A quick tip for breaking links in Excel

(itor’s note: This tip comes from JofA reader Rick Stone, CPA, ler at The Walt Disney Fly Museum in San Francisco. Thank you, Rick, for bringing this tip to our atttion.)

Let’s say you have a workbook that contains numerous ta links and formulas, but wh you sd this workbook to others, they get error messs because your links n’t follow the same link path on their comers. However, copying and pasting the ta to a new workbook as values esn’t work either because this process removes all formulas, which makes the worksheet less usable. Is there a dect way to solve this problem?

A practical approach that may work for you is to save a copy of your workbook and th highlight your tire worksheet and from the ta tab select it Links, Break Link. This action will remove all links from your workbook but your formulas intact so your recipits can still it the ta to produce “whatif” scarios for er analysis.

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