Cold Steel Broken Skull Review

Cold Steel Broken Skull Review

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Cold Steel Broken Skull Review: Old School Cool
The Cold Steel Broken Skull has a few old school touches that hearken back to simpler time in the knife industry. It’s classic clip point blade and easy to use Triad Lock are things that I appreciate. It seems to me like a modern iteration of the Buck … [-Read More-]

Quick And Easy Venison Brine
My Venison Brine is awesome! There I said it, but some of you may be wondering just what a brine is and what exactly makes my venison brine in particular so awesome. So first lets tackle a few … [-Read More-]

Benchmade 940 Review
The Benchmade 940 has been a Grail knife of mine for a few years now. Something about the knife just speaks to me and when I finally got one in my hands I wasn’t disappointed. The Benchmade 940 was the … [-Read More-]

Sweet Potato And Black Bean Stoup
This recipe sort of came about by accident. My wife and I were trying to figure out what to make for dinner, and it devolved into an episode of Chopped. My wife announced that she had found an onion and some bacon … [-Read More-]

Camp Cooking Tips #3
When it comes to cooking at camp, or even in your backyard getting up and out of the dirt is paramount. Whether it is with a trick Dutch Oven Table or with this ingenious DIY Dutch Oven Stand from Food Storage Moms your back and … [-Read More-]

Benchmade 810 Contego Review
If you have been reading The Backyard Pioneer for any length of time you know that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to things made of steel that are sharp and pointy. So it should come of no surprise that a … [-Read More-]

Dutch Oven Peaches And Dumplings
Dutch Oven Peaches And Dumplings is the sort of easy laid back dessert that you can end up taking for granted. It isn’t until you are staring down at an empty plate that you come to realize just how awesome the … [-Read More-]

Camp Cooking Tips #2
When it comes to baking in a Dutch Oven, always be sure to pre-heat the lid. If you don’t you will run into problems with the bottom burning well before the top is close to being done. When I first started I ruined a couple of … [-Read More-]

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Cold Steel Broken Skull Review

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