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Peter Tran Accountant, Regstered Tax Preparer (Federal and State)
2605 nternatonal Blvd Oakland CA 9460 Tel: (50) 922-448 And Cell (50) 422-7795

Our offce Support responds wthn 24hrs and often less.

“Hand on experenced processng wth effcency”! We are Federal and Calforna Regstered ncome Tax Preparer. 
MSSON:  Our frm’s msson s  to specalze provdng Accountng and Tax SOLONS to small, medum sze busnesses. Enable Clents control fnancal aspes and to plan more effevely to acheve goals and objeves to the fullest poal by means of  accurate monthly measurng fnancal statements. Also allocate and apply taxaton experences to mnmze all taxes for clents wth applcable tax regulatons

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