A few words to the next IT guy…

A few words to the next IT guy…

Don’t be so surprised. I know you’re coming into this role excited and anxious. For good reason too, the unknown of working in such a fast paced, high profile environment can be exhilarating. And it’s a new playground ripe with your desire to build the way you see fit, this is a new beginning, another opportunity to create. In my experience of working in entertainment for the last 15 years, I can only say good luck — sincerely. I’m not going to preach about what works and what doesn’t, this isn’t a manifesto. Rather, a gentle reminder to stay with yourself, stay honest, and stay humble.

Sounds obvious, right? Except something happens when we start anew. There’s a desire to balance your self image with your self projection, the idea of who you are ought to be (in this role) and/or whom you wish to become as a human. This is a natural evolution in us all, throughout our lives and career. For you, it begins in the hallway with a seemingly innocuous conversation to heated boardroom debates. We pick and choose what we say, how we act, all while learning a new environment, new personalities, processes, and politics.

Brace yourself. Here you are again, sitting in the middle. Longing for relevance and opportunity to prove value or worth. You witness your new found colleagues dance to the tune of self-promotion, you listen to coworkers pass blame for fear of being at fault, and finally you figure out who the bus drivers and game players are. Your keen perception is what was builds the arena in your mind, like a chess board you apply the capabilities of people to pieces that navigate on it. Some people are playing checkers, others chess.

When you speak, count on your intention to be questioned. The simple rarity of honesty, openness, and vulnerability raises a flag amongst your new peers. But it doesn’t matter. You, like most IT professionals adhere to a particular set of responsibilities, maybe because we realized early in our careers that we hold the keys (or maybe it’s because no one really knows what we do). Regardless, we are naturally entrusted with a silent code of conduct, that exemplifies good character and truth.

The ethos that guides the most junior engineer to senior IT management professional reinforces a consistent effort to improve everyone around us, either by the use of technology or the purposeful lack of it, by thankless work and professionalism that sets the example across every department and employee. Our work, sets a pace, a tone, and we facilitate efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the organization, from top to bottom. It is through our creativity, patience, forward thinking that we make organizations tick. Perhaps another contributor to our success is our imperviousness to office politics. Or are we?

A few words to the next IT guy…

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