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PHE-led campaigns aimed at raising awareness of signs and symptoms and encouraging people to see their GP.

A hub for health professionals on smoking cessation; evidence, training materials, practical tools and resources for your patient conversations.

Discussing weight with your patients can be difficult, but there is a range of resources to support your conversations.


A hub for health professionals on e-cigarettes; evidence behind their safety, FAQs, links to information for patients, the RCGP statement and more.

We can help you feel confident talking about ways to reduce the risk of cancer, spotting cancer early and screening.

We raise cancer awareness among the public and support people to access their local services.

The CAM is a validated set of questions designed to reliably assess cancer awareness. Also Breast, Bowel, Cervical, Lung and Ovarian versions.

Tools for public health commissioners and decision-makers to model the effects of interventions, to estimate costs against the value of benefits and improvements.

Useful information to help you when talking to people about cancer prevention.

We work with Government to ensure that their policies tackle the major risk factors for cancer including alcohol, obesity, diet and sun awareness.

See our range of free posters, leaflets and other health publications for your patients.

Newsletters targeted at health professionals which provide intelligence to support evidence-based decision making, update on our activities and give practical guidance, useful tools and resources.

See the range and sign up

Explore a selection of reports and publications from the experts at Cancer Research UK, and through various collaborations.

Topics include: summaries of the state of cancer, projections, risk factors and preventability, symptom awareness investigation, intervention success, barrier identification, treatments received and more.

See our work

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Awareness and Prevention

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