to participate and felt like they were setting us up for Obamacare. Then a second form came. We never answered phone calls whom we didn’t know were calling. No messages were ever left. We were paid 4 visits with the last one being June 26th. We were never home. To busy working to pay for others whom don’t. Now for the last 4 weeks there has been silence. Is it the end????? Or is the bomb coming yet. All I can say is hang in there. The invasion of the information wanted is none of their business. I have done lots of reading and from my understanding there are outsiders that want this information we provide also. They might even add more questions like what is your sexual preference in the future. Where does it stop? If needed government it could obtain lots of the information through real estate tax bills and income taxes we file. They want it all in one nice lump sum for themselves. Are we chosen at random? I am self employed and not one single client of mine has ever heard of the ACS. I did let a couple of my state representatives know how I felt. One responded with a generic letter and the other didn’t answer. Don’t give up and get the word out there. This nonsense is more wasted money by our government.

1. I am glad I found this site – the level of stress this has caused is costing me productivity – I am self employed in a non regular compensation field.
2. I’ve also been a victim of identity theft – enough said on that.
3. I do not have the time to do a fiscal year schedule C to answer their income questions.
4. I am wondering if it is b&