Real Mashed Potatoes

It always amazes me to hear from people who have never made real mashed potatoes. Some of them only grew up on the instant version. Other’s had them for holidays, but never tried to make a batch of their own. Making mashed potatoes from scratch, using real potatoes is a lot easier than you may […]

Every once in a while my German heritage comes out in my cooking. Not nearly as much as you’d think, but it definitely does with this dish. It’s a sauerkraut pork roast that slowly cooks in the crockpot with brown sugar, apple juice, onion, and a few interesting spices. It may sound weird at first […]

My Mom used to make a chocolate mint cookie that I think she made from a cake mix. They were soft and kind of moist. She would also dust them with powdered sugar. Can you help me find a recipe? – Marie B. From The Hillbilly Housewife:  I have a recipe in one of my […]

One of my favorite meals is a big plate of romaine lettuce with homemade Caesar Salad dressing. Throw in a few croutons and some leftover chicken and I’m a happy girl. Sure, you could use bottled dressing on this type of salad but where’s the fun in that? Once you make up a batch using […]

Let’s start with a quick note that the  Weekday Cookie Recipes Kindle cookbook is available as a free download on Amazon right now. Grab a copy at I put this recipe collection together to make it easy for anyone to whip up a batch of cookies no matter what. They recipes are quick and […]

A few days ago I promised my newsletter subscribers I’d share one of the recipe from my latest Kindle Cookbook – Make and Take Meals. I figured I might as well share it here on the blog as well. The recipe is for homemade hamburger stroganoff and it’s a weeknight dinner favorite around here. As […]

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider making dinner for another family. The most important is that it’s a kind thing to do for someone else. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a sympathy meal you know that it’s about so much more than the food itself. Yes, it’s […]

In honor of National Homemade Soup Day (February 4th), I shared a few of my favorite homemade soup recipes on the Hillbilly Housewife Facebook page. Social media being what it is, there’s a good chance you missed them. Which is why I decided to put together a quick blog post of these 12 delicious homemade […]

You don’t need much to make a big batch of black bean soup when you start with a pound of dry beans. This is one of those frugal recipes that is in almost constant rotation in our house. The end result is always delicious and filling. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never made a batch […]

If you need to throw together a quick lunch or fix an easy weeknight supper there’s nothing better than this quick black bean soup recipe. By using canned black beans, the cooking time is greatly reduced. Compare this to fixing a black bean soup from dried beans like this recipe here. This is a hardy […]

There’s just something special about a good pot of homemade french onion soup with it’s complex mixture of deep flavors. I usually make a big pot of this delicious soup on New Year’s eve and we all enjoy it with a hunk of homemade bread after coming inside from watching the fireworks at midnight. There’s […]

To me, fall doesn’t start until I’ve made my first batch of this pumpkin soup recipe. Keep your PSL and give me a bowl of this soup any day of the week. You can use canned pumpkin for this or make your own pumpkin puree. Either way you end up with a delicious pot of […]

When it comes to making homemade soup, it doesn’t get much easier than this simple split pea soup recipe, or more frugal. The soup is made from dried peas with just a handful of ingredients. It comes together quickly and always tastes great. The end result is a filling soup that’s great for lunch or […]

Let’s talk about this homemade corn chowder recipe. It’s one of my favorite “made-from-scratch” soup recipes and for good reason. It’s frugal, it’s easy, and it comes together in a snap. Most importantly, the end result is a delicious soup that’s full of complex flavors. Serve it for lunch, or add a sandwich and call […]

Do you use sweetened condensed milk? I use it here and there for baking and every once in a while I have in my coffee. For years I bought the canned version. Then I figured out how simple it was to make at home. I have to warn you, it takes a little bit of […]

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Real Mashed Potatoes

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