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Evaluating The Business Plan

Making a critical evaluation of the new business concept at an early stage will allow an entrepreneur to discover and address any flaws in the business plan before it goes into the production stage. The first step in evaluating a new business proposal is by subjecting the business proposal to market research. An entrepreneur of […]

Writing A Successful Business Plan

Every entrepreneur knows how important the business plan is for raising funding for the new business. Sometimes, it is easy to miss out some of the crucial details required in successful business proposals. All business proposals should create a vision. After all, that is the basic point to business proposals. Proposals for new business ventures […]

The Importance Of Quality Business Plans

Securing startup capital for your new business can be a tricky process. At this point in time of getting your new business going, your business plans are essential at this stage of setting up your business. In it you will already have scoped out what your money needs are and how you plan to raise […]

Essential Components Of Business Plans

Business plans have a well defined form that shouldn’t be changed by anyone. Business plans include several elements that shouldn’t be modified, because otherwise they won’t have the expected results. When you want to write your business plan remember to stick to its original form. Those that will read it will expect to see a […]

Private Lenders Offer Personal Loans for People With Bad Credit

You have probably heard that old proverb. While not wholly true, if you have been out and about charging lavishly on your credit cards, you will certainly think it is true. If you have accrued thousands of dollars in credit card debt and are at risk of your creditors suing you unless you pay up […]

How to Pay Yourself When You’re a Sole Proprietor

Getting paid when you work for yourself isn’t as simple as it may seem. Sole proprietors should follow these guidelines for paying themselves in a way they don’t get in trouble with the IRS or other government agencies. How do you get paid when you start a one-person, unincorporated business? It seems pretty simple, right? […]

6 Tips for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Sponsored by Kabbage In addition to all of the typical concerns and struggles that a business owner might have to contend with, female entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges when it comes to launching a successful startup. Though it may not be easy for women to make it in the competitive business world, it […]

Living the Dream at Age 19How a teenage influencer became an entrepreneur

How does a teenager achieve social media influencer status, attract sponsors and become a successful entrepreneur? Here’s how Mike Hammontree did it starting at age 15 using the apps on his smartphone.  Do you know a teenager who seems to spend all their free time taking videos of themselves and their surroundings and posting them to […]

Lean Out: Five Questions Every Female Entrepreneur Should Ask

If your career isn’t advancing as fast as you think it should, it might be time to consider starting your own business. Before you do, ask yourself these five questions.  Do you feel stalled in your career? Do you feel underpaid, overworked, and without flexibility and autonomy over your time? If the answers are yes, […]

5 Reasons to Use Postcards For Marketing

When considering different forms of advertising, always think about postcards. When I refer to postcards I mean 4 inch by 6 inch (4″x6″) flyers. I have many reasons to use them, especially in small business marketing, and I have found them to be very effective. Here are five good reasons why postcards should be included […]