What’s The Best Reloading Kit For Beginners

What’s The Best Reloading Kit For Beginners In Concealed Carry Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns by M.D. CreekmoreJuly 7, 2019Leave a Comment “According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one’s plans.” Sun Tsu – by Jesse Mathewson BSCJA (For the sake of continuity all facts pertaining to ballistics are listed as links at the end […]


Articles/// Browse all Style & Grooming Browse all Money & Career Browse all Health & Sports Browse all Relationships & Family in: Camping, Fire Building, Manly Skills, Outdoors, Pocket Knives Guest Contributor • July 5, 2019 Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Bushcraft Illustrated by Dave Canterbury. Your belt knife is your main […]

Is Prepping Dead?

Is Prepping Dead?   Something is happening. All over the nation, online and off, people are asking the same question:Is prepping dead? Have we witnessed “peak prepping” in this nation? The Swedes are gung ho and their government is supporting efforts for their people to get prepared for disaster. Its a very admirable undertaking and, […]


PLANTING Order by 1:00pm central time for same-day shipping! view shopping cart my account track ordercontact us Wheat is one of those staples that’s been getting a bad rap lately. With the current diet trends leaning toward eating carbohydrates, wheat and bread aren’t on the radar of many gardeners. But there are some benefits to growing it, […]

Author: Damian Brindle

Author: Damian Brindle reThinkSurvival.com Because Your Life Depends On It… I tend to agree with most everything on the list, especially batteries and toilet paper, as one can NEVER have enough of either, lol. I was glad to see he included items like tarps and cordage since these items can be more useful than most […]

Advantages of food drying

Advantages of food drying Prepper’s Will We have the will to outlast everything! Are you all steamed up about canning chores? Is your freezer bulging at the door? If so, why not consider drying the produce. Food drying is a method of preserving food that fits today’s Lifestyles. One of the most important advantages of […]

Herbal Infusions Are Great for Beginners

Herbal Infusions Are Great for Beginners Join The Grow Premier Community There is something about the word “infusion” that seems so vital. The first thing that comes to mind my mind when I hear that word is an IV infusion. As in, lifesaving fluids and minerals, delivered directly to the blood stream, to salvage failing […]

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Thursday, July 4, 2019 daily actions toward becoming better prepared for societal collapse I looked up the calorie contents of the above foods.Based on those I would normally choose to store I wound up with an approximate year total of 1,025,000 calories. (Other choices would yield slightly greater or lesser totals). Daily that works out […]

Be well informed

Be well informed For years natural disasters have hit continents hard. They have robbed us our loved ones, property, and investments that we spend years investing. We cry and with time, pick up the pieces and move on. But do we ever think of how to handle the situation better if it strikes again? Probably […]


AVOID Order by 1:00pm central time for same-day shipping! view shopping cart my account track ordercontact us With the return of the warm summer sun comes the return of potentially venomous snakes. If you live in or are visiting an area known for its deadly snakes this summer, you will want to be careful and armed with […]